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01-07-2018 08:30 am
MIYAKO KOJI 200g/ Malted rice for making Miso, Sweet Sake, Pickles by Isesou
Miyako koji square type 200g
Raw material: Aspergillus oryzae from Japan
Best-before date: One year
Store under cool temperature
Round grain first-class rice is used for raw material (no waste rice is used).
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Cultures For Health Tempeh Culture | All-natural Ingredients | Gluten Free And Non GMO | Doesn’t Contain MSG Or Preservatives (4 Packs In A Box)
MAKE TEMPEH, A YUMMY SOY-BASED MEAT ALTERNATIVE AT HOME: this Cultures For Health tempeh kit is indispensable if you want to make this Indonesian traditional food at home; tempeh is a lightly fermented soybean-based meat alternative that's packed with protein and vitamin B12 (helps maintain overall health), and has a savory, hearty and nutty texture that some people said tastes like barbequed chicken
TEMPEH CULTURES THAT CONTAIN RHIZOPUS ORYZAE CULTURE: this Cultures For Health tempeh starter kit contains rhizopus oryzae, a type of beneficial mold/fungus that's an important ingredient in the making of tempeh; the mold will form a white, fluffy and edible layer around the soya beans, binding and packing them together to form firm blocks, which are then cut into thin slices or small cubes before pan-frying or grilling them
MAKE REAL TEMPEH WITH ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: sometimes, it's tough to tell what actually goes into the foodstuff we buy off the shelves; our tempeh starter culture contains only natural ingredients such as rice, non-GMO soy beans, rhizopus oryzae culture and is MSG, preservatives, GMO and gluten free; this means that you and your loved ones are assured of flavorful tempeh that's safe to enjoy
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Cultures For Health Tempeh Culture | All-natural Ingredients | Gluten Free And N
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