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13-11-2017 03:30 am
ProMark MLB Auto Air Freshener, 3-Pack
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Car Air Freshener Odor Eliminators - Activated Natural Bamboo Charcoal Purifying Bags Home Smell Absorber, Dog Urine, Cat & Pet Odor Eliminator,Closet Deodorizer,Musty Basement,Vent,Bathroom,Scents
NATURAL CAR AIR FRESHENER - The most effective car odor eliminator car freshener for absorbing scents and smells in your car, truck, auto, van, RV, camper. Our Moso bamboo charcoal filled purifyer bags act like an odor absorber, odor neutralizer for cigarette smoke and other bad car scents. Simply hang the charcoal bags from yoru car seat or vent clip for fragrence free odor absortion.
DOG URINE ODOR ELIMINATOR CHARCOAL BAGS - Our charocla deodorizers work great as dog odor eliminators in the case of common pet smells or to remove dog urine odor and cat urine odor. Each activated charcoal odor absorber lasts up to one full year, so simply place it by your dog's dogbed or cat's litter box for full pet odor eliminator performance.
ODOR ELIMINATORS FOR HOME - Work perfect as musty basement odor eliminator, closet air freshener, and to remove scents around litter box, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen refrigerator (fridge), Simply hang one of our charcoal bags odor absorber near any source smells to get a fresh wave of clean, purified air. Need a dead animal odor eliminator? You're covered. Need a closet freshener? Our charcole room deodorizers are built with 100% activated bamboo charcoal to eliminate any smells!
SMOKE ODOR ELIMINATOR - Our charcoal air purifier bags soak in all cigarette smells in your home and car. Best of all, since our activated charcoal bags are a natural air freshener, you absorb and eliminate the cigarette smoke smells, with zero spray and perfume required. Our customers are frequently shocked that our charocal bags work so well to eliminate smoke smells in their car.
MONEY BACK GAURANTEE - Our U.S.A based customer support is ready to assist you 24/7. If you are not 100% happy, we offer a no-questions asked money back gaurantee.
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Shackcom Air Purifier for Car with USB Chargers- Air Freshener Eliminate Bacteria, Virus, Smoke and Bad Odors Remover, Car Gift, Air Cleaner for Auto and RV
【Two kernel anion manufacturing technology】 - The car air purifier can rise the productivity of anion by 70%, more than 6 million high-quality negative oxygen ion to help prompt fresh and clean inner car air. It can effectively remove smell bacteria, formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other peculiar smell gas
【Portable 2 Bidirectional USB Ports】 - Available for forward or reverse insert. Double USB charging interface can provide 2.1A. Easy charging for cell phone, tablet, GPS,or other electronic devices. It is also act as power supplier
【Rotatable and Convenient Accessories】 - The cigar-lighter of air purifier can rotate 360 degrees, and the axial or angle can be adjusted at 90 degrees to adapt to the different models.It can transport ions to a wider space.
【Fashion Night Light】 - The light shows red when it power on, the light shows blue when the purifying function open. Fashionable color-changing aperture. Piano lacquer coating film. The surface of the body is treated with double layer UV coating film, lastingly shiny. Compact and attractive design enhances auto decorating
【Shackcom Brand Warranty】- 6 Month Warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, please don't hesitate to contact us. (To contact us, please click on "Future Day" next to "Sold by", then click on "Ask a question", we will reach out to you within 24 hours.)
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Anpress Car Humidifier, Cool Mist Air Purifier 360° Rotation Neck Mini Essential Oil Diffuser Car Air Freshener with Auto Shut-Off System 2 USB Ports Charger for 12V Car/24V Vehicle (Black)
【4 In 1 Design】-- Car Humidifier + Car Aroma Diffuser + Air Purifier + Dual USB Port. Note: Before starting the car humidifier, shake it several times to discharge the air bubbles inside it. Then it can work normally.
【Upgraded Design】-- Abandoning the traditional atomization media, Anpress car humidifier doesn't require the sponge stick, which solves the plugging problem of the spray outlet. And the rotated switch provides effectively water leakage protection.
【Ultrasonic Atmization Technology】-- The air purifier was used of ultrasonic atmization technology, 113KHz frequency can make water into 6um super small drops and make more uniform diffusion of essential oils. The aroma diffuser can effectively remove the car static/dust, add moisture to the air, make your car full with aroma and help you relieve tension and anxiety during driving.
【Timing Function】-- The car diffuser can hold up to 70ml of water and produce up to 20-65ml of moisture per hour. This cool mist humidifier would auto shut-off if waterless and every one hour auto shut-off in case damage the diffuser or your car battery.
【Convenient to Use】-- The car air freshener can 360°horizontal rotate at any angle to humidify, adjust the direction of the vapor and make full humidification to get rid of static, reduce the radiation and sterilize. Dual usb charger can be connected with all the smart phone Pad and other mobile devices for fast charging.
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Car Air Purifier, Ionizer Deodorizer and Ionic Air Freshener with Dual USB Charger| Remove Dust, Pollen, Smoke, Food & Pet Smell, Bacteria and Bad Odors | Portable Travel Charger for Automobile
✅ ELIMINATES CIGARETTE SMOKE & ODOR IN A MATTER OF SECONDS - Worried about smoke & odor lingering in your car? No more worries, Beebe Auto car ionizer effectively removes Dust, pollen, smoke, Germs, virus & harmful bacteria. This car air purifier breaks down the slightest particles and restores the neutral scent of your car. Enjoy fresher air and better life!
✅ EASY TO USE! SMALL & PORTABLE - Easily plug the car freshener cigarette smoke eliminator into the 12V cigarette lighter or power port outlet just like your regular USB phone charger. Pocket and travel size air purifier! Perfect gift for business executives, travelers, car enthusiasts, allergy sufferers! Keep your vehicle from smelling like a locker room or take-out food.
✅ USB PHONE CHARGER AND AIR PURIFIER 2-IN-1- Dual USB ports allow easy, safe and powerful charging for you and your passenger's smartphone, tablet & other devices. Improved Electrode Design Keeps this car purifier firm and stable in the socket with better contacts! We bring cutting-edge phone charging and air purification technology to your driving experience.
✅ SLEEK AND STYLISH DESIGN- The attractive design together with crystal semi-sphere blue LED light to add a contemporary look that accompanies all car interiors. A stylish blue LED light indicator can be sure that this silent ionizer is working for you while on travel. The high-quality of packaging ensures that you receive your product in original conditions. (SILVER) color
✅ 100% SATISTFACTION GUARANTEED! - At BeeBe Auto, we're very confident about the quality, durability and amazing style of our car air purifier. For this reason, we have backed it up with a 30-day money back guarantee! So if you're not completely satisfied or if there is some kind of problem, contact us and we will do our best
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Portable Car Air Purifier, Freshener, Ionizer, Eliminator, Removes Dust, Pollen, Cigarette Smoke, Bad Odors and Pet smell, healthy and fresh living, Smart gadget for Auto/RV CE, FCC and RoHS Certified
★ REMOVE BAD SMELLS IN SECONDS Releases high-density negative ions to neutralize airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, mold, smoke, pet dander, and bacteria, germs from the inside of a vehicle. The Ozone particles then remove cigarette smoke, food smell, and foul odors left behind by pets, sweat, and exhaust.
★ TOTAL RELIEF FROM ALLERGIES With the latest technology, VtechBrand air purifier constantly releases an enormous amount of negative ions and Ozone to keep a nearly 800 sq. ft area absolutely purified. (Our product releases 4.8M ion/cm³ every second while a household unit typically releases just about 6.0M ion/cm³ ).
★ KEEP YOUR SMOKING HABIT DISCRETE FROM OTHERS Whether you want to be considerate to your passengers or simply want to keep your personal ritual private, this car air purifier breaks down the slightest smoke particles and restores the neutral scent of your car.
★ STYLISH DESIGN AND QUIET OPERATION The glossy design together with crystal semi-sphere blue LED light add a contemporary look that accompanies all car interiors. With no fans or any moving parts, this air purifier runs ultra quietly.
★ EASY INSTALLATION AND HASSLE FREE No filter replacement or maintenance required. Simply plug this bad boy into your car cigarette lighter and start enjoying pollen-free clean fresh air while driving. Do not require a battery to operate.
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Ozone Generator,Mini Fridge Freezer Freshener, Air Purifier Air Cleaner,Odor Allergies Allergen Eliminator Cleaner for Room, Home, Pets, Smoke, Dust, Smokers,Fridge,Toilet,Shoe Cabinet Deodorizer
【Easy to Operate】Open the battery cell to install batteries; Press the ON / OFF button to work; Press the MODE button to select the modes of active oxygen circulation according to the different situation; Press ON / OFF again, the freshener stops working Sterilization: the products can make O3 and O3 can kill 96% of the Escherichia coli, aeruginous pseudomonas, aureate staphylococcus on food, vegetable and fruits and remove the pesticides of remaining vegetable and fruits
Removing the strange smell: O3 can remove speedily the pressure oxygen bacteria which produce all kinds of strange smells, avoiding strange smell appearing 【Multiple Use and Ideal Gift】Great devices for refrigerators, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, leather products, travelling cases, briefcase, new car, pet zones, etc
Preservation: O3 can reduce the process of metabolism by killing the germs on the vegetable and fruits and can delay the refreshing time of food, vegetables and fruits 【Purify and Sterilize】Deliver amounts of active oxygen and negative ions, directly eliminate airborne bacteria, destroy peculiar odors and harmful gas, keep foods stay fresh for longer time, kill pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables
Intelligent control: mini-computer-control, auto-circle-working. After the products work for 20 minutes constantly by battery, it will enter auto-circling-system which can work for one minute per hour
Compact size: uses four "C" batteries that only need replacement once two month 【Battery Powered and Cabinet】Run for about 3 months with 3 ''AA batteries''(NOT Included), space-saving and portable .
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GULAKI Car Diffuser, Mini Car Humidifier USB Car Charger Cigarette Lighter Splitter 3 in 1 Air Freshener Aromatherapy Diffuser with Water Soluble Essential Oils for Office Travel Home Vehicle
★ No Cable Needed More Easy To Use - Fill ONE DROP of the aroma diffuser with purified water. Just plug in your car cigarette lighter splitter. Then touch the power button and smoothly atom mist coming out. (attentions 1,the water must be Purified, 2 the oil just one drop, 3 when use again please make sure have clean the hole.Wait a minute it will send mist again.
★ Relax & Release - Remove the dust, purify the air in the enclosed space inside the car, refresh and moisturize the air you breathing. Your favorite essential oil fragrance smell can help lifting your mood, relieve tension, anxiety, and boost the metabolism.
★ Dual Safety & Multi Function - The Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffusers would auto shut-off if waterless and every 2 hours auto shut-off in case damage the diffuser or your car battery, dual safety. The cool mist humidifier have two mist modes: continuous mist (touch once) and interval mist (touch twice)
★ Dual Angle Adjustable Compatible Most Of Car - The cigarette lighter plug can be changed the angle from 0 to 80 degrees, the bottle angle can be changed to 180 degrees. The high quality exquisite appearance more perfect match your luxury car interior. The best choice of car air refresher!
★ 3 in 1 Essential Oil Car Diffuser - It is a car humidifier with USB charger and cigarette lighter splitter. This Portable diffuser would taking your holistic lifestyle to a new level: Charging your smart phones, Plugging your car video recorder or Vehicle Navigator in cigarette lighter splitter at the same time in the environment that fills with your favorite fragrance. This car diffuser is suitable for water soluble essential oils, just need one or two drops, it is better to just drop water.
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NEW & IMPROVED-lil Monk Air Filter Car, Air Purifier Filters, Car Air Freshener, Car Air Filter - Destroys Odors & Removes Dust Car Air Purifier - Durable Premium Quality Portable Air Purifier For Car
Use this Car Air Purifier and Clean-up the Atmosphere- This is a must have auto air purifier for your car as your vehicle regularly need to remove unwanted odors, dust, and negative ions. This effective car ionizer can eliminate odors and dust within a few seconds providing you clean and fresh air.
Stylish for your Car- The stylish metallic designs and glittering body of this plug-in car purifier make it a worth having car accessory. Just plug-in the car purifier and you are ready for a bacteria-free, pollution free drive.
Durable and Advanced- This functional air ionizer comes along with an LED indicator light that accompanies all car accessories. It is durable and you can totally depend on its cleaning capacity and enhance the air quality in your car. The advanced design eliminates odor-causing particulates from the air and tobacco smells, neutralizes allergens like mold, dust, bacteria, and other germs effectively.
Easy to use- This 100 percent quality assured plug-in car purifier is very easy to use plus it is FCC, CE and RoHS certified and approved.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. We are so confident in our products that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our products. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee with our car ionizer.
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