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11-08-2017 09:31 am
Mordenmiss Women's Cotton Linen Full Front Buttons Jacket Outfit with Pockets (XXL, Style 1-Burgundy)
BACK INVERYTED PLEAT, can be worn as a blouse top or thin casual jacket.
Style 1 size M: Length:36.2",Bust:42.5",Shoulder:16.1",Sleeve:22",Sleeve Cir:17.3"
Style 1 size L: Length:37.0",Bust:45.7",Shoulder:16.9",Sleeve:22.8",Sleeve Cir:18.5"
Style 1 size XL: Length:37.4",Bust:48.8",Shoulder:17.2",Sleeve:23.6",Sleeve Cir:16.5"
Style 1 size XXL: Length:37.8",Bust:51.9",Shoulder:17.7",Sleeve:23.6",Sleeve Cir:18.1"
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