18-09-2018 04:30 pm
MPRAINBOW MP Men's Stainless Steel Genuine Braided Leather Valknot Nordic Rune Hrungnir Knot Viking Cuff Bracelet Black Blue,21cm
"Viking Norse Rune Amulet Bracelet Bangle" --antique Wotan was the Germanic god equivalent to Odin, within the circle of runes there is the "The Valknot" which is the symbol of Odin/Wotan, the three entwined triangles represent Odin's nature as well as the knot around a hanged man's neck, the nine worlds (3 triangles = 9 sides), the nine days Odin hung, the nine valkyries, and the nine parts of the soul. To wear a Valknot is to pledge yourself to Odin
"Product Details" -- Material:stainless steel & real leather,Hypoallergenic;Length:21cm
"Antique Glory to the Norse Amulet Bracelet" -- Keep the Glory person in heart forever
"Guarantee" -- 30 days money back guarantee or exchange(reply within 24 hours£
"Package" --- Come with a high quality OPP Bag,Package in good condition
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