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06-08-2017 12:31 pm
Mudder Antique Hand Wind Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch for Men
Size: case diameter: approx. 4.4 cm/ 1.7 inches; Case thickness (cover included): approx. 1.1 cm/ 0.4 inches; Chain length (hook included): approx. 37.5 cm/ 14.8 inches
Good gift: the gold pocket watch with unique skeleton dial serves as a good gift for yourself and your relatives or friends for its antique style, bright color and proper size
Clear appearance: the pocket watch with a clear front and back appearance allows you to view the gears clearly and check its operation
Setting time: the antique watch can operate without applying battery, just twisting the top button on the spin clockwise until reaching the exact time
Notice: the pocket watch is easy to set time, when you rotate and tighten a walk for 24 hours, please do not twist too tightly, avoid damaging the movement
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