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02-02-2018 10:30 pm
Multicolour Feathers Owl Brooches Peacock Feathers Retro Brooches & Pins for Women
Brooch Material: Alloy + Feather, Brooch Weight:6.5g
Brooch Color:Multicolour, Brooch Size:2.6*2
Style:Multicolour Feather Owl Brooch
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A perfect accessory to your outfit or as an appropriate gift for your Daughter,Lover,Girlfriend,Fiancee,Wife,Mother,Couple,Valentine or just a Friend etc;Suitable for Valentine'sDay,holiday,ball,party,anniversary,prom,graduation,birthday or any special occasions;Click on our Storefront for more stylish and newest jewelries
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Winter's Secret Purple Grapes Pin Fashion Diamond Accented Fruit Corsage Brooch
Size:60*95mm, weight:51.1g. First brooch belongs to the exquisite gift, suitable for gift;The second brooch with its beautiful appearance, deeply girls like;Brooch has the very good adornment again practical, girls will often wear, a lot of people can see;Finally pin close to the heart, where you close to her recently.
and clothing.A brooch worn by the texture, color, position to consider clothing matching and harmony.Generally speaking, wear a suit. Can choose a big -- - some brooches, material also is better, colour is pure.Wear a shirt or a thin sweater, you can wear fashionable chic, small qiaoling brooch.
According to the season.Due to the difference of season (clothing), then there will be a change, choose the brooch is different.The summer should wear light brooch;Winter appropriate wearing a larger design exquisite, the material, showily brooch;The spring and autumn can be in harmony with the nature colour green and gold brooch.
The location of the wear.When wearing a brooch on what position also has exquisite.Led by general wear, brooch worn on the left side.Clothes do not lead, the wear on the right side;Hair hair left, worn on the right, the opposite to wear on the left side;If hair style to the left, and dress it is led, brooch should be worn on the right side of the collar, or simply not wear.Brooch fluctuation position should be in parallel between the first and second button position.
According to different occasions.Brooch can wear all the year round, but generally does not use at ordinary times, only in some ceremony and wedding banquet and other formal occasions to wear.When wearing a brooch, young people appear more in the spring of vitality, the high responsibility, elegance, the elderly.
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