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Swpeet 10 Pcs Professional 3.8mm and 4.5mm Nintendo Triwing Screwdriver, Full Repair Tool Kit for Nintendo Switch and Other Nintendo Products, Security Screwdriver Game Bit Set
★ FOCUS ON PROFESSIONAL --- This Tool Kit was Carefully Selected By Swpeet specially serves for modern Nintendo Products and many other game devices, durable and a handy bit makes your work more efficiently. Y-tip and PZ1 screwdrivers made with 2.0mm port, more fits for Nintendo Switch system.
★ WHAT YOU GET --- This tool set includes 1 x 2.0 cross head screwdriver, 1 x Phillips Screwdriver ( PH00# ),1 x 3.8 mm security bit screwdriver, 1 x 4.5 mm security bit screwdriver,1 x T8 L key screwdriver and Additonal 5 other devices will help you Clean and Remove the cover from the cartridge more safely and easily.
★ FUNCTION OF 2.0 MM SCREWDRIVER --- This screwdriver will help triwing driver open including Nintendo Switch, NS, Wii, NDS, NDSL, DS Lite, GBA, GameBoy Original. Upgraded durable strong hardened steel, heat treated for maximum strength.
★ FUNCTION OF 3.8 MM SCREWDRIVER --- This screwdriver will help open game cartridges for Original Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64 (N64), Virtual Boy, Original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Sega Game Gear.
★ FUNCTION OF 4.5 MM SCREWDRIVER --- This screwdriver will help version driver open game cartridge for Sega Master System, Sega Genesis System, Sega 32x System; system for Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Cube, Virtual Boy, Game Gear, TurboGrafx 16, TurboDuo.
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