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13-08-2017 02:30 pm
Neiko 53875B Protective Anti-Fog Safety Goggles Eyewear with Wide-Vision, ANSI Z87.1 Approved | Adjustable & Lightweight
Extra wide and ultra soft safety goggles with hard plastic lens and anti-fog coating is scratch proof, waterproof, and is an essential piece of protective gear to provide concealment
Dual injected rubber design conforms to the face and fits over regular glasses to provide an excellent field of view and offers a high level security from chemicals, dust and debris
Universal standard fit wrap-around PVC frame offers maximum comfort and adjustable strap fits a wide range of head sizes
Polycarbonate lens is impact resistant and ideal for use on jobs sites with construction tools, worksites, laboratories and class
High approved eye wear meets ANSI standard Z87.1 is suitable for use as firearms safety glasses at firing ranges
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GritGuts Leather Gun Belt for Concealed Carry CCW, 1 1/2 Inch 100% Premium USA Full Grain Leather Belt, 100 Year Warranty-Stitched Pattern,Black, Men's,, Heavy Duty
TOUGHEST PREMIUM LEATHER GUN BELT FOR MEN EVER: 1.5" Wide, Avg. 5.5mm thick, This Grit&Guts CCW Concealed Carry Belt is made of the whole layer of one piece premium U.S full grain bull hide leather, it is not synthesized or stitched together with multiple piece lamination. You can count on it to load all of your gears such as firearms, holsters and any other accessories
NO STRETCH, NO SAG AND NO BREAK, THICK AND TOUGH: No matter whether it is IWB or OWB or Open Carry, worry free to load all the gears, including your mag pouches, holsters, flashlights and your pistols: being it sub compact, compact or full size, or it doesn't matter whether it is a S&W M&P, M&P Shield, Sig Sauer series, Glock series, Ruger LCP, Springfield XD-S, Taurus, Kimber Micro, Beretta; The belt will NEVER be compromised with the loads
COMFORTABLE AND EXCELLENT FOR BOTH GUN CARRY AND EVERYDAY USE: Save the hassle of having to switch your belts from carrying firearm gears to normal dress wear, the belt looks like a normal dress belt but comes with heavy duty durability; You can be assured to wear it with the leather holsters of your choices OWB, IWB, SOB, belt clip, snaps, paddle or loops
GREAT GIFT CHOICE, COME WITH UPSCALE GIFT BOX: We are the only seller providing this accessory, our cardboard box wrapped with a layer of suede leather can be used to store your belt, preventing it from being scratched when put into your closet, luggage. It also makes a great gift choice for boyfriends, husbands, fathers, sons and friends
LIFETIME RETURN AND REPLACEMENT POLICY: Yes, that is right we are just that confident, if at any point you don't want this belt or there is a quality issue, just let us know we will exchange it or give you a full refund, no questions asked
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Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe/Handgun Security Safe - Quick Access to Your Pistol by Fingerprint or Key (Stores up to 200 Unique Finger Prints) Child Resistant - Biometric - Instant Access
CONSTRUCTED of a polycarbonate plastic polymer (an extremely durable weapons grade plastic polymer than WITHSTANDS THE WEIGHT OF A FULL SIZE TRUCK) making Artemis CHILD RESISTANT and virtually unbreakable. NEW UPDATED MOTOR AND SCANNER, provide instant access.
EASY TO USE and program for pistol access, features ultra-secure Radial Vector Multi-Point Technology (RVM). The Single Touch high quality instant access biometric fingerprint scanner, provides secure and quick access with the PRESS of a finger, no swiping required. STORES UP TO 200 UNIQUE FINGERPRINTS for access to your gun box
ONE STEP TO OPEN - SIMPLY PRESS (pre-programmed) FINGER on 360 degree omni-directional print scanner - reads prints from any direction. Authorized (programmed) fingerprint scans activate a green light & open the case Unauthorized prints will activate red light, and case will remain closed. A loud tamper alarm, sounds after 5 unauthorized attempts, to protect against accidental handgun access. Alarm is easily turned off by an authorized fingerprint scan. Please note, SWIPING WILL NOT OPEN CASE.
Case is designed to snuggly fit your firearm with a thick padded interior, fits larger handguns (Model 1911), yet small enough to fit in a nightstand or under your bed. Securely closes by applying pressure around the top. Includes high-security tubular style key and security cable. Features 4 mounting holes for added security and a low battery alarm (4 AA batteries included)--battery life of approx. 1 year (approx. 4,000 scanner operations).
The Artemis Gun Case / Safety Case is DESIGNED TO PREVENT ACCIDENTAL ACCESS, of firearms by minors / kids. The updated biometric scanner is even faster than the previous model as there is no activation button. Simply press your finger on the scanner to activate. Instant ac
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