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09-02-2019 05:30 pm
New England Patriots 12'' x 15'' Super Bowl LIII Champions Sublimated Plaque - NFL Team Plaques and Collages
100% Certified Authentic and Backed by our Sports Memorabilia Authenticity Guarantee
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OHraDWord 106 Dual Remote Control Wireless Infrared Electronic Dog Motion Sensor Alarm, Wireless Pir Driveway Alert, Home Security System Alarm with 2 Remote Controls.
Long-range multi-channel wireless remote control, convenient to use. Accurate identification. Owner identification delays alarm.
Includes 2 direct infrared remote controls. Please use it directly facing to the sensor.Wireless, infrared detector,Alarm sound level: 106dB(decibels).
Suitable for homes, offices, yards, shops, etc.
The remote infrared warning device has a standby delay of 20 seconds immediately after power on and does not detect the alarm signal within 20 seconds. You must leave the electronic dog's detection area within 20 seconds.--desktop house unicorn coworkers additions blotter merchandise clever couples related good supply boss tiny wacky it useless desks luggage great 18th present shopping uk usb cleaning animal amusing collection shooting household company plaques fan washing up gloves
After 20 seconds, if a person enters the detection zone of the infrared warning device, the remote infrared warning device will have a delay of 5 seconds. This facilitates the identification of the owner. After 5 seconds, if no signal to identify the remote control is received, it will be Issued a harsh 30-second alarm sound, the alarm volume is 105 DB. 5 seconds after the end of the alarm sound, if another person touches the remote infrared warning device, it will alarm again and start
OHraDWord 106 Dual Remote Control Wireless Infrared Electronic Dog Motion Sensor
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