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03-11-2017 12:31 am
NFL Denver Broncos Nintendo Switch Bundle Skin - Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 Champions Vinyl Decal Skin For Your Switch Bundle
Ultra-Thin, Lightweight Nintendo Switch Bundle Vinyl Decal Protection
Offically Licensed NFL Design
Industry Leading Vivid Color Vinyl Print Technology
Scratch - Resistant. Built To Last Everday Nintendo Switch Bundle Use
3M Adhesive Backing - Easy On, Easy Off & Residue-Free
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Professional Darts Set - Customizable Configuration 6 Steel Tip Darts (18gram/22gram) | 6 Aluminum Shafts (35mm/48mm) |12 Flights (6Standard/6Slim) | Darts Tool | Darts Sharpener and Premium Case
WITH CC-EXQUISITE CUSTOMIZABLE DARTS BUNDLE, you can try several combinations of barrel weights, flights and shaft lengths to fine tune your style! With our set you have the possibility of choice, experiment and DISCOVER THE RIGHT CONFIGURATION like the pro players!
SUPERIOR STEEL TIP DARTS SET, includes 6 high quality UNBREAKABLE BRASS BARRELS in two DIFFERENT WEIGHTS (3 x 18grams/3 x 22grams) + 6 EXTRA DURABLE Aluminum Shafts in two lengths (3 x 35mm/3 x 48mm) + 6 O-RINGS To Prevent Loosening + 12 Poly Pro Flights in two different shapes (6 Standard/6 Slim) + key ring Darts Multi-Use Tool + Darts Sharpener and SLIM CASE.
MULTIPLE SET-UP OPTIONS will help you to become better from game to game! Try different barrel, flight and shaft combinations for your set of darts to see which works better for you, find a set-up that you feel comfortable with, and your friends will brag about your throwing skills!
ESSENTIAL TO DEVELOP AND IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS! Creating your Custom Configuration you will be able to find the best possible barrel weights and Accessory Combinations to suit your own style and ability.
OUR PROFESSIONAL DARTS ARE MADE TO LAST. Designed to be a choice for future champions, our bundle gives you what many professional players have already discovered: the customizable configuration!
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