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28-09-2017 03:30 am
NV ONEHOPE California Glitter Edition Brut Sparkling Wine 750 mL
Silver Medal at 2012 World Value Wine Challenge
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Genius MacBook Pro / Air Charger 85W Power Adapter With MagSafe 1 (L) Style Connector - Works With 45W 60W & 85W MacBooks - / Pro-11/13/15/17” - Compatible With Apple Macbooks (Mid 2012) & Before
✅ THE BEST CONNECTOR : Throw out your old MacBook charger, which came apart or broke, with minimal use! MacBook owners resent the fact that their chargers do not withstand daily laptop charging sessions. But not anymore! The MagSafe 1 connector on our MacBook charger 85w laptop adapter is built tough to stand the test of time. Our MagSafe charger's ends will NEVER come loose and its wires will stay intact and safe from fraying, even after numerous bends and laptop charging sessions!
✅ THE SAFEST CHARGING SOLUTION: Many MagSafe 1 power adapter accessories get dangerously hot when plugged in, posing a risk for burns and fires. Our 85w charger remains cool to the touch during 1 charging cycle from 0-100%. Unlike the thousands of cheap MacBook chargers on the market, our MacBook Pro power adapter charges your battery FAST, without compromising your MacBook's performance and longevity, allowing you to make the most out of your best investment - your MacBook laptop!
✅ THE INGENIOUS WAY TO CHARGE: THE INGENIOUS WAY TO CHARGE: Our MacBook Pro / Air charger has an advanced design that is compatible and outperforms ALL other MagSafe 1 85w adapters, MagSafe 1 60w adapters, and MagSafe 1 45w adapter. It has a bright LED display that changes from orange to green when the charge is complete. Please note that the MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012, Model A1278) and the MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012, Model A1286) are the only compatible Magsafe 1 models made in 2012.
✅COMPATIBLE WITH MANY MACBOOK MODELS (2008-MID 2012): Our MacBook charger is compatible with models from 2008-2012. Our MacBook Pro Charger can be used as a MagSafe 1 45w charger, a MagSafe 1 60w charger and a MagSafe 1 85w charger, so it is ideal for safely charging and powering Magsafe 1 MacBooks. Although this is a 85w Macbook
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