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29-12-2017 09:30 pm
Okka 100% Natural Ground Sesame Tahini, 16 oz
Creamy Tahini is Produced From 100% Ground Sesame Seeds
Kosher Certified Tahini. This Product is Produced in Facilities with BRC, ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificates
All Natural / No Preservatives / No Chemicals / No Additives / Non GMO / Suitable for Vegetarians
It is an Important Ingredient in Middle Eastern Cuisine and Recipes Such as Hummus. Tahini Can Be Used as Salad Spread or Mixed With a Variety of Seasoning Such as Garlic and Onion or Cayenne Pepper for a Tasty Dip or Salad Dressing. OKKA Tahini is Compounded Well to Achieve an Even Texture Throughout. Stir Well Before Use.
Choose the Guaranteed Quality of OKKA for Your Healthy Balanced Diet. Rich in Calcium, Iron, Dietary Fibers, Protein. No Trans-Fat.
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