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25-09-2018 10:30 am
ONETANG Assorted Mooncake, Japan Momoyama Mooncake, Jasmine Tea, Taro and Peanut, Cream and Blue Berry Mooncake, Low Sugar, 0 Artificial Colors, 0 Trans Fatty Acids, 3.52 Ounce (6 Pack)
Assorted Mooncake contains 2 pieces Cream & Blue Berry Mooncake, 2 pieces Jasmine Tea Mooncake and 2 pieces Taro & Peanut Mooncake.
JAPANESE momoyama moon cake, delicate taste, no artificial.
Mooncake Selected trehalose in replacement of cane sugar, provides better nutrients for human body.
Special ingredients, such as jasmine give the mooncakes a refreshing taste, for those concerned about health and nutrition.
Mooncake adopts modern process and meets safety standard BRC, ISO22000, HACCP certificated factory.
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