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14-11-2017 11:30 am
Oral-B and Crest Kids Holiday Pack Featuring Disney & Pixar's Cars, Kids Fluoride Anticavity Toothpaste and Two Toothbrushes
Holiday pack features two Disney & Pixar's Cars manual toothbrushes and one 4.2 oz Crest Fluoride Anticavity Fruit Burst training toothpaste for kids
Crest Fluoride Anticavity toothpaste strengthens enamel and provides cavity protection
Oral-B cushioned toothbrush head is designed to help protect tender gums with Power Tip bristles designed to clean hard to reach back teeth
Kids brush 100% longer with the Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B
Toothbrush characters and colors may vary
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Holisouse Charcoal Toothpaste Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Natural Coconut Ingredients Mint Flavor Fluoride Free Herbal Decay Treatment Bad Breath and Tooth Stains Remover 4OZ
STRONG ADSORPTION & CLEANING---Natural Active charcoal whose value and benefits have been acknowledged for years as fast teeth whitener and powerful stain remover, helps efficiently remove the teeth stains within a short time each day, deep cleaning and polishing the teeth so that your mouth and gums will always feel fresh and healthy.
FLUORIDE & TOXIN FREE---Made from eco-friendly ingredients without potentially harmful substance like fluoride, triclosan or bleach. Zero peroxide for sensitive teeth. It will efficiently stop the buildup of plaque and delay tooth decay.
ORIGINAL MINT BREATH FRESHER---Herbal fragrance-mint flavor are better in strength when it comes to removing the mouth odor and freshening your breath with cool feeling, enjoying a pleasant minty flavor and long lasting freshness in your mouth and improving your public confidence all-day long.
RELIEVE PAIN---This toothpaste has no artificial colors, protects enamel, fights tooth decay and relieves painful sensitivity of the teeth, gently whitening your teeth and boost your overall oral health. 100% safe for your daily use.
DAILY TOOTH HEALTH HELPER---You need a daily oral cavity helper to promote gum health. It's easier to use than charcoal powder, strips, kits& gel, keeps your sink clean without mess. Organically brighten your smile at your own home.
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Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder, All Natural Tooth Whitener With Coconut Charcoal, Eliminated Stains And Freshens Breath (Mint)
Do Not Hurt The Tooth Enamel : Our natural whitening formula gently removes stains from coffee, wine, etc., to reveal whiter, brighter teeth. Use daily for 30 days to see results. Natural teeth whitening to effectively clean the teeth without hurting the tooth enamel.
ALL NATURAL TOOTH AND GUM POWDER: Our natural formula is gentle on enamel, builds healthy gums and promotes healthy teeth. Use in place of regular toothpaste, or use our powder before your normal brushing routine.
FRESH Breath : vanilla chocolate flavor, to help remove the mouth odor, so fresh and natural helps to improve the ecological environment of the oral cavity, promote the metabolism of the oral.
DIRECTIONS: To avoid a mess use caution when opening the jar. With a small spoon, or a pinch of your fingers, apply a small amount of powder to the palm of your hand. Apply a moist tooth brush, and brush for two minutes. Afterward, brush again to remove remaining powder from teeth (using water or your normal toothpaste). If you experience any increased tooth sensitivity or irritated gums, discontinue use immediately and contact the company for a full refund. Do not swallow.
USAGE AND SAFETY: This product is a very fine black powder. Be cautious when opening the jar, and during use. The powder can be messy if you're not careful, but is easily wiped up. If you experience any increased tooth sensitivity or irritated gums, discontinue use immediately and contact the company for a full refund. Do not swallow. Use once per day for 30 days for best results.
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Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder by Moody Zook, 2.7 oz Natural Sage Coconut Charcoal Toothpaste, Activated Charcoal Powder Organic -- Super Fine Texture for Sensitive Tooth (Sage)
SAY GOODBYE TO GUM DISEASE AND INFLAMMATION: Don't put up with toothaches, mouth sores, gum infections, and all other pains that cause misery inside your mouth. You can get stronger teeth and healthier gums with our activated charcoal with Sage natural teeth whitening powder! Reap the full antibacterial benefits of organic Sage and free yourself from all worries of pain-causing tooth and gum problems!
SMILE WITH STAIN-FREE TEETH AND FRESHER BREATH: On top of boosting your oral health, our amazing activated charcoal and organic Sage herbal combo also gives you whiter teeth and makes your mouth feel fresher longer. Our teeth whitener is made from premium coconut activated carbon, which is twice more absorbent than hardwood-based carbon, making it more effective in removing stains from coffee, tea, and other tooth-staining drinks.
NO BITTER AFTERTASTE: Enjoy brushing your teeth with a fresh flavor that leaves no bitter medicine-like aftertaste in your mouth. With our activated carbon with Sage teeth whitening powder, you get whiter teeth, healthier gums, and a fresh-smelling mouth with every brush!
SAFE & ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Rest assured that you are free from harmful chemicals when you use this product. Our teeth whitening activated carbon powder is made from premium quality Indonesian coconuts that are blended with organic Sage powder to achieve the best possible combination to improve oral health.
TIPS: 1. Use the activated charcoal powder during shower or keep water running in faucet, do wash off and wipe off black spots on the mirror/sink/counter thoroughly. 2. Rinse your mouth a lot until water is clear. 3. With continued use (2~3 times every week), the coconut activated charcoal powder is effective against Gum Disease, Bad Breath, Cavity, Stain, Plaque, Gingivitis. 4. GUARANTEE: 30
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Charcoal Toothpaste, Tansmile Natural Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Activated Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste Black Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Mint Flavor (Pack of 3)
BOTHERED BY TEETH STAINS? Tansmile adds charcoal powder to our teeth whitening toothpaste. With its high absorption ability, it eliminates and absorbs coffee, tea and wine stains on your teeth. This activated charcoal toothpaste is designed for huge coffees and tea drinkers to remove yellowish surface stains and clean your teeth.
TIRED OF SMILING? Don't let your love for coffee, tea or wine prevent you from having an amazing smile. Tansmile charcoal teeth whitening toothpate can safely clean and whiten your teeth with natural ingredients. Tansmile bamboo charcoal toothpaste will keep teeth stains at bay and give you a whiter and brighter smile.
TIRED OF TEELING? If you are bothered by bad breath, Tansmile natural whitening toothpaste will clean your teeth and leave you a minty fresh breath. Have a try! This mint flavor toothpaste will leave you a very fresh minty taste and improve your oral health and gum health. Your teeth will feel so clean and smooth after using this black toothpaste.
AFRAID OF CHEMICAL INGREDIENTS? Natural toothpastes are a great alternative to conventional toothpastes. Tansmile tooth whitening charcoal toothpaste has no fluoride, no chemical and no artificial colors. Use our whitening gel toothpaste to improves gum health safely and it will form a barrier on your teeth to help protect the surface from stains.
ANY CERTIFICATION OR GUARANTEE? Tansmile active charcoal toothpaste have FDA certification and 1 year warranty. It provides you a fresh mint taste, a whiter smile, gum protection and daily repair with twice daily brushing. Your satisfaction is guaranteed at TANSMILE! (Tansmile Charcoal Powder:, Tansmile Charcoal Whitening Strips:
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WSTOO 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask Panoramic view snorkel Mask For Adults And Kid With Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Snorkeling Design,See More water world
Full face snorkeling design - provides the widest 180 ° viewing area for your snorkeling, and you will see more fish and marine creatures than ever before. Lengthened-snorkel mask makes it easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose while you are snorkeling.
Anti-fog design - innovative breathing room to provide streamlined airflow to eliminate atomization, you can see a clearer ocean world. With our integrated GoPro Mount you can easily attach your GoPro camera to capture and share your adventure with friends and family.
Unique exhalation air breathing duct, makes you snorkel freely like whale when you wear our full face snorkel mask for snorkeling. Unique air duct within mask can make you breathe comfortably and freely through oral cavity or nose. In snorkeling within water, when full-dry air inlet is on water surface, air inlet duct of mask can also bring external fresh air to you even when mask is worn, and outletduct of mask can discharge exhaust gas sourced from human respiration externally and smoothly.
WSTOO full face snorkel mask adopts quality anti-allergic silicone material, more suitable for the skin, with shatterproof polycarbonate window for increased safety.
WSTOO's guarantee: if you are not satisfied with our products,we will provide you with a 100% refund.if any quality problems are found within 90 days after you buy this product,we will offer replacement for a new product free of charge.
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Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit 3 in 1 Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste and Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder with Bamboo Toothbrush 100% Natural and Safe by Yartar
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM - A loving beauty teeth solution made from organic activated coconut charcoal, no messy powder or strips, free of fluoride and decolorizer, 100% natural and safe for you or your family, help get rid of pathogenic bacterium and whiten teeth, make your smile more healthy and shiny
FRESHEN YOUR BREATH TO BE SOCIALLY ATTRACTIVE - Powerful adsorption ability of activated charcoal,it's aslo a great source of negative ions which can help release the gunk that builds up on your teeth, help remove coffee, tea and smoke stains effectively, take away the bad odor, bring you fresh breath and make you look irresistible
LEAVE YOU A TRULY HEALTHY MOUTH - Healthy in every step, main ingredients are activated coconut charcoal,calcium bentonite clay,organic orange seed oil, organic mint,coconut oil, deionized water,glycerin etc.No synthetic additives,preservatives,foaming agents,fluoride,artificial colours or flavours
EXCELLENT FOR GUM HEALTH - Simple but natural composition, more gentle on enamel, reduce teeth sensitivity, prevent tooth decay and protect teeth from attack by acidity and firm them, overall care for oral health
EASY TO USE - Firstly,damp the toothbrush,and dip in the powder(a good amount that fits the surface of the toothbrush bristles).Gently brush teeth for 1-2 mins,rinse thoroughly.The second step,apply a generous amount of toothpaste,brushing every corner of all teeth back and forth and rinse until all the charcoal residue has been completely washed away
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