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11-09-2017 11:30 pm
Oral-B Glide 3d White Floss Picks Radiant Mint, 75 Count
75 Floss Picks Per Package, 4 Packs Total
Helps prevent surface stains between teeth by removing plaque which can lead to unsightly tartar.
Shred Resistant.
Slides up to 50% more easily in tight spaces* *vs. the leading floss pick.
4 Packs of 75 Picks, 300 Count Total
Amazon MD Brush  
MD BRUSH (2 pack) Best Toothbrush for Healthy Teeth and Gums, Helps Prevent Bad Breath, Gingivitis, and Plaque, Promotes 45 Degree Angle To Clean Below Gum line. BE A BETTER BRUSHER ! !
✔ CHANGES THE MECHANICS OF BRUSHING TO HELP YOU THINK AND BRUSH like a dental professional. Utilizes a 45 degree angle to clean deeper below the gum line than ever before. It's how dental professional are taught to brush. Top Amazon Reviews, Featured on NPR. You'll never need to use an electric sonic brush again
✔ 45 DEGREE OFF SET GRIP AND VISUAL INDICATORS - aligns hand, wrist and arm to ensure the bristles contact the gum line at correct angle. 45 degree brushing is endorsed by the American Dental Association as the most effective way to prevent gum disease and remove plaque. When performed correctly it can be more effective than the electric competition.
✔ PATENTED 45 DEGREE BRISTLE DESIGN - the MD Brush uses dual height tapered and end rounded bristles in a revolutionary arrangement to clean below the gum line and adjacent tooth simultaneously. You will actually feel the bristles snap on to the tooth at 45 degrees. Extra soft bristles prevent recession, sensitivity, and gum trauma.
✔ CREATED BY DENTIST AND HYGIENIST WITH 40 YEARS CLINICAL EXPERIENCE. The MD Brush addresses brushing technique, which is proven to be the most critical component to a healthy mouth and the prevention of gum disease. Educational videos with purchase. You're going to like the way your mouth feels
✔ 90 DAY GUARANTEE, FDA APPROVED - toothbrush tooth teeth brush gum disease health treatment gingivitis plaque tartar soft medium firm small medium large periodontal therapy dentist hygienist 360 oral sonic b care total control method clean best floss pick threader electric top rated npr ada fda inflamed diabetes heart low birth weight osteoporosis children kids men women fitness dr bass Collins back reach pro ultra bad breath spin head holder cover toothpicks picks threaders
Amazon INSMART  
INSMART Cordless Water flosser,Oral Irrigator,3-Mode USB Rechargeable Water Dental Flosser,IPX7 Waterproof High Frequency Pulsed Water Column Flosser with 4 Jet Tips (WF-6)
Portable Water Floss Provide Healthy Gums and Teeth Clean-Creates up to 1250-1700 plus/min jets of water to effectively clean areas that normal tooth brushes do not reach, keeping your teeth clean.Get rid of unsightly and embarrassing food debris stuck between your teeth which cause bad breath and gingivitis with water flosser. It is designed for daily use at home but small enough to take with you anywhere
IPX7 Flosser for Shower-Water flosser supports 3 operation modes with LED indication include normal, soft, and massage.Large 200 ml water tank that meets your irrigation needs.IPX7 waterproof design makes it easy to clean as well as convenient to use even in the shower
Extended Power-Built-in Li-ion rechargeable batteries can be conveniently recharged through its USB port. Water pick flossers fully charged in just 4 hours for more than 2 weeks to use
Friendly User Experience-Using one button boot design,can switch a key stall, Automatic shutdown in 120 seconds;The main flosser and water tank are designed separately to help clean the dirt in the water tank. Water flosser with 4 colors replacement nozzles allows for multiple users
Quality Assurance-If you use cordless flosser for the first time, please choose the soft mode, when you adapt to it, you can use the other mode you like. Water pick flossers have 60 days hassle-free return and 1 year warranty
Amazon 1790  
Powerful Electric Foot File & Callus Remover from 1790 Includes 2 Micro Mineral Pumice Stone Rollers - The Best Cordless Pedicure Tool for a Professional Spa Like Experience for Smooth Soft Feet
SAFE & EFFICIENT CALLUS REMOVAL THAT ACTUALLY WORKS - With the 1790 Electronic Foot File, you can gently exfoliate rough, unsightly patches of dry, dead or damaged skin to rid your feet of harsh unsightly calluses once and for all. The smooth (but powerful) action of the rotating head make this foot file an easy to use and highly effective method of restoring your smooth, soft skin.
NO HARSH, DAMAGING TOOLS - Gone are the days that you have to resort to medieval torture devices like cold, harsh, metal files, sandpaper or pumice stones. All of these old, outdated tools can damage your skin, or worse - leave scabs and scars that are very difficult to recover from. This electronic foot file will refine smooth your feet without being too abrasive or causing injury.
EASY GLIDE OPERATION - The smooth action of the electric motor packs more power - it's enough to remove even the most stubborn calluses while allowing you to enjoy a painless pedicure and remove your calluses with more precision at the simple touch of a button. No more sitting in awkward positions at an overpriced, overcrowded salon when you can do it all in the comfort and privacy or your own home?
EASY CLEANING TECHNOLOGY - This Foot File features two fully removable roller heads. One is coarse to remove even the most bothersome rough patches, and one is fine, to fully restore and refine the natural beauty of your skin. The best part is that since they're removable, clean up is fast and simple, and the heads can safely be rinsed with water to clean them up in just seconds.
YOU'RE GUARANTEED TO LOVE IT - If for any reason, you aren't happy with your new Electronic Foot File, just send it back to us for a prompt and full refund. We want to help you make life easy and keep you looking and feeling your best by shining w
Amazon Bearals  
Bearals Tongue Scraper Cleaner, Tongue Scraping Set with Extra 50 Counts Floss Picks for Getting Rid of Bacteria and Bad Breath (Pack of 4)
※DURABLE & ELASTIC MATERIAL: Made of soft, food grade, FDA approved biocompatible material, Bearals tongue scrapers are not only durable, also safe to use. Compared to other STAINLESS STEEL tongue cleaners, you don't need to worry it will hurt your tongue due to its soft bristle and brush.
※UNIQUE DESIGN: The Bearals tongue scraper cleaner has a narrow head that is comfortable and minimizes sensitivity and the gag reflex. All the bristles ends with the polishing and the curved shaving scrapers can scrap the dirt after cleaning, clinically proven to be the single most effective way to reduce bad breath now and forever.
※ERGONOMICS AND LONG HANDLE: The long handle reaches deep into the uneven areas of your tongue removing bad breath bacteria that your toothbrush can't touch. The comfort grip handle design enables firm control and precision guidance for both brushing and scraping actions.Simply open the packaging and begin utilising the tongue cleaners! It is that simple, and hassle free!
※MAINTAIN NEAR PERFECT DENTAL HYGIENE: The effective tongue scraper cleans your tongue in seconds for amazing fresh breath. What's more, it's effective cleaning around bridges, braces and wide interdentally gaps to enhance your sense of taste and keep dental hygiene.
※EXTRA 50 COUNTS FLOSS PICKS: Each package comes with 4 pieces tongue cleaners that in 4 different colors (hence, you can safely buy this for yourself and someone else to use) and FREE 50 counts dental floss picks. Packed with a small case, thin silky floss tape slides smoothly between teeth to removing food, debris and plaque, freshening your breath!
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