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23-09-2018 10:30 pm
Ourhomer 12 Color Matte Mist Face Don't Stick Cup Lip Gloss Liquid Labial Line Pen Suit(Lipstick +Lip Liner) (G)
💕 Lip Liner (Double-end)💕 tvegan white hot frog prince flower inside velvet teddy knife sailor lighter sealer stun primer my movie men pepper spray making collection samples traces shirt stand necklace pens jungle book gift butterfly ball almost honey rack carrying box vibe usb bag flash drive infallible glitter blue cookie cutter ysl shipping season a yves saint laurent violet o girls keychain pcs hours battery charger drawer hour stay w kits wall art the gospel very
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XFHLL Self Defense Keychain for Women, Safesound Personal Alarm, 140 db 5 Pack Emergency Key chain Alarms, Security Siren for Kids, Runners, Elderly, Night Workers
❥ Safe personal alarm keychain self defense for women and protect the people you care for. The 140db emergency self-defense alarms keychain will draw attention from people when you or your loved ones get into troubles or in an emergency, such as attack, robbery, need rescue and so on. It provide you some peace of mind and feel much more safe
❥ Personal safety alarms keychain is great helpful for women, kids, elderly, children, teenager, students, seniors, nurse, night workers, runners, jogging and so on. Keep the personal security alarms handy by bag purse to provide protection your family, ftiends and all of your female relatives
❥ Extremely scream safe alarm keychain loudlest to 140 db, the keychain alarm siren is pretty alarming grab attention even at distances as far as 606.9 ft, tasers for women self defense. If need arises and should you need help, the sos safe alarm keychain can protect youself and scare the attacker away in any emergency situation
❥ Small but powerful emergency alarm keychain design with nice flash LED light, the self defense keychain can be applied in the dark night, a useful self-defense tool and electric torch for traveling, hiking, camping and who work late or walks her dog at night. Easily attach the compact size and lightweight personal safety devices to you keychain and have is accessible in time of need
❥ Easy to operate and carry this portable safesound alarm keychain, you can attach them on school bags, purse, backpacks, belt loops, suitcases, keys, dog belts and so on. Disengage the pin then the siren sound will scream, put the pin back and the alarms will stop ( Don't throw the pin away )
XFHLL Self Defense Keychain for Women, Safesound Personal Alarm, 140 db 5 Pack E
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