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04-03-2018 05:31 am
Palmini Pasta, 20 Calories, 4g of Carbs (14Oz) (Linguine)
No sugar, 20 calories and 4 g of carbs per serving.
Low carb pasta
Great for Keto Paleo
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Graeters, Ice Cream Buckeye Chocolate Chip, 16 Ounce
It Starts With the Finest Ingredients: Only the highest quality ingredients from across the globe make it into our ice cream. From fresh local dairy, select fruit from the Pacific northwest, to the most gourmet chocolate. Only the best, finest, and freshest!
Formulated & Combined: All ingredients are pasteurized, cooked, and combined in a flavor vat. The rich mixture is ready to be frozen in 2½ gallon batches in a historic process that has been a part of Graeter's ice cream for over a century.
One Batch At A Time: This is what makes us uniquely Graeter's. We use 2½-gallon French Pot Freezers; keeping the same process Louis started making ice cream with centuries ago.
Huge Chocolate Chunks: We call them chips, but lets face it sometimes they're chunks! We pour gourmet chocolate over the now creamy ice cream leaving an incredibly delicious shell of chocolate. Our skilled artisans break this up and mix it into the ice cream, resulting in totally unique and one of a kind chunks of chocolate chip.
Hand Packed: Our ice cream comes out of the French Pot ready to eat. While delicious, it is too thick to pump into pint containers like most ice cream makers. The only solution is an old fashioned one, we roll up our sleeves (put on some gloves) and get to packing. On a typical day we hand pack nearly 20,000 pints, with our fastest packers averaging up to 15 pints a minute. Surprisingly, none has gone on to become professional arm wrestlers.
Graeters, Ice Cream Buckeye Chocolate Chip, 16 Ounce It Starts With the Finest I
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