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25-08-2017 09:31 pm
Portable Countertop Ice Cube Maker Compact Touch Control, Make 26lbs Per Day Red ;P#O455K5/U 7RK-B230568
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DELLA Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator Mini Wine Fridge Champagne Bottle Chiller Darks White Red Counter top 34 Bottle
WINE COOLER: The only way to protect the quality and taste of your wines long or short term, and ensure it AGES at a consistent level, the wine has to be stored in the correct environment and consistent temperature, (ideally in the range of 55 F) This free standing innovative wine cooler will protect your red or white wine, preserving its quality and rich flavors, so you could enjoy its real taste to the fullest. Holds up to 34 Bottles!
PERFECT TEMPERATURE: The DELLA cooler enables you to store your wines short & long term in a consistent stable temp environment, and allows you to customize the temp to one that creates an ideal climate for your wines ageing process (Range 41 - 64 F), Bringing out the true characteristics and full flavor of your wines in the long-term. Quickly monitor and set temperatures in both temperature zones with touch controls.
MINIMAL LIGHT: Our DUAL ZONE wine cooler closes with Thermo pane doors that are tempered smoked, to ensure an interior odor-free environment that maintains constant humidity, keeping the cork from drying out. Enabling it to preserve and develop its delicious flavor, Color & Aroma, with the best possible mouth feel, body, palette and finish, serving you the best and tastiest wine that is Full, Rich, Supple, Smooth, Round, & Balanced.
ULTRA QUIET: Specially built with an Energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system with no compressor, to minimize the vibration effect and noise, allowing your wine to age and settle properly, with no disturbance to its natural occurring sediments. Specially built to have zero vibration, so the wine could be aged and stored properly. Temperature Range 41 - 64 F. Top Zone Zange (54 to 64) F. Bottom Zone Range (41 to 57) F.
TOUCH CONTROLS: Sleek design with exterior digital Touch controls and LCD temp (F/C). Soft interior lighting with on/off control. Prevents more air to
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