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31-05-2017 05:31 am
PowerPlus Cable for Amazon Fire TV Stick | Powers FireStick Directly from Flat Screen TV ( Home Theater / TV Wall Mount Accessory )
✅Go Wireless - Fire Cable Power Plus | Powers your streaming stick directly from your flat screen TVs USB port | Eliminates the Need for an AC Outlet
✅COMPATIBLE with STREAMING TV STICKS Including: Amazon Fire TV Stick | Chromecast | Roku TV Stick & other streaming sticks with a micro USB port. Works with both new & old flatscreen TV's (your TV must have a USB port).
✅SIMPLE INSTALL One step, plug it in.. you're done! Now stream on. Perfect accessory for wall mounted flat screen TVs. Fire Cable Power Plus makes an excellent add on for your home theater setup & it's great for travel!
✅LIMITLESS SMOOTH STREAMING Our premium, thicker, high gauge cable provides both durability & consistent power to your streaming device. For absolute max performance ( consistent power = less buffering, stream on! )
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Amazon fireCable  
fireCable Plus - Powers Amazon Fire TV Stick (and Other HDMI Streaming Players) Directly from Your Flat Screen TVs USB Port. Eliminate The Need for an AC Outlet.
✅Go Wireless with Fire Cable PLUS ( FireStick replacement USB power cable ): Powers your TV stick / streaming HDMI device such as Roku, Fire TV Stick, Chrome & generic streaming HDMI devices directly from your TVs USB port! Perfect for wall mounted HDTV TV's.
✅ELIMINATES HANGING WIRES from your flat screen TV. Instantly cleans up your messy hanging wire clutter, eliminating the need for AC power outlet. Giving your home theater system / TV wall mount, a clean wireless look.
✅UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE. Works with ALL FireStick versions... 4k , Voice , Alexa , Roku & other HDMI Players & Smart Sticks. IMPORTANT: some TVs can not supply sufficient power, however, fireCable Plus is compatible with more TV's than standard cables and similar products. Built with heavy copper & premium materials made to safely draw maximum power from your TV.
✅SAVES ENERGY & MONEY: Automatically powers your Fire Stick down when you turn your TV off & auto on when you power your TV on, saving on your electricity bill. And completely replaces the need your Firesticks USB power cable wall adapter.
✅INSTALLS IN SECONDS & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Simply connect one end into your TV Stick, the other into your TV... done! PLUS! Lifetime money back guarantee, if your not completely satisfied, or find the product not to work with your TV we offer a no questions asked FULL money back guarantee, add to cart & get your fireCable Plus Now!
Amazon fireCable  
fireCable WiFi Booster [ Instantly Improves Smart TV Stick Signal for Faster Streaming ] HDMI Cable Extender (Compatible With All HDMI Streaming Media TV Sticks)
WIFI BOOSTER FOR YOUR STREAMING MEDIA STICK (Compatible with Firestick, Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick, etc): FireCable HDMI Extender ( also referred to as HDMI Adapter ) is longer than the original HDMI adapter included with the Amazon FireStick. The extra length allows you to position your Fire Stick closer to your WiFi router.
BETTER SIGNAL = LESS BUFFERING & MORE STREAMING: By default your device is forced to sit directly behind your TV. In some cases this can degrade the WiFi signal. The Extender allows you to position your device in an optimal position, closer to the edge of your TV. This offers your Fire Stick or other streaming stick a better line of sight with your WiFi router, which INSTANTLY improves signal and faster data transfer speeds.
MAXIMUM SIGNAL BOOST: Because fireCable Extender is longer, it offers more positioning options for your streaming media device. In most cases you will only need to position your stick closer to the back edge of your flat screen TV for improved signal. But, if necessary, for MAXIMUM performance you can even position your Stick completely away from your TV, in a direct line of sight of your WiFi router! Instantly improving speeds!
GREAT FOR TRAVEL Taking your streaming stick on the road is great! So be prepared and get the best possible WiFi signal WHEREVER you go! Because you never know how strong a WiFi signal will be while traveling or visiting a friend. The Extender will ensure you're always prepared for any WiFi setup.
FIRECABLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, send it back for a no questions asked full refund!
Amazon WELLMON  
Essential Oil Diffuser, 600ml Wood Grain Aromatherapy Diffuser,WellMon Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with 7 Colors LED Lights Changing and Waterless Auto Shut-off for Bedroom Office Home Baby Room
【Wood Grain】Unique and Compact Design: This aroma diffuser is coated with wood grain, which makes it look very natural and primitive. With compact and portable design, the cap of the aroma diffuser is easy to take off, you won't bother to unscrew the cap with great force when your hands is wet. Just gently take off the cap, add water and essential oil, enjoy high-quality life.
【Portable with Adjustable Mist Output】Essential oil diffuser hold up to 600ml of water, not too big, not too small. It produce up to 35-70ml of moisture per hour. It can run up to 10 hours of continuous output in low mist. Automatic power off when water used up, which ensures safety. A long press to switch between high and low mist to extend the duration of misting. (One beep for high mist mode, two beeps for low mist mode).
【ADJUSTABLE LED LIGHT】7 Color-changing LED mood light (blue/pink/purple/red/yellow/green/orange and combination).
【4 Timer Settings and Auto Shut off】 4 time setting modes: 2H/ 4H/ 8H/ ON/OFF. Diffuser automatically powers off when water level is too low.
【Oil Diffuser Shuts Off Automatically When The Water Runs Out】Portable for Home, Yoga, Office, Spa, Bedroom, Baby Room. Perfect gift idea for family and friends who love aromatherapy or can benefit from Aromatherapy healing.
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