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18-06-2018 04:31 am
PSPLFH048800B - Pocket Memo 488 Slide Switch Mini Cassette Dictation Recorder
Manufacturer: Philips
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Toothbrush Head Sonicare Replacement Heads For Philips Sonicare,8Pack Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads for HX6730/H3226/H9362/H9352/H3216/H6721
☆【Take Care Your Teeth Every Day】: Replacement toothbrush heads,generic precision clean toothbrush replacement heads design is inspired by the superior cleaning power of professional dental tools. Our toothbrush head through the United States and European food and health standards(FDA and EC), Completely artificial,,it is worth to you purchase.(Dentists recommend replace the brush head at least once every 3months)
☆【For Philips Sonicare 】: Sonicare Replacement Brush Heads For Philips Sonicare DiamondClean,FlexCare,HealthyWhite, EasyClean, Essence+Compatible for HX3/6/9 Series,Such as HX6500 HX6511 HX6530 HX9340 HX6950 HX6710HX9322 HX9331 HX9332 HX9334 HX9336 HX9340 HX9342 HX9350, HX9351 HX9352 HX9361 HX9362 HX9371 HX9372 HX9381 HX9382 and so on
☆【Diamond Clean】: toothbrush heads are proven to reduce gingivitis up to 100% better than a manual toothbrush.Keep Your Teeth Looking Great,Your Gums Comfortable,Ensure Your Healthy and Confident Smile
☆【The quality of Premium toothbrush heads is the MOST comparable to Philips Sonicare】:The philips sonicare toothbrush heads,DiamondClean Replacement Brush Heads clicks on and off the Philips Sonicare,soft and comfortable brush head for oral cleaning
☆【100% EFFECTIVE Exceptional Clean 】: High quality Phillips Sonicare replacement heads made with end-rounded Nylon Bristles and natural waveform for offering deep clean of hard-to-reach areas and bringing comfortable brushing experience
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Multifunctional NFC Smart Ring,Magic Wearable Universal Wear Finger Digital Ring for Android Windows Mobile Phone(Size 7)
Through the nfc radio frequency communication technology and mobile phone connection to the mobile phone function operation and sharing of data. Smart ring by touching the phone nfc signal area, to achieve the screen to unlock; application lock; quick start application; send read business cards, URL information and other functions.
Multi-functional NFC smart ring, the main function is to store and exchange personal information, as well as mobile content and personal privacy encryption unlock, support for Samsung, Huawei, millet and other DNF-enabled mobile phone.
Quickly start the phone application, in advance will need to quickly start the program startup command written in the smart ring, when the smart ring touches the phone will automatically find and start the program.
Touch unlock, hand wear ring touch unlock, screen lock, application lock set (some phones need to ROOT, can use the function).Lock / unlock the program, select the application you want to lock / unlock, write the smart ring, only the ring touch the phone to start the application, to protect personal privacy.
Touch the sharing / personal memorandum, you can store private content in the ring, you can also share the phone business card, wifi password, graphic information, etc., can also be used as a private memo to unlock the only way to unlock.No charge / depth waterproof, built-in ultra-sensitive DNF chip, no electricity to work, easy to wear.
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