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<p><b>❤【FUNCTIONS TO COOL HUMIDIFY AND PURIFY AIR】 </b>Our personal space air cooler filters hot air, dust and bacteria through its evaporative filter so that it gives off cool, fresh, clean air to make you comfortable.You will feel as if you are sitting beside a lake with the breeze blowing fresh clean air. This is how you will feel when using our portable air portable air conditioner fan.</p>
<p><b>❤【SMART FUNCTION TO ALERT WHEN TO ADD WATER】</b>The LED mood light will flash red when the water tank is low. Our Personal Space Air Cooler allows you to adjust for 7 different LED light colors. You can choose one colour to help improve your sleep or you can set it for a soothing nightlight. Desktop Personal Space Air Cooler has two different modes: cycle color or turn off.</p>
<p><b>❤【IT'S PORTABLE TO MOVE ANYWHERE IT'S NEEDED】</b>Our portable Personal Space Air Cooler has an air conditioner fan with a built-in water tank to provide you with 8 hours of fresh cool air. When the evaporative condenser is filled with water, you can plug the cooler into an electrical socket or USB port anywhere. Move it into your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or garage.</p>
<p><b>❤【ENERGY-SAVING FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION]】</b> Our Personal Space Air Cooler offers low energy consumption by using only 10w of power. The fan inside the portable air conditioner adjusts for 3 levels of speed: low, medium, high). It will reduce the temperature in the room by 6-18 °F. You can choose when and where to use it in your home to help you relax, sleep or work. </p>
<p><b>❤【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】</b>We are committed to providing customers with the best service and shipping experience. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee and a 365-day manufacturer warranty for issues related to quality. Please contac
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