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16-06-2018 06:32 am
RFID Blocking Sleeves Upgraded (2 Blocking Cards 12 Credit Card Holders 4 Passport Protectors) Antitheft Set Smart Fit Women Purse Men Wallet against Identity Scanning
RFID signal blocking sleeves: safe & secured travel protection. Easy to put your card into the sleeve. Now redesigned with UV printing for modest-luxurious printing with connotation. Redesigned slim size that perfectly fits any men and women wallet.
RFID protectors for identity information: make your bank card and other high frequency contactless cards invisible to scanners within 10 mm range (5 mm from each side).
Premium card sleeve top quality: upgraded aluminum foil covered with durable eco-friendly material while also softer to prevent damage to your wallet. Water and tear resistant.
An all-round theft skimming proof solution for passports, credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, driver licenses cards, employee cards, ID cards, etc. Lined with an electromagnetically opaque shield to block signals from high-tech pickpockets & unauthorized electronic scanning devices.
Now the blocker set comes with card holder (strong artificial leather) and badge reel (upgraded string). An easy alternative for carrying your cards out. If you aren't 100% satisfied, we offer you 100% money back.
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RFID Blocking Sleeves for Credit Cards and Passports Protector Shield Holder for Credit Cards and Passports (Dark Green)
✓Full Credit Card Passport Coverage SLIM PROFILE WATER-PROOF & TEAR RESISTANT: Multi-Layer RF ID Blocking Technology with a side opening that covers entire RFID card inside it yet Very Slim & Fit. Perfect fit into any wallet. No Cutting or Any Modification Required. Coated with Water-Proof Coating for Years of Service.
✓IT ONLY TAKES ONE SCAN TO RUIN OUR CREDIT HISTORY: Protect your Identity Information from data Scanner thieves who skim & steal your personal financial information wirelessly within seconds. Avoid wasting hours of cancelling credit cards and anxiety over identity theft. Secure RFID Blocking Sleeves are a multi-layer Top Quality advanced RFID SECURE Technology which provides Maximum Protection against Every kind of RFID Theft Scanners.
✓SECURE YOUR INFORMATION: Secure RFID Blocking Sleeve Protects credit cards, debit & ATM cards, passports, driver's licenses & other RFID-enabled contactless Smart Cards. Lined with an electromagnetically opaque RFID Blocking Sleeve shield to block signals from high-tech pickpockets & unauthorized electronic scanning devices.
✓EASY TO TEST: To check that your RFID sleeves for Credit Cards and Passports Sleeve working, simply try to pay for any purchase at big-box retail store with a credit card while the card is inside Secure RFID Sleeve.
✓BUY CONFIDENTLY: Gain instant PEACE OF MIND with Secure RFID Blocking Sleeve which is made with Very High Quality Outer Texture for Richest Touch and Feel. Buy now with CONFIDENCE backed by our hassle free 365 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with every purchase!
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MONOJOY 2 X Car Key Signal Blocker Case, Keyless Entry Fob Guard Signal Blocking Pouch Bag, Antitheft Lock Devices, Healthy Cell Phone Privacy Protection Security WIFI/GSM/LTE/NFC/RF Blocke
DON'T LET THIEVES STEAL YOUR CAR - Every 43 seconds a car is stolen in the United State, which is close to a million vehicles per year. Thieves are now more sophisticated than ever, opening and operating your car without needing to break in. Using "signal amplification" to gain unauthorized access to your car, these thieves can steal your car with total ease. The good news is a Monojoy brand security pouch gives you the protection you need.
BLOCK CAR-KEY FOB SIGNAL - Keep your car's security system from getting hacked. Protects your personal and financial data by blocking RFID scanners & readers from detecting your cards' RFID signals. Don't get hacked! Hackers work hard to steal these things - protect yourself! This bag is a MUST for the modern lifestyle.
SLIM, LIGHT, TOUGH & FLEXIBLE - Inner silver layer blocks signals, outer on all sides with dual paired seam construction. Shields keyfobs, WiFi cards, thumbdrives, and other small devices from ALL wireless signals. EMI shielding & RFI shielding, used for forensics, military, executive travel, personal security, EMP protection, and solar flare protection.
UNIVERSAL FIT FOR BLOCKING ALL CARS SMARTKEY ENTRY FOB GUARD SIGNAL -- Just be careful you put the fob into the rear most gold pocket. As long as you put the key fob into the correct pocket (the large gold one). Can walk right up to car door carrying the bag and it won't open. Whatever your car brand is Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Skoda, VW, Mazda, Audi, Ford Fiesta, Fiat and Peugeot, are suitable for use this Signal Blocker bag. Fit for iPhone Samsung LG Nokia all of phone
AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE - The protector fit easily over your (remote/smart key) fob. It protects the plastic body of the fob from being scratched by the metal keys on the same key ring a
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Wrist And Style Perlon Watch Strap (20mm, Dark Blue)
SIZE - Select the Width for your Watch. Strap is adjustable in Length with a maximum of 27cm (approx)
PAIRED WITH PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL BUCKLE: All our Perlon Straps now come with our newly redesigned PREMIUM CUSTOM BUCKLES made from the Highest Quality Stainless Steel. These new High Quality Buckles replace the thin basic buckles that were considered the standard until now. Our Premium Buckles provide a sturdy and secure attachment to the wrist and watch, giving it a high-end luxury look and feel.
Made of High Quality Perlon Strap: Crafted and Engineered to be an Extremely Comfortable Watch Strap with a High Quality Look. This Wrist And Style Perlon Watch Strap makes the perfect upgrade for your new or old Luxury Wrist Watch and can make a great gift - No Other Brand Offers Better Straps for Your Money. Our watch straps cost you less than traditional watch straps or bands because replacement is universal, easy, and straps will fit many different watch types.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: This strap is as durable as it is a great looking accessory for your watch. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days after purchase. If anything happens to your Wrist And Style strap we will replace it no questions asked. If you do not experience using one of the best watch straps of your life simply return the strap for a full refund. We know your going to love it.
WRIST AND STYLE PERLON WATCH STRAPS: Wrist And Style Perlon Watch Straps Will Give You The Look And Feel Of A Brand New Watch Strap For Your Old Or New Watch - Designed to provide a comfortable feel and refreshed stylish look that will replace worn or existing watch straps. Treat yourself to a few color variations of these Perlon Watch Straps OR give it as a gift to that special someone in your life. Durable Braided Perlon material is designed for use in all elements.
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Portable CD Player,Personal CD Player with Headphones Jack, Compact Walkman CD Player for kids Music,with Skip Protection, Memory Feature for CD, MP3 CD, CD-R, CD-RW
&#x1F449;<b>Main Function: </b>HOTT personal CD player offers all the standard playback features you would expect, including skip forward/back, play/pause, keylock, electronic skip protection, anti-shock, 5 sound effects, 4 playback modes, LCD display
&#x1F449;<b>Anti-Skip Shockproof Protetion:</b> Walkman CD Player with stands your on-the-go lifestyle, 45 seconds anti-skip protection for CDs, 120 seconds anti-skip protection for MP3 CDs, so you never need worry about your music is interrupted
&#x1F449;<b>Strong Compatibility: </b>CD Player Portable designed to play CD, it supports most of the format such as CD, CD - R, CD - RW, MP3 and WMA audio files from CD, support AUX connection with all other audible devices via 3.5mm audio input
&#x1F449;<b>Simple & High-end:</b> the portable CD player designed with classical black color, looks high-end and has connotation. With compact palm size, you can enjoy music at anytime and anywhere. Smooth appearance with perfect LCD display, make you feel different from Other product. Simple style highlights the classic fashion with memory feature, is a good gift for expectant mother, student, elders, good friends etc.
&#x1F449;<B>CD Player with Headphones:</B> plug in headphones, listen to the most beautiful music, you can relax and enjoy the music to bring shock. If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact me.
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