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03-10-2017 07:30 am
Rice Krispies Treats Bars, The Original, 0.78 Ounce Bars, 16 Count
16-count boxes of Rice Krispies Original Treats
Crisp rice cereal in delicious marshmallow squares
90 calories per bar
Made with sweetened rice, this cereal is a good source of Vitamin D. Low in calories with minimal amounts of sodium and sugar, this Kellogg's cereal has zero grams of saturated fat and makes for a healthy snack
A classic favorite treat for children of all ages
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Happy Baby Organic Teethers, Banana and Sweet Potato, Gentle Teething Wafers, 12-1.7oz. Packets, Soothing Rice Cookies for Teething Babies, Dissolves Easily, Organic, No Gluten or Artificial Flavor
Teething can be tough on mom & baby, but our gentle, teething wafers can help soothe, making you both happier. Organic banana & sweet potato teething wafers are made with jasmine rice, for an easy to chew, mess free snack that's gentle on developing gums.
Happy Baby Organic Teethers bring smiles to mom & baby, with an easily dissolved, soothing texture & healthy, organic ingredients. Made from simple ingredients free from artificial flavors & gluten, our rice flour teethers are gentle on gums & tummies.
Happy Baby organic products help give baby a happy, healthy start. Lovingly crafted for early stages of development, Happy Baby products include baby cereal, simple organic snacks, teething wafers, & simple combo purees to introduce new flavors & foods.
We are on a mission to bring happiness & health to babies, toddlers & kids, with nutritious meals & snacks. Simple, organic, flavorful ingredients & creative packaging encouraging self-feeding & independence. Giving kids and parents something to coo about!
As a good-hearted company made of great-hearted individuals, Happy Family believes there is no greater time than now to live up to our name & treat one another as Family. We're committed to using our business as a force for good & leaving a legacy of hope.
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SONY X800 - UHD - 2D/3D - SACD - Wi-Fi - Dual HDMI - 2K/4K - Region Free Blu Ray Disc DVD Player - PAL/NTSC - USB - 100-240V 50/60Hz for World-Wide Use & 6 Feet Multi System 4K HDMI Cable
Blu Ray Disc Zone: A/B/C - DVD Region: 0123456789 PAL/NTSC Built-in 4k NTSC⇔PAL 4k HD Converter
4K High Dynamic Range Combined with the clarity of 4K, HDR allows for a greater range of color contrast and brightness, enhancing details from the original film format. HDR signals contain up to 100x the brightness of a standard (SDR) signal, increasing peak brightness while retaining deep and detailed blacks.
High-Resolution Audio Playback Like going from HD video to 4K, High-Resolution Audio tracks are higher quality than MP3s and CDs. BT.2020 Color Space Support for the BT.2020 color space means access to a wider range of colors than conventional TV signals offer. This means content creators can deliver more saturated and realistic color, from deep aquatic blues to natural greens and vibrant reds.
Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos treats sounds as separate objects, outputting appropriate sound effects through ceiling-reflective speakers for a more immersive sound. DTS:X DTS:X can create a near-unlimited number of audio objects, which adapt to your speakers in real time for enhanced sound object placement.
raced Chassis The frame-and-beam chassis is designed to offer a rigid structure to eliminate micro-vibrations, as well as effective electrical shielding, for enhanced sound and picture quality. Play Nearly Anything With the UBP-X800, you can watch, listen to, and stream almost anything you like, including most high-definition video and High-Resolution Audio formats, and a host of popular streaming services.
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