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10-01-2018 09:31 am
RockTape Active-Recovery Kinesiology Tape for Athletes - Uncut Roll - Extra Wide, Blue
Twice The Width! Our Big Daddy roll is twice as wide as our standard roll, designed for unique taping demands such as the lower back or quadricep.
RockTape IS THE WORLD'S BEST KINESIOLOGY TAPE - Can be used to treat sports & non-sports injuries: Ankle Sprain, Groin Pull, Hamstring Strain, Knee Injury, Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, Runner's Knee, Back Pain and various Muscle & Joint pain
How Does It Work? RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. Stretchier, stickier & stronger than the competition, RockTape is preferred by medical professionals all over the world
180% Stretch, Helps reduce skin irritation & Allows fuller range of motion. Tighter Weave, which enables muscle to more easily snap-back to neutral + Can be applied to enhance athletic performance using the POWER Taping method (Instructions included)
Ultra-Strong and Sticky, Water Resistant + Hypoallergenic Adhesive won't fall off during competition - Latex and Zinc Free
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