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14-11-2017 12:32 pm
Sani-Hands Hand Sanitizer Wipes 100 Packets Per Box
100 Sani hands Wipes in Handy Zip lock bag
Handy Size is 5" x 7.75" paper style wipe, like you would get at rib place!
Cleans and moisturizes excellent for adults and kids on the go.
Kills 99.99% of germs that can make you sick - antimicrobial.
Removes soil and bacteria more effectively than gels alone.
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Vita Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Wipes- All Natural Moisturizing Wipes for Face and Body - Great as a Hand Moisturizer or Makeup Remover - Individually Wrapped - Pack of 10 Wipes
100% ORGANIC COLD-PRESSED UNREFINED VIRGIN COCONUT OIL WIPES - Non-GMO and naturally made, organically grown coconuts are cold pressed and completely shredded for the highest quality USDA certified organic, virgin, unrefined oil. These benefits have been compressed into portable, easy to use wipes for at home or on the go
EASY MOISTURIZING AND MAKEUP REMOVAL - A strong foundation to any lifestyle, coconut oil is one of the most versatile and beneficial oils in the world. Now, you can enjoy these benefits without the mess or any extra effort. Use a wipe in the morning to start your day with a simple form of refreshing hydration. Tired after a long workweek? No problem. Use these wipes every evening for an easy facial cleanse and full makeup removal that simultaneously protect and rejuvenate your skin
THE ULTIMATE SKINCARE SUPPLEMENT - Coconut oil has a variety of uses as a skin and body supplement. The wipes maximize the benefits of coconut oil with their travel friendly size and on the go application. Apply the wipes as an overnight mask, face cleanser, or hand and body lotion with an exotic, tropical fragrance. Even apply the wipes directly to your lips as a hydrating lip balm for extra moisture and everyday care
THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS - Vita Coco has transformed all the great characteristics of coconut oil and condensed them into easy to use, mess free wipes. Aside from being a great addition to any skincare routine, you can use the wipes to condition leather goods, keep surfaces dust free, and even try them as baby wipes to keep baby bottoms clean, healthy, and fresh as can be
PACK OF 10 INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED WIPES - No need to deal with glass jars, gallon jugs, or small packets. No utensils necessary, just grab a wipe and use as desired. They are mess free and the perfect tra
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Shower Pill Body Cleaning Wipes with Special Cleansing Solution – Mens Shower Wipes – Special Cleansing Cloths – Camping Wipes for Bathing – 30 Seconds Clean with Body Gym Wipes
MORE THAN A PRODUCT - It's a way of life. Stay clean in a time crunch with deodorizing wipes for men. These cleansing packets are proven to kill 99.9% of germs, leaving skin feeling clean, fresh, and moisturized. Enjoy the shower feel without the shower time - so when you're a sweaty mess, don't stress.
MAKES WORKING OUT EASY - The ShowerPill body wipes were made by athletes who know a thing or two about action athletics and missing a much-needed shower. Extra thick and durable, these shower wipes dry quickly, moisturize, remove body odor, and leave no sticky residue. Save time and water, and clean your entire body with just one wipe.
ALOE BODY CLEANSING WIPES - These aloe body cleansing wipes take the best of nature so you don't smell like the worst of it. Infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, these hypoallergenic body wipes for men have a light neutral scent so you can enjoy action athletics any time, anywhere, and just use one after workout for a fresh clean feeling.
MADE IN THE USA - We are proud to say that our bathing wipes are paraben free, alcohol fee, and made in USA. The individually wrapped packages of clean wipes in a box of ten were also created to withstand high temperatures and be impervious to moisture, light, and bacteria.
PROTECT YOUR BODY - For athletes, entertainers, and anybody active or on the go, you need cleansing packets that save you time and keep you clean. These premium grab-n-go body cleaning wipes effectively clean and deodorize, making Shower Pill body wipes the ultimate hygiene supplement for active individuals. Whenever there's a bead of sweat, we're there for you.
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Women’s Colorful Crew Socks, Pack of 12 Pairs, Fun Solid Colors and Pink Patterns, Sock Size 9–11, Shoe Size 4–10.5 by Sockletics
COMFORTABLE SOCKS FOR WOMEN - Sockletics makes socks with all sorts of fun patterns and colors. These colorful crew socks are sized specifically for women, with a sock size of 9 to 11. They have a comfortable fit that corresponds with women's shoe sizes ranging from 4 to 10.5. Sockletics socks will feel great on your feet, and they'll look great too.
COVER YOUR FEET WITH COLOR - This pack includes 12 pairs of socks, and each pair features different colors and patterns. We've included six solid colored pairs: pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, and white. We've also included six patterned pairs, featuring colors like pink, white, black, yellow, blue, and green. With so many colors and patterns, you'll never get sick of these socks.
KEEP YOUR FEET WARM AND COZY - These crew socks completely cover the ankle and part of the calf. They're not as high as knee socks, but they keep your feet and legs warmer than low cut, no show ankle socks do. This makes them great for the colder winter months. With Sockletics colorfully patterned crew socks, you can keep your feet and legs warm in style.
EASY TO WASH - Sockletics colorful women's crew socks are easy to wash. They can be machine washed with cold water. Then tumble dry them on a low setting. We recommend that you don't dry clean the socks. Also, don't use an iron on the socks, and don't use bleach when washing them. Since they're easy to wash, you'll be able to wear these colorful socks again and again.
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Sockletics uses high-quality fabric to make high-quality socks. They're made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex. This polyester-spandex blend makes the socks suitable for a variety of lifestyles. They can be worn in the office, in the gym, or out on the town. Whether you want to dress up in a colorful outfit or go running at the gym, these stylish socks will meet your needs.
Amazon Beauty by Earth  
Makeup Remover - Natural & Organic Ingredients for Use With Pads or Wipes for Removing Face & Eye Makeup
SOOTHING EFFECTIVE FORMULA: This make up remover is gentle but effective. No need to use special wipes or different brands of cleansing oil. This liquid formula easily removes waterproof eye or facial cosmetics, even the toughest mascara doesn't stand a chance. Take your face from "blah" to "ah" by getting rid of oil, sweat, dirt, and anything else that's built up on your face.
NO OILY RESIDUE: Makeup removers that contain harsh chemicals work against your skin instead of with it. By switching to our gentle makeup remover, you can wash your face and reduce your risk of acne breakouts without harming your skin. Mineral oil free, completely natural, and made without anything potentially harmful or toxic, our make up remover is balanced for any skin type.
SAFE FOR YOU, GOOD FOR THE EARTH: You don't have to choose between beauty and ethics. Our makeup remover is vegan, paraben free, sustainably sourced, Made in the USA and 100% cruelty free. Even better, each ingredient we use is carefully chosen to support your skin's health. Your complexion will look and feel better naturally, and you'll never have to worry about what you're putting on it.
MOISTURIZING AND HYDRATING: Are you crazy about your complexion? When you wipe off your makeup with our cleaner you will experience how easily it cleanses and removes without needing any harsh rubbing, irritation or over-drying. With a fresh, clean face you'll feel better about yourself, and your skin will thank you for it.
LOVE IT OR LET US KNOW: We know you're gonna love what our makeup remover can do. We're so confident that we'll even guarantee it. Every product we sell comes with a 1 year, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If at any point over the next year you don't love your product, just send it back and we'll give you a full refund - no awkward questions required.
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Natural Closet Air Freshener Purifier, Shoe Deodorizer & Car Activated Bamboo Charcoal Moisture Odor Absorber Bags by VITCHELO to Get Rid of Mold Smells — Refrigerator Odor Eliminator (2x75g, Brown)
PREVENT GETTING SICK - Sensible to allergens, toxic fumes, and nausea-inducing formaldehyde? Our charcoal air deodorizer moisture absorber bags are particularly attractive to people with asthma, and those who wish to create a safely breathing area at home. As they eliminate bad odor, dust mites, mold spores & chemicals leading to chronic health or respiratory diseases. Save money on fresheners that will increase your electric bill, and get peace of mind having to breathe a much healthier air.
BREATH EASY, LIVE HAPPY - At Vitchelo we believe in healthy, safe, and sustainably made products. We want to help you transform your household into a naturally purified personal oasis, and reject the idea of resorting to common air fresheners that only release sickening artificial scents, aggravate asthma, or jack up your electric bill. Our mission to help you breathe easy, live happily and protect the environment are all reflected in these bags and once you try them, you're never going back!
WHILE OTHER ODOR ABSORBERS disappoint, are ineffective, not eco-friendly, or filled with chemicals and toxins that only mask odors, the Vitchelo activated bamboo charcoal bags naturally clean the air, as long as you activate and recharge them in the sun for a couple of hours on a monthly basis. Our odor eliminator purifying bags absorb household skunk odors, remove closet, shoes & gym bag musty scents. This means less indoor air pollution a cleaner, safer, healthier home for you and your family.
VERSATILE - Be in control over the overall freshness of your surroundings. Leaving no trace or residue, our natural odor neutralizer bags work in the refrigerator, the garage, the car, the basement, the kitchen shelf, inside your spouse gym bag, your boots, your closet, drawer, wardrobe or anywhere you
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