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02-09-2018 05:30 am
Sanyo TRC 9100 Standard Cassette Transcription Transcribing Transcriber Machine
unit comes with headset (BRAND NEW), footpedal, power cord.
FULL FEATURES INCLUDE: adjustable speed, tone, volume, backspace, counter, speakerphone, plus REW, FF, stop, play, erase buttons.
Auto search function, Quick erase capability, Solenoid controls.
Sanyo TRC 9100 Standard Cassette
Amazon E Toothbrush Care  
FDK OEM NiMH Replacement Battery compatible with Braun Oral-b Triumph Professional Care Toothbrush with Narrow Tabs, (48L x 17D mm, 2700 mAh)
FDK (Formerly Sanyo) OEM rechargeable NiMH battery with narrow tabs. Select the size based on length and diameter of your existing battery. Caution: Check the size before purchase as Oral-b uses various sizes of battery in this model. Some toothbrush models are known to have issue with the battery indicator not operating properly after installing a new battery, instruction on solving it is provided.
Narrow tabs (2mm wide) at both ends require NO tab trimming if soldering holes are clean. The negative tab is off-centered, matching the original for trouble-free and safe insertion. There are many off-brand low-quality batteries with fragile metal leads/tabs by other sellers. Always look for the 'Japan' marking and engraved 'HR' at the negative terminal for genuine OEM battery from 'E Toothbrush Care'
Replacing battery in electric toothbrush requires soldering skill and the seller is not responsible for any damage or injuries that may incur in the process. Read battery replacement instruction to assess the difficulty involved and access the old battery before purchase. Bonus: best charging practice in keeping rechargeable battery for longer life is provided.
This battery is made in Japan. The tabs are added in USA. This battery has 'HR' engraved at negative terminal as an anti-counterfeit measure.
Battery replacement instruction and toothbrush model reference can be found at
FDK OEM NiMH Replacement Battery compatible with Braun Oral-b Triumph Profession
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