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18-10-2017 02:32 pm
Sass & Belle Wanderlust Adventure Passport Cover and Luggage Tag (And So The Adventure Begins)
Set includes 1 passport holder with 3 card holder and 1 luggage tag
Design features mountainous landscape and sentiment "And So The Adventure Begins" on both items.
Beautiful photography is edited with filters which plays with the idea of travel through the lens.
Made from sturdy cardboard and pmma. Luggage tags have a durable synthetic leather strap
Passport Size: 5.75 x 4.25 inches I Luggage Tag Size:4.5 x 2.75 inches (not including the straps)
Amazon DocJD  
DocJD Car Air Purifier - Ionizer, Portable, Air Freshener, Ionic Air Cleaner | Removes Bad Odors, Pet Smells, Cigarette Smoke, Allergens, Dust, Pollen, Perfect For Automobile, RV, Home and Office Use
PERFECT CAR AIR PURIFIER: The most effective car interior air cleaner with a fashionable design; a cool automotive accessory which releases 3.8 million pcs/cm3 negative ions and 3 mg/h ozone in your car for massive odor-fighting power for 12V/DC; 110V-240V/AC.
USEFULNESS: DocJD air purifier cleans the air you breathe and fully enhances the air quality. By delivering negative ions, DocJD purifier eliminates odor-causing particulates from the air; as opposed to merely concealing the odors like standard fresheners.
CIGARETTE SCENT KILLER: With a constant and steady emission of negative ions, this portable device efficiently eliminates unwanted odors and helps prevent smoke and tobacco smells, neutralizes allergens like mold, dust, bacteria, and other germs while purifying the auto environment allowing you to breathe more deeply and easier.
RESIDENTIAL/OFFICE USE: Also available is the option to use the DocJD Car Air Purifier in the home or office. Plug the air purifier into a home adaptor (sold separately) and enjoy ionized purified air in your home, office, or wherever you go!
EASY INSTALL: To use our ionizer in the car, just plug into the car cigarette lighter, observe the blue LED indicator light switch on, and it immediately begins to ionize and clean the air!
Amazon Kröning Signature Black Bottle  
Black Bottle Mens Ketoconazole Shampoo - Anti Hair Loss Shampoo For Men -Promotes Hair Growth in Men - DHT Blocker Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Help - (Caffeine & Biotin + Essential Oils ) - 8.5oz
ELITE MENS HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO- At last! A shampoo that begins impact after the first use, and that is formulated to assist hair growth and prevent further hair loss exclusively formulated for men.
3 PHASE PRODUCT FORMULATION CLEANS PREVENTS & PROMOTES - Signature Black Bottle Hair Loss shampoo cleans your scalp and hair follicles, prevents further hair loss and promotes new hair revitalization so you can regain your confidence once again.
FORMULATED TO BLOCK HAIR LOSS & PROMOTE HAIR GROWTH - Our men's shampoo formulation has perfected ingredients to revamp your hair in weeks. Included are the immensely popular Cedar, Thyme, Lavender, and Rosemary oils. Leading medical professionals confirm these oils have been shown to have positive effects on the health of your scalp and hair follicles.
DEFEND AGAINST ADDITIONAL HAIR LOSS - Signature Black Bottle features the ideal formula of vitamins and natural carefully selected extracts to attack the presence of thinning and early hair loss. Accept the 60 DAY PROMISE now and if you are not excited about the results and feeling more confident with your man mane we promise to refund your entire order.
SIGNATURE BLACK BOTTLE 60 DAY PROMISE - This decision is an easy one. Buy and Use Signature Black Bottle for 60 days and if you are not happy with your hair's restoration and appearance, contact us and we will refund 100% of your order. And one last thing...Buy (2) Bottles Today using the below code & Automatically Receive 10% Off Our Already Discounted Price!
Amazon Simply Satisfied  
Derma Roller MicroNeedle 0.25mm Titanium - Cover Scars and Clear Acne - Medical Grade Quality
MEDICAL GRADE TITANIUM NEEDLES - Our Derma Rollers are selectively made using only the highest quality titanium needles that are guaranteed to provide superior results. Absolutely don't settle for lower quality rollers or stainless steel needles. Make wonderful and memorable first impressions with the amazing results from our derma roller guaranteed, get your confidence back! Even more, only our roller comes with it's own free plastic storage case!
NO PAIN, HEALTHIER SKIN - Many people hesitate to try derma rolling fearing that the "needles" will hurt or puncture their skin causing pain, irritation or damaged skin. We use only the shortest length rollers, 0.25mm, which is the ONLY safe and approved length for dermatological use. Absolutely no pain while rolling even on the most sensitive skin. You certainly don't need to endure pain to look stunning and youthful!
CLEAR UP FACIAL ACNE AND SCARS - Possibly the main reason so many people use our premium titanium roller is the benefits they have on reducing facial scars or acne scars. Used on these areas, the skin begins to regenerate new cells to repair unwanted marks on the skin. Don't waste endless amounts of money trying all the toxic face washes and scrubs. Allow your skin to naturally repair and heal itself following a derma rolling session!
FACE, BODY, AND SCALP BENEFITS - Our titanium needle roller's benefits don't stop at just facial treatments! Use our derma roller to help tighten unwanted stretch marks on any part of the body, to help repair any damaged skin, assist with hyperpigmentation, and strengthen collagen anywhere. Use on scalp to greatly increase absorption and effectiveness of products!
LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK - Our main goal is to satisfy you, our customers. If you feel that the product simply was not up to your standards or was not quite what you expected, please don't hesitate to call us! Hassle-free
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BrickHouse Security Eon v2.0 100 Days Extended Battery Magnetic Tracking Device on VERIZON Real Time Portable GPS Fleet Tracker / Vehicle (2 Pack)
Convenient 2 Pack Set. Simple Installation. Move it Instantly from Car to Car. Need vehicle tracking for an investigation? Repossesion work? Teen Driver? Roadtrip? Keep track of your fleet / delivery vehicles? ** Quantity pricing available for business customers.**
100 days Battery Life (Based on 1 hour per day), Running on Verizon CDMA with the best nationwide coverage. Plans starting as low as $9.99 for monthly GPS tracking service - No contract required! Cancel Anytime. Billing begins 7 days after activation. Simple online activation. ALSO DOES NOT WORK OUTSIDE OF USA.
Pre-set 60 seconds reporting on the exclusive BrickHouse Security GPS Platform. TrackRunning on Verizon CDMA with the best nationwide coverage. Plans starting as low as $9.99 for monthly GPS tracking service - No contract required! Cancel Anytime. Billing begins 7 days after activation. Simple online activating runs on Verizon CDMA cellular service.
Real Time Location Viewing from your Browser, Iphone/Ipad or Android Device, Detailed Travel Reports, Speed Alerts, Geo Fencing Capabilities, and Panic Button.
New & improved exclusive iPhone & Android App Makes Mobile Tracking Easier. Get text or email alerts to your computer or smartphone if a vehicle exceeds a user-defined speed. Or set up a geofence and get instant alerts when a person or vehicle moves into or out of a "safe" area you've designated.
Amazon Bellcam  
Bellcam Home Security Camera, Wifi IP Camera, Wireless Surveillance System, 960P HD Panoramic Baby Monitor with Night Vision Motion Detection Two-way Audio 165 Degree Wide Angle Lens
Smart Panoramic Camera: With the downloadable free App, Viewing via app is simple and breeze, you can control the camera at anywhere, a great tool for surveillance at a scale, such as home, personal office
Night Vision & Motion Detection: Equiped with IR-LED, it can display at night time and the image is still clear. With built-in high accuracy motion detection technology, the camera sends notifications to your smartphone alerting when, where, and what movement was detected, so you always stay on top of things that matter
Wide Angle Lens & 960P HD Resolution: Equiped with 165 degree wide 'fish-eye' lens, gives it good coverage of the entire room, the recorded picture quality Is very sharp and clear from day time to night time, you can take a snapshot or video at any time with your mobile phone, also you can set the resolution from HD SD or Adaptive
Easy to Operate: The set up on this camera is beyond simple, plug it in, download the app, pair with your Wi-Fi and set up your account and it begins performing flawlessly. it may be the easiest IP camera you've ever linked
Supper Two Way Audio: The built-in ultra-responsive microphone&speaker allows you to have smooth stable conversations through the mobile app, wherever you are. Intercom mode lets you activate the microphone and speaker, so you can send commands to your pet, or scare off unwanted guests. Hands-free mode allows for a flexible two-way conversation with your loved ones
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Kozo NOAA weather radio for emergency. Multiple ways to charge, Self Powered by Dynamo Hand Crank & Solar Panel, Long Antenna to Pick up reception everywhere
A MUST HAVE FOR AN EMERGENCY ! If you live in a state where hurricanes, tropical storms or tornadoes can strike at any time or you just want to be prepared for a major power outage, this radio if for you ! Our Radio has all the survivor features that you need such as NOAA alert radio,Flashlight, phone charger and hand crank charger that will keep you connected all the time ! "You're better off having something for emergencies than wishing for it when an emergency situation arises"
COMPACT AND EAST TO CARRY - Good things come in small packages! The problem with other emergency radios is that they are too big and clumsy. Our Radio is lightweight, portable and just in the right size ! which means that it won't take up much room when you storage it, and you'll be able to carry it around in any bag or purse without even noticing it is there.
MULTIPLE CHARGING METHODS IS A BIG PLUS ! charge in 4 ways: 500 mAh Lituim battery, 3 AA batteries, solar panel and Hand crank - the ultimate charging Method! No matter where you are and for how long, you can always twist the hank crack for a minute or two and use all the radio's features ! 1 minute of Cranking with approximately 130 circles will provide 18 minutes of radio time and 30 minutes of light. That means that You'll never have to worry about running out of power !
RECEPTION - Do you live in a rural mountainous area or in a extreme cold and snowy area where its difficult to get any radio or weather station ? our radio is equipped with a long antenna that opens up to 15" to receive better reception of radio frequencies. it's great because you'll be able to receive all the radio stations around you and hear them crisp and clear which ultimately means that you'll always get the latest news broadcast and weather alerts no matter where you live. Guaranteed !
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