Amazon SECURE Denture Adhesive  
14-11-2017 11:31 am
Secure Denture Waterproof Adhesive 1.40 oz (Pack of 6)
Amazon EveShine  
Bias Lighting for HDTV (78.7in / 2m) with Remote Control - EveShine Multi-Color RGB TV LED Backlight Strip Lighting Kit for Flat Screen TV LCD, Desktop Monitors - Fits Any TV Size Up to 60’’ - Black
Light Up Three Side of Your TV - 78.7in / 2m Black Strip + 46.45'' USB cable + A Multi Color Remote Control + A Spare 3M Adhesive Tape. High-brightness 60 LEDs Last Up to 100,000 LED Lighting Hours. This 78.7-inch TV backlight kit can light up 3/4 sides of any TV size up to 60''. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make 90 degrees angle and don't make Any cuts into the lights. DO NOT CUT!!
Easy Installation - Installing this RGB TV backlight kit is easy. After planning your route, simply wipe down the TV's surface, adhere the LED lights to the TV, plug it in and you have beautiful TV ambient lighting. This BLACK Flexible Strip Light can be arbitrary bending and fixed to the concave and convex surface.
Super Sticky Adhesive - - Strong viscosity 3M adhesive provide secure and strong installation without worrying about the falling off. Attention: Be careful when you remove the adhesive backing tape on the strips, only tear off the Yellow Tape. Don't peel off the Adhesive Sticker with the Yellow Tape together.
Control the Light with Remote - Come with 17 key RF remote controller, You can use the remote control change the color, the brightness as well as different lighting modes. Choose from solid colors, strobes, or cycling colors to fit your mood!
The Best Upgrade to Your TV Viewing Experience - Customized light kit for 32 to 60 inch HDTV. Use the LED Strip to light up or create festive lights on your monitor, TV, or furniture. Whatever your needs are, this tv kit has you covered! AGAIN IMPORTANT NOTE: Make 90 degrees angle and don't make Any cuts into the lights. DO NOT CUT!!
Amazon Power Practical  
Luminoodle Bias Lighting for HDTV | Medium | Bright White USB-Powered LED Home Theater Lighting for TVs, Monitors - USB TV LED Backlight
INCLUDES: One 78-inch high quality, true-white LED light strip (6000 Kelvin) with 3M adhesive backing. The TV backlight kit has a reversible USB plug that allows it to be powered by your TV's USB port. For reference, the TV in product image is 42'' Input: 5W (5V, 1A) Please check TV USB output prior to use.
SIMPLE INSTALLATION: After briefly mapping your route and testing your light strip, simply wipe down the back of your TV, secure the TV light strip, and plug it in. Cut the strip at the thin cut lines for the perfect fit. The TV light strip powers on and off with your TV's USB port. Please keep in mind that some TV USB ports do not turn off with TV. This 78-inch TV backlight kit provides benefits with any TV size up to 60'' (See sizing diagram to determine which length is best for your setup).
REDUCE EYE STRAIN & IMPROVE COLOR: Looking at a bright screen in a dark room is hard on the eyes and, after a while, results in irritating eye strain. In a completely dark viewing environment, eyes also perceive black as shades of gray and colors as more washed out. TV ambient lighting is a simple and beautiful fix that keeps your eyes happy and makes the color on your TV look much more vibrant.
A BEAUTIFUL GLOW FOR YOUR HOME: TV bias lighting is both great for the eyes and great on the eyes. The Luminoodle's high-quality, true white LEDs can turn any TV room into a beautiful home theater area, adding a comforting glow to the room. No glare on the screen, no getting up to turn on a lamp: only simple, beautiful light that will make your entertainment area the go-to location for viewing parties.
1 YEAR WARRANTY: Power Practical offers a 1 year limited warranty on our LED TV lights with friendly, easy to access customer support.
Amazon iLuv  
mySight2K by iLuv, Wi-Fi Cloud-Based 2K HD Video Camera for Home and Business Monitoring with 10s Preview, Motion and Noise Detection, Mobile Alerts, Two-Way Audio, Digital Zoom, and Night Vision
MONITOR YOUR HOME AND BUSINESS WIRELESSLY FROM YOUR SMART PHONE: The mySight 2K is a cloud-based home-monitoring camera that connects to your smart phone wirelessly through a mobile app. Keep an eye on your baby/pet while you are away, and share the footage with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Additional features include a built-in microphone for two-way audio that allows you to communicated with people near your mySight 2K.
TOTAL VISUAL CLARITY: Watch your home or business in premium quality 2K resolution HD video regardless of what room you are monitoring. With an impressive 140º field of view you can capture even the biggest rooms. Get a closer look with 4x digital zoom or enjoy the luxury of night vision mode. Additionally, the mySight 2K comes with a unique auto contrast adjuster of HDR (high dynamic range) that adapts to any brightness.
RECEIVE ALERTS THROUGH SMART MOTION & NOISE DETECTION ZONES: The mySight app alerts you when activity is detected on your device. Customize your preferred detection areas (within the field-of-view of your mySight 2K) so you can receive updates only when some things are detected within the specific location. This new technology possesses a self learning algorithm that trains your device to avoid going off at frequently repeated activities, like shadows or passing cars.
SECURE AND FREE LIVE STREAMING SERVICE OPTIONS: Monitor your home safely with bank-level encryption through the Cloud Storage Program. iLuv is offering a free cloud storage plan that sends you alerts any time motion or sound is detected, and allows you to store 10 second previews for up to 24 hours. And for those concerned with security, all data is professionally encrypted with bank level protection.
Amazon SmartGuard Rx Inc.  
SmartGuard PREMIUM CLEANER Crystals antibacterial for mouth Clear Braces, Retainer Cleanser or Dental Oral Night Guard Partial Denture, Invisalign Ortho, Sport & Sleep anti Snore appliance, TMJ Splint
1. 110 CLEANINGS: Super Secure Dentures: MIX one packet in a 1/2 cup of water to renew and clean tarter plaque buildup and bad odor breath from full plate dentures, partial (even Valplast). Each packet cleaning solution lasts 7-10 days. If effervescent cleansers have ruined your soft liner denture, this cleaner will be safe with antibacterial professional strength solution cleaner.
2. NIGHT GUARD: These Cleaning Crystals will not turn cloudy soft clear oral appliances. Keep your bruxism Mouth nightguard fresh and like new with a mint taste. REPLACE YOUR Efferdent, Polident, Kleenite brands or Joy4less Ultrasonic for a safer option.
3. TMJ MOUTHGUARDS: Any Mouth Guards biteplate made for grinding teeth, for relief of symptoms of jaw pain are safe to clean with SmartGuard.
4. CLEAR BRACES: When tested by soaking Invisalign clear retainer braces in the SmartGuard cleaning crystals for 336 hours straight, the new brite clean clear retainer did not burn or turn the plastic retainer cloudy or leave a residue on Invisalign tray. WARNING...Do Not do this with other cleaners. Protect your expensive investment and clean with SmartGuard.
5. DOES NOT CONTAIN FDA banned ingredients which cause allergic reactions. Does not cause side affects like tissue damage, rashes, hives or irritation, gum tenderness or bleeding, sore throat, blisters or stomach pain. Does not leave a bad film or residue on your oral appliance.
Amazon Nite Ize  
Nite Ize Original Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket - Additional Magnet for Steelie Phone Mounting Systems
COMPATIBLE WITH STEELIE PHONE MOUNTING SYSTEMS FOR HANDS-FREE VIEWING - With the Magnetic Phone Socket adhered, your device can magnetically attach to Steelie Mounts like the Dash Mount, Windshield Mount, Vent Mount, Tabletop Stand, or HobKnob Handle (sold separately).
FOR NEW OR ADDITIONAL DEVICES TO YOUR STEELIE MOUNTING SYSTEM - No need to buy a whole new Steelie Kit when you upgrade your Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or other phone. Or, if you have multiple phones you would like to use with your Steelie Mount, simply purchase this additional Magnetic Phone Socket.
POWERFUL, HIGH-STRENGTH MAGNET - The neodymium magnet and silicone center create a strong grip and smooth glide when paired with Steelie Mounts or other metal surfaces like your refrigerator or toolbox.
UNIVERSAL, SECURE ATTACHMENT TO PHONE OR CASE - The included 3M® VHB® adhesive secures the Magnetic Phone Socket to most any Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or other phone or rigid case. It will stay on securely as long as you want, but can be removed.
SAFE FOR USE WITH PHONES - The powerful magnet will NOT damage your mobile device. It can also be paired with GPS and MP3 devices. However, do not place it near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, computer hard drives, or pacemakers.
WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE - all Nite Ize products are backed by our Worry-Free GuaranteeTM
Amazon Power Practical  
Luminoodle USB Bias Lighting | Large | The Longest USB TV Backlight on the Market - USB Powered LED Bias Lighting for TV Ambient Lighting - Background Lighting for TV
INCLUDES: 118-in, high quality true-white (6000 Kelvin) LED strip light kit to provide 375 lumens of USB bias lighting, 3M adhesive backing and reversible USB for easy plug-in. Input: 5W (5V, 1A). Please check TV USB output prior to use.
EASY TO USE: Clean the back of your TV, secure your LED strip light, plug the TV backlight USB plug into the USB port, and you have a great TV light or monitor backlight. The TV light strip powers on and off with your TV's USB port. Please keep in mind that some TV USB ports do not turn off with TV.
CREATE A BEAUTIFUL VIEWING EXPERIENCE: With LED bias lighting, you create sharper images and color contrast while adding beautiful TV ambient lighting to your surroundings. The Luminoodle Backlight for TV creates an environment that makes your friends and family want you to be the one to host viewing parties.
REDUCE EYE STRAIN IN CHILDREN & ADULTS: With increasing screen time, eyestrain and headaches have become more and more common. Bias lights save your eyes and prevent unwanted headaches in both children and adults by reducing the contrast between the brightness of the TV and the surrounding room. This 118-inch TV backlight kit provides benefits with any TV size 50"/60"/70"+ (See sizing diagram to determine which length is best for your setup).
1 YEAR WARRANTY: Power Practical offers a 1 year limited warranty on our LED TV lights with friendly, easy to access customer support
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