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TKSTAR Bike GPS Tracker Alarm with LED Tail Light Waterproof Worldwide Realtime GPS Locator Mini Smart LED light Hidden Motor Bicycle GPS Tracking Device 25 Days Long Battery Life FREE APP
★ Rear LED Tail Light & Long Battery-The tracker has an internal battery that runs both the LED and the GPS and works via the SIM card . This battery will last up to a week on one charge depending on the use of both the GPS and the LED. The LED can be turned on and off via SMS or though the Free APP.This item use 2G GSM network,you can search on Amazon: SpeedTalk Mobile or Asin:B01N9XPPGZ
★Remote Activate - Send a text message to activate your tracker and use the App or Texts to locate and live track your bike.Once activated you can locate and live track your bike wherever it goes. Using text messages you can receive a google maps link to your smartphone which will show where the tracker is. Using the app you can locate and watch your tracker moving about in real time on the map screen and see where it has been.
★Theft Recovery - Should your bike get stolen you can locate and track your bike and alert the authorities or recover it yourself . And using the above features you will be told if your bike moves without your permission
★Route History - If active your tracker will record your route, speed and direction of travel and you can review this via the App and Web Portal. We store up to a half years' worth of data FREE so you can go back and review where you have been.
★Children Safety - If attached to your children's bike you can keep track of where they are and where they have been. And when it is time for them to come home all you have to do is press a button and you can find out where they are and which way they are going.
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