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TSA approved Toiletry Bag Squeezable Silicone Travel Bottles Set | Clear Leak Proof Refillable Containers for Liquids (BPA Free, 3.3 OZ) | Toothbrush covers with Hanging Strap | Quart Sized Air Carry-
##ESSENTIAL TRAVEL BOTTLE SET## - Are you still carrying your huge shampoo and lotion when traveling? The SimpleTraveler portable bottles are perfect solution to organize your toiletries neat and simple. The silicone squeezable containers have 3 layer blockages to prevent spilling, leaking, dripping. With wide mouth openings accommodate easy refill. A Set of four 3 Oz (98ml) bottles are TSA compliant FDA Certificated with 100% BPA Free.
## SMART ADJUSTABLE WINDOW ID BOTTLE CAP## - Adjustable ID windows in the neck of the cap provide 6 different labels: Soap, Shampoo, Sunblock, Conditioner, Lotion and an empty window for your own DIY label. Simply twist inside the cap and switch your label. If you are a frequent traveler and requires TSA compliant design and approved for carry-on luggage, this travel kit is a must item !!
## BOTTLE HANGER LANYARD WITH A BUCKLE ## - This is a GAMECHANGER!! of SimpleTraveler travel kit. Simple design lanyard with a buckle has many purposes. The main function is to provide convenient reach to the bottles when taking a shower. Simply bond the containers by slipping the lanyard through the hole in the bottles and buckle up around the shower pipe or shower post. After usage, simply unbuckle and put them in the bag.
## STURDY TORILETRY BAG WITH A BUCKLE ## Just buckle your bag around towel bars. The SimpleTraveler Toiletry bag is a smart design with strong handle and buckle function to provide convenience in accessibility for your toiletries in bathroom. Unlike other cheap plastic cosmetic bags, we are confident in our bag material which is made of environmental friendly PVC and black sturdy polyester-fabric. and wide handle with buckle to attach around the towel bars. It is TSA approved quart sized fully
## GIFT BOX PACKAGE ## The SimpleTrave
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Rose Quartz Roller Set –Rose Quartz Face Jade Roller, Rose Quartz Gua Sha, Essential Massage Oil Serum–Rose Gold Roller Tip –Boost Circulation, Collagen Production –Boxed with Rose Gold Ribbon Gift
✔ROSE QURTZ ROLLER GUA SHA GIFT SET- This is the ultimate Gua Sha Face Roller set that has everything you need to boost the flow of collagen and blood giving you firmer and healthier looking skin. Our rose quartz roller features a robust and ergonomic silver colored handle featuring our logo and an exclusive rose gold tip!
✔INCLUDES ESSENTIAL MASSAGE OIL- Unlike other kits available we have packaged together Gua Sha tools with a soothing and aromatic essential massage oil which enables the rose quartz tools to glide effortlessly across your skin to promote relaxation that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Your skin will have never smelt and looked so good!
✔THE BENEFITS OF ROSE QUARTZ- Stimulate lymph drainage across your body by using our double ended roller and Gua Sha tool. The large roller is for use across the body and the small roller is for use on the face. It has been used for centuries to release toxins and blockages!
✔THE BENEFITS OF GUA SHA - Use our Rose Gua Sha tool to massage the skin and increase circulation. Deal with stagnant energy (Chi) from around the body which many experts believe is the cause of various inflammatory conditions and skin inflammation. To ensure you achieve the best possible results we select each rose quartz stone individually so only the best part of the rose quartz stone is used on each of our rollers!
✔A PREMIUM QUALITY GIFT- The rose gold oozes opulence and looks beautiful when combined with rose quartz. This high end skincare and wellbeing kit is the perfect treat to those who love taking care of themselves with tools and processes that have been followed for centuries!
Rose Quartz Roller Set –Rose Quartz Face Jade Roller, Rose Quartz Gua Sha, Essen
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Travel bottles, Leakproof Silicone bottles, Refillable Travel bottle Set, TSA Approved Travel Cases, Squeezable Travel Toiletry Bottle set, Travel Gear for Shampoo/Lotion/Cream for Women Men
♥【FOOD GRADE SILICONE MATERIAL, SAFE AND HEALTHY】Built with food-grade silicone, the cosmetic travel bottles/travel containers/Silicone bottles are 100% BPA free and FDA certified, thus making the leakproof travel toiletry bottles safe, healthy and environmentally friendly. Bottles travel silicone travel bottles leakproof travel containers travel bottles set
♥【ELEGANT DESIGN, 3-TIER LEAKPROOF, SLIM AND SOFT TOUCH】Uniquely designed for high-end and tasty women and men, the travel bottles/travel containers are slim in line, and the silicone material makes the bottle pretty soft and quality touch. The silicone bottle/ travel bottles are 3-tier designed to avoid leakage, having your bags and luggage 100% covered and protected. Bottles travel silicone travel bottles leakproof travel containers travel bottles set
♥【98ML LARGE SIZE AND APPROVED TO TAKE ON BOARD】While airlines have a regulation of lotion bottles not exceeding 100ML, the silicone bottles travel bottles travel containers are right close with 98ML. So, it is 100% lawful to take the travel toiletry bottles on board. Bottles travel silicone travel bottles leakproof travel containers travel bottles set
♥【6 BUILT-IN LABELS TO IDENTIFY CONTENTS】Each travel toiletries bottle set has a different color and the travel bottle travel container tube has a rotatable cosmetics collar so you can distinguish the contents easily from the built-in labels. Bottles travel silicone travel bottles leakproof travel containers travel bottles set
♥【DURABLE BOTTLES AND GOOD QUALITY BAGS】The high-quality bags are custom-made to hold the durable travel bottles travel containers. It is beautifully designed to be a plus for the durable travel bottles for shampoo, leaving our customers perfect shopping experience. But if unfortunately, you don't like Tr
Travel bottles, Leakproof Silicone bottles, Refillable Travel bottle Set, TSA Ap
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Chakra & Natural Lava Rock Bracelets - Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets - Also Suitable as Relationship Couple Bracelets - Semi Precious Stones - Stress & Anxiety Relief Healing Protection Energy
100% AUTHENTIC STONES | SPIRITUAL AIDS- Tiger's Eye, Carnelian, Yellow Topaz, Jade, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst. Traditionally, the main role of a chakra bracelet is to act as spiritual aid and meditation focus. By encouraging you to focus on the positive, the chakra lava stone bracelets brings balance, stress and anxiety relief and helps you prevent blockages in your chakras, eliminate negative energy inducing inner peace and calm.
ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER BRACELETS FOR MEN AND WOMEN - The porous, absorbent texture of the lava stones makes these chakra jewelries excellent oil diffuser bracelets. Apply a drop or two of your favorite essential oils on the lava stones of the chakra beads bracelet and you're done! Bangles for man, woman, son, daughter, teenage, mom, dad or grandparents.
COUPLES BRACELETS HIS & HER-DISTANCE BRACELETS FOR COUPLES- MATCHING BRACELETS FOR COUPLES-BFF BRACELETS FOR 2 - Whether you're looking for an authentic chakra beads bracelet or a best friend distance bracelet, we've got you covered. Featuring one semi-precious stone for each chakra, the braided rope lava rock bracelets also allow you to feel closer to your loved one wherever you are.
NATURAL BEADS - If you're looking for chakra bracelets made exclusively with natural beads, Friendly Marcy Volcanic Lava Yoga Bracelets are perfect for you. Featuring real semi-precious stones and natural lava stones, the braided rope bead bracelets are made for those who never settle for imitations.
90 DAYS GUARANTEE - Friendly Marcy Chakra Bracelets with Lava Stones are crafted exclusively with semi-precious and natural lava stones. In the unlikely event that you won't love your lava bracelets, just send them back within 90 days for a full refund.
Chakra & Natural Lava Rock Bracelets - Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets - Also S
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