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21-05-2017 03:31 pm
SIXBOX Swim Goggles leak free anti UV lens adjustable shoulder strap Triathlon Swimming Goggles Anti fog nose clip, Ear adult male, Female, Kids,Youth
1.Super comfortable flexible silicon frame and gasket provides maximum comfort without leaving any traces of anti leakage and good sealing; clear lens goggles and excellent sealing surface make you feel comfortable and help you focus on water
2.The characteristics of our swimming goggles: comfortable soft silicone pad; 100% UV protection; shatter proof, anti fog mirror coated lenses; easy and quick release clamp a key lock on the back; with earplugs to protect swimmers ear
3.The headband consists of 100% soft and elastic silicon, comfortable to wear, and to prevent slipping in the swimming glasses. Adjustable headband with different size, suitable for any size. Very easy to use and easy to adjust belt. It can also be adjusted at different angles to fit your head size.
4.The Double-Layer eco-friendly silicone gaskets seal your eye sockets snugly, to prevent leakage while minimize the frontal resistance in water. The Impact-Resistant polycarbonate lenses provide better eye protection, which are also coated with anti-fogging treatment to let you have prolonged clear vision
5.Fashionable appearance, unique product design simple and stylish appearance, the earplugs are connected to protect swimmers ear, is one of the most popular style
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Naga Sports Diver Swimming Goggles - Anti Fog Anti Shatter Leakproof Waterproof with UV Protection for Men Women Youths Adults - Choose Your Color
Package Includes: 1 - Naga Sports Diver Swimming Goggles and 2 - Silicone Ear plugs
SHATTERPROOF LENS: Equip yourself with high-level eye protection with the Naga Sports Diver Swimming Goggles, crafted exclusively with ANSI Standard Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens. See CLEARLY and SAFELY with our lenses that have been specially treated with an ANTI-FOG coating for superior clarity, and an UV400 protective coating to shield your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays.
COMFORTABLE SILICONE: We designed our Diver Swimming Goggles with a single-piece flexible silicone gasket frame to ensure an extra watertight and leak-proof seal, for improved fit, and to provide extra cushioning. The stretchy and adjustable silicone straps make them customizable to fit any face shape comfortably. EASY CLIP design: To put on goggles, click and lock; to remove them, push and release. FREE BONUS silicone earplugs are included to complete the package.
STYLISH UNIVERSAL FIT: Sporty and sleek design available in adult, youths and teenagers (13 years of age or older) sizes, with unisex color options that are suitable for men and women. Designed for all kinds of swimmers, beginner or advanced, for water sports or for leisurely snorkeling.
LIFETIME WARRANTY: Naga Sports swimming goggles are tested by our dedicated team to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness so you can experience true freedom at the pool, beach, or wherever you go for your next underwater adventure. With great customer care as a priority here at Naga Sports, your Naga Sports swimming goggles come standard with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.
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Swimming Goggles - Swim Goggles No Leaking, Anti-Fog, UV Protection - Comfortable Fit For Adults, Men, Women, Youth, Kids 10+
U.V. PROTECTION, ANTI-FOG, MIRROR COATED LENSES - Our swimming goggles are coated with the LATEST ANTI FOG PROTECTION with specially designed, anti-shatter lenses that let you SEE CLEARLY at all times! UV protection makes it nice in the bright sun outdoors. Ideal for use in outdoor swimming or competitions.
EASY REMOVAL SYSTEM - Press the QUICK RELEASE CLASP at the back then Separate the headband . Swim goggles headband is made of 100% soft and elastic silicon,comfortable to wear,as well as prevent eyeglass slipping during swimming. Adjustable headband offers different size options to Fit Any Size. Very easy and handy to use to adjust the strap. It's also adjustable at different angles to fit your head size.
NO LEAKING - Ergonomic completely sealed silicone protective circle design prevent water from entering your goggles ,and help to reduce the pressure around the eyes, keep every child and adult will remain DRY EYED!
Humanized Design nose Bridge--- Improved nose piece provide extreme comfort that never hurt your nose or leave a mark on your face. Goggles suitable for all swimmers.
LiFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you are not completely satisfied with your our swimming goggles, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not 100% THRILLED with your purchase, we'll gladly refund every cent. The swimming goggles is available at a low promotional price for a limited time only!
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Trax To Tracks Full Face Snorkel-Dive Mask provides Anti Fog Snorkeling-This Recreation Dry Snorkel Set comes with Snorkel Bag-Free Gift GoPro Attachment- For Adults, Youth, Children
ARE YOU SCARED OF SWALLOWING WATER - ADULTS AND KIDS ALIKE? - Our Snorkeling equipment takes away the inconvenience of holding the snorkel in your mouth. Breath and swim normally with the Double Air Flow Channels and Full Face Mask.
SIZING IS IMPORTANT- Please check sizing image, and measure between bridge of nose to tip of chin, before you order to make sure that you get the right fit and no leaks. - If you measure less than 4 inches (>10cm), choose size X-Small (Extra Small) | If you measure less than 4.8 inches (>12cm), choose size Small (Small_Medium) | If you measure more than 4.8 inches (<12cm), choose size LXL (Large/Extra_Large)
DOES YOUR MASK OR GOGGLES FOG UP? - The Double air flow channels structure means reduced no fog as you breath in and out of separate channels. Also you don't have to worry about limited vision. Our gear provides 180 degree clear visual.
FIND YOUR MASK DIFFICULT TO PUT ON? Not a problem with our four adjustable elastic fabric headband design. Your hair will not get caught. It's easy to put on. Just make sure you tighten the elastic to fit your face to stop leakage.
WORRIED ABOUT WATER GETTING IN THE SNORKEL OR THE MASK? We have a Broadside Dual Sealing design made from Medical Grade Silicone. Our dry top technology prevents water entering the Snorkeling Set when submersed or diving underwater. Any accidental leakage can be drained away by the drain valve by simply raising your head.
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YJWB Swimming Goggles,Anti-fog,No LeakingUV Protection,Triathlon Swimming Goggles Men Women Children Swim Goggles
Flexible silicone frame and gasket provides maximum comfort and goggle's larger clear lens and quality sealing surface makes you feel comfortable.'s swimming goggles is leakage-proof but doesn't leave a line and add excess pressure to maintain a good seal.
100% UV PROTECTION, ANTI-FOG COATING, ANTI-SHATTER LENSES, MIRROR COATED LENSES - The coated lens using high quality imported PC material can anti-shatter. The lenses are covered with a layer of anti fog coating effective UV protection and protect your eyes from heat and damage of the sunrays, make your vision clearer especially when you swim outdoors. The uv protection swimming goggles to bring you top uv protection. No longer have to worry about the child's eyes will be burned in the hot sun.
COMFORTABLE WEARING - Advanced environmental protection flexible silicone frame. According to the design of 3D human engineering, let the eyes sticks to eye frame more comfortable. Completely sealed silicone protective circle design to prevent water from entering your swimming goggles. This is a feature of our swiming goggles - KEEP WATER OUT. Elasticity nose pieces, Comfortable to wear. Improved nose piece provide extreme comfort that never hurt your nose or leave a mark on your face.
The headband is made of 100% soft and elastic silicon, comfortable to wear and prevent eyeglass slipping during swimming, very easy and handy to use to adjust the strap. The function of regulation is that it is suitable for everyone's face, whether it is men, women, youth or kids. It's also adjustable at different angles to fit your head size. There's a video on YouTube. It is adult swimming goggles youth swimming goggles men's women's swimming goggles and top kids clear protective goggles.
Hassle FreeIf you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer you satisfactory solution and we will reply you withi
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Street Tribe Swim Goggles, Swimming Goggles, Professional Swim Goggles,Triathlon Goggles,Anti-Leakage, Anti-Fog,Anti-UV, for Adult Men Women Youth Kids Child
★★★★★The Swimming goggles with flexible silicone frame and gasket and large clear lens and quality sealing surface makes you feel comfortable when you wear it for swimming ! STREET TRIBE'S goggles is leakage-proof which doesn't leave a line and doesn't add excess pressure to maintain a good seal.
★★★★★The Swimming goggles with Polycarbonate lenses stay strong even in the toughest conditions.Well-designed clasp make it easy to put swimming goggles on and off. The straps have a buckle that makes putting on and taking off a breeze and without pulling hair which is easy to put on.
★★★★★The Swimming goggles with UV protection and anti-fog coating provide you an excellent swimming experience under water. Anti fog protection can offer you a clear and long distant view under water and UV protection can help protect your eyes from being hurt by UV and bright lights.
★★★★★The Swimming goggles no Leaking, Ergonomic completely sealed silicone protective circle design prevent water from entering your goggles Comfortable, headband is made of soft and elastic silicon, Adjustable headband ,Easy quick release design.
★★★★★The lens is made of high density, optical grade PVC that will resist normal use impacts, give you crystal clear vision, and fully protect your eyes.The swimming glasses optical grade lens also block out both UV-A and UV-B radiation to provide complete protection for your eyes outdoors.
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Swim Goggles + Reversible Swimming Cap + Protective Case • Exclusive Set
CLAIM YOUR SPECIAL BUNDLE NOW: We always like to offer more. So right now, besides the Premium Hard Case to protect your new goggles (Sold at $9.95), we ALSO give you a Swim Elite Cap (sold on Amazon at $14.95) . You GET DOUBLE the value if you purchase today.
LOOK GOOD - 6 SWIM GOGGLE FEATURES every made for your needs: (1) Silicone cushions for comfort, (2) 100% U.V. Protection, (3) Anti-Fog Coating, (4) Anti-Shatter Lenses, (5) Mirror Coating, (6) Adjustable Head-Strap.
SWIM GOOD - BETTER UNDERWATER VISION for your swimming experience: The 180 Degrees field of vision coupled with the NO BLUR and NO GLARE finishes reduce tunnel vision and allow you to see clearly every time.
FEEL GOOD - FULLY LEAK PREVENTABLE TECHNOLOGY for your comfort: The soft silicone frame and nose bridge are not only designed to be comfortable, but they create the perfect amount of vacuum to KEEP WATER OUT. This way, you can protect your eyes from the chlorine that might irritate them. Plus, you put them on and take them off with just ONE CLICK. Easy-peasey.
ALWAYS BE ENTIRELY SATISFIED: Our goggles are tested by professional swimmers and instructors, but if they don't get your seal of approval, we'll do our best to fix the situation as soon as possible. That's why your order comes with a BEST QUALITY GUARANTEE. * ASK OTHERS: See how people feel about using our products. It's usually things like "I love this!, "Looks and feels great!", "Ranks among the top!" or simply "Five stars".
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Swim Goggles, Pack of 2, Swimming Goggles for Adult Men Women Youth Kids Child, Triathlon Equipment, with Mirrored & Clear Anti-Fog, Waterproof, UV 400 Protection Lenses, Made by COOLOO
DESIGN FOR ALL: Each set includes Two Goggles (transparent & electroplating lenses), featuring Two Decent Colors, Adjustable Head Straps, Functional Clips, Attached & Extra Ear Plugs. One size fits most people. Great for family or group use
PRAGMATIC ELEMENTS: The swim goggles' silicone straps are designed with Easy-Fit Clips to adjust the length to your own head shape, Quick Release Buckle for you to put on without any irritation, and also Bulge Stripe Pattern on the inner surface to avoid slipping. Just get the length right, buckle up and dive in!
SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: Commit to let swimmer's eyes feel comfortable in water as they do in normal state. The Double-Layer eco-friendly silicone gaskets seal your eye sockets snugly, to prevent leakage while minimize the frontal resistance in water. The Impact-Resistant polycarbonate lenses provide better eye protection, which are also coated with anti-fogging treatment to let you have prolonged clear vision
FUNCTIONAL IN VARIOUS CONDITIONS: One set fits all your needs. Transparent lenses provide sharp and clear visibility for indoor swimming. Electroplating lenses protect your eyes from UVA/UVB exposure and reduce the sun glare when swimming outdoors. The connected ear plugs offer protections against germs or other contaminants that may hurt your health
PRODUCTS & SERVICE: The goggles' frames have relatively larger sizes, which are NOT recommended to kids under 8 years old. Each package includes: Swim Goggles with Different Lenses x 2, Nose Clips x 2 and Ear Plugs x 1 pair. 12-Month Guarantee: If there is anything wrong with our products, please contact us via E-mail without hesitation. Our customer services are reliable and we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible
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Actorstion Mirrored Swim Goggles Soft and Comfortable - Anti-Fog UV Protection, Best Tinted Swimming Goggles with Case - Aqua Sphere, or Ispeed - Adult Men or Women, Premium Quality
OUR SWIM GOGGLE FEATURES: (1) Soft Silicone cushions for comfort (2) 100% U.V. Protection (3) Anti-shatter, Anti-fog Coated Lenses (4) Adjustable Head-Strap (5) Easy Quick Release Clip-One Click Lock in the Back
FLEXIBLE AND COMFORTABLE - Our swim goggles with flexible silicone gasket frame construction to ensure a leak-proof seal. And the silicone straps of our goggles are designed to adjust the length to fit comfortablely on most face shapes with low impact on the eyes, The straps have a buckle that makes putting on and taking off a breeze and without pulling hair, and let you enjoy swimming.
BEST EYE PROTECTION AND CLEAR VISION FOR SWIMMING - This swimming goggles are mirror-coated with the latest anti-fog protection with specially designed, shatterproof lenses to let you have prolonged clear vision. Whether you are racing for a record, swimming for better health or making memories at the swimming pool, these high tech lenses block harmful UV rays, keep fogging to minimum and anti-shatter techonology protects themselves against sudden drops and scratches.
CONSIDERATE DESIGN, KEEP YOUR EARS EARS HEALTHY - 3 interchangeable nose pieces are designed for custom fit and super comfort that never hurt your nose or leave a mark on your face. Unisex design make this swim goggles suitable for most adult men,women,youth and kids to wear. The earplugs are connected with the swim goggles to prevent water from leaking into your ear canals. So,you do not need to carry it,which makes it avoid falling to lose.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - The swim goggles are not remommended to kids under 12 years old because their frames have relatively larger sizes. Package Includes: 1*swimming goggles+1*Protection Case.Your experience with our swim goggles is our guideline. If you have any problem with our goggles, ple
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Jogoo Ski Goggles For Snowboard and Snowmobile,Interchangeable Lens and Magnetic Detachable Foam,UV400 Protection and Anti-fog Design OTG Snow Goggles for Men Women Youth & Unisex
✅Detachable foam with magnetic property - 9 pairs of magnets allow the frame to be tightly linked with the foam. The detachable foam makes it easy for users to clean the frame and the foam connected with face. This new design will let your face be more comfortable.
✅Helmet Compatible - The length of the soft strap can be adjustable and the maximum length can be 1 foot. The elastic strap ensures the compatibility of all helmets and suitable for both adults and teens.
✅OTG (OVER THE GLASSES) Design - OTG design allows various glasses to be easily installed on the goggles. Users do not worry of wearing glasses while using the ski goggles.
✅Excellent Service - Jogoo offers a guarantee of 30-day full refund. Our customer service will respond to your questions within 24 hours to ensure a satisfying purchase experience. We guarantee that you will not waste money for buying our products. Do not hesitate and hurry up to add the ski goggles to your cart!
✅Professional Replaceable Lens - 1.Users can choose different lens according to various weather. Multiple colors with different VLT% allow users to wear the ski goggles in different conditions.2.The spherical lens made in Italy offer users broader view. 3.All the lens have the property of anti-fog and UV400 protection. 4.It prevents the lens from falling off. The lens slot is safer than that based on magnetics property, and the slot can prevent the glasses from falling off while you are skiing.
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Canbor Virtual Reality Headset, VR Headset Goggles With Stereo Headphones VR Glasses for 3D Movies and Games Compatible with 4.7-6.2 Inches Apple iPhone, More Smartphones
EYE PROTECTIVE HD LENSES: made of PMMA material, aspheric optical resin lenses, anti-blue and anti-radiation relieve fuzziness and offer super clear views for long using. Field of view 120 degree provides your own immersive 3D private cinema anywhere. Adjustable pupil distance(PD) and focal distance(FD) is suitable for 0-800 degree myopic and 0-400 degrees hyperopia, fit for any ages adults or kids
RETRACTABLE BUILT-IN STEREO EARPHONES AND MICROPHONE: Canbor virtual reality headset with stereo earphones and microphone offer stunning audio-virtual sound. HiFi headphones and memory sponge to reduce stress on different people ears.3.5mm round headphone jack brings easy connection with smart phones. Unique microphone is more convenient for phone conversations. Spectacular feast of sight and audio virtual
ERGONOMIC T-SHARP COMFORT AND VERSATILE BUTTON DESIGN: soft leather and T-sharp headband provides flexible and comfortable wearing, decrease the pressure on noses. One-key for answering phone and pause, single press for volume up and down, and capacitive touch button for more game fun without a remote controller. Heat dissipation holes in front cover and both sides can effectively assist phones ventilation
GREAT GIFT IDEAS: Friendly customer service and prompt support for every customer. Perfect gift ideas for families, friends and your lovely kids. Please Click Add To Cart Now! Begin to enjoy magical 3D world
WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Canbor VR headset can fit most Android and IOS smartphones with screen sizes from 4.7 inch to 6.2 inch. Two phones fixed slots and back frame are designed to hold your phone in place. The phones fixed slots are movable, which can fit different size phones. first fix can be used for future usage without any movement. Scan our QC code or upload 3D videos sources in Apple App sto
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Yoga Headbands for Women / Sweatband for Sports, Workout or Running, Insulates and Absorbs Sweat, Head Bands for Girls from French Fitness Revolution
HOW CAN OUR PRODUCT BENEFIT YOURSELF? We offer a highly versatile, reversible headband that guarantees you a comfortable feel both on warm and cold days. Use it either as a fashion accessory to keep your long hair in place or as a hairband when you workout. Forget about too thick or too wide headwear. Ours has an optimum size with a lightweight feel, that you'll forget you're even wearing it.
WE BRING YOU WORRY-FREE STATES: Due to our sweatband's non slip special fabric blend you'll have no problem with intense sweat. Worry no more while exercising, as our moisture wicking product keeps you cool and dry, so you could perform at your best. We love to see you win!
FASHIONABLE: Sleek and trendy design that ensures you a cute look, even on lazy days or when you are short on time for a hairdo. We know your time is precious and maybe there are some moments when you're too busy to smarten up from head to toes. That's why our headband is the accessory for your beautiful up do, cute ponytail or loose hair. No matter your choice, be sure you'll turn heads!
RECOMMENDED FOR: exercise and fitness, running, workout, yoga, cycling, jogging, walking, hiking, travel, cross training, gym, tennis, dancing, basketball, football and other sports. Or any indoors or outdoors activity that put stress on your head.
OUT OF GIFT IDEAS? Rest assured, we took care of that, too. Our breathable headband is the best practical gift for women you could ever choose. Goes well under hats, helmets, with sunglasses or goggles. Perfect to use as a pony tail holder, too. Feel free to choose its best use and your favorite vibrant colors!
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