Amazon Solid Signal  
13-05-2018 07:32 pm
Solid Signal Heavy Duty Grade 1.25 Inch TV Antenna Mast (SSMAST)
Length: 5ft
Swedged ends so they can be stacked for greater lengths
18 gauge galvanized steel mast - great for outdoor use
Easy Antenna Mounting - for different diameters, ask about "converter ends"
1.25" Outer Diameter, which is the standard for most TV and FM Antennas
Amazon Rally and Roar  
Dartboard Game with Mounting Brackets, 18” by Rally and Roar - Bristle Dart Board for Bars, Arcades, Billiard Rooms, Bedroom, and Game Room - Pro, Recreational, or Competition
PROFESSIONAL QUALITY FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: Complying with the British Darts Organization requirements and endorsements, our standard-size dart games are 18" wide, self-healing baseboards with a staple-free bullseye and premium steel number rings.
OPTIMAL MOUNTING: Our dart throwing game includes wall mount brackets, screws, anchors, and protective bumpers. With a Triple Wheel lock-and-level feature, this bullseye board will secure steadfast to most surfaces, so you can play just about anywhere.
THE SECRET IS IN THE RINGS: Our multilevel bar game accessory is unique in that we use rounded, galvanized wire which is 50 percent thinner to optimize scoring potential by increasing surface area by 14%. It is also corrosion- and rust-resistant.
MAINTAINS ITS INTEGRITY: Built with premium African sisal, our dart board is self-healing due to the fact that you can rotate the number rings to allow "healing time." The bullseye is staple free and uses carbon diffusion technology for a strong build.
IMPROVED STICK: One of the most frustrating parts of playing is when the dart steel tips don't stick - they either deflect or fall. With our 2-parson dart set, bounce-backs are reduced significantly due to the 30-degree reduction in razor wire angle.
Dartboard Game with Mounting Brackets, 18” by Rally and Roar - Bristle Dart Boar
Amazon AIRx Filters  
AIRx Filters Health 20x25x5 Air Filter MERV 13 Replacement for Air Bear Trion 255649-102 229990-102 248713-102 259112-102 to Fit Media Air Cleaner Cabinet Supreme 2000 455602-019 435790-027, 2-Pack
MINIMUM EFFICIENCY REPORTING VALUE (MERV) RATED AIR FILTER: AIRx Filters Health 20x25x5 air filter are MERV rated to assure customers the effectiveness of our AC Furnace air filters. While the family enjoy a cleaner air, it also adds efficiency in the homes heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) System
MERV RATED AIR FILTER QUALITY AIR FOR THE MOST SENSITIVE AIR FILTER NEED: AIRx Filters MERV 13 20x25x5 AC Furnace air filter attracts and/or removes lint, dust, pollen, dust mite debris, mold spores, pet dander, smoke, smog, bacteria, and virus carriers
QUALITY AIR FILTER MATERIALS AND COMPONENTS: AIRx Filters 20x25x5 air filter are 100% Made in the USA using quality air filter materials and components. AIRx Filters Health use 30 gauge galvanized expanded metal grid and moisture resistant double-wall beverage board air filter frame
SUPERIOR AIR FILTER CONSTRUCTION AND SPECIFICATION: AIRx Filters MERV 13 air filter uses electrostatically charged 100% synthetic gradient media that does not support microbiological growth. It can withstand 180F (82C) continuous service, peak 225F (107C) and resistant to 100% r.h.
EASY AIR FILTER SELECTION TO REPLACE YOUR AC FURNACE AIR FILTER: This AIRx Filters Health 20x25x5 air filter MERV 13 can replace the following OEM/Aftermarket Air Filters: Air Bear Trion 229990-102 248713-102 255649-102 259112-102 and will fit and/or compatible with Supreme 2000 455602-019 435790-027 Media Air Cleaner Filter Cabinet
AIRx Filters Health 20x25x5 Air Filter MERV 13 Replacement for Air Bear Trion 25
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