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14-06-2018 12:30 am
Sports Memorabilia 2018 Panini World Cup Soccer Stickers Bundle with (2) Factory Sealed 50 Pack Boxes - Fanatics Authentic Certified
Officially licensed Panini FIFA 2018 World Cup sticker bundle.
Bundle consists of 2 brand new and factory sealed retail boxes.
Includes a total of 500 stickers, 100 packets.
Could include superstars Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez, Neymar, Paulo Dybala, Toni Kroos, Mohamed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, Thomas Muller, Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suarez, Andres Iniesta and many more.
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Digital Quran Pen Reader with Extra Large colour coded Tajweed Quran. Includes 4 extra Books
- 18 Quran Recitations (on demand) - 20 Translations (on demand)
The complete package! - 99 Names of Allah - Qaida Noorania - Alroqia AlSharia - Tafsir Jalalain (voice - Arabic) - Tafsir Al-Sharawy (voice - Arabic) - Anasheed - Hisnul Muslim - Duaa (supplication) from the Holy Quran - Daily Duaa (supplication) as per Hadith - Talking Dictionary
Instruction manual included. Box contains: Full Quran Read Pen Headphones Charger (3 pin plug) USB lead Instruction Manual and 4 complete books. ** 60 Day Guarantee**
Translations in: Chinese, Urdu, Russian, English, Bengali, French, Farsi, Dari, Kyrgyz, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, German, Uygur, Turkey, Pasto, Malaysia, Spanish, Portuguese, Malayalam, Uzbek, Kurdish, Thai, and Azerbaijan.
1. Complete deluxe Holy Quran book. 2. Digital pen with built-in speaker & built-in lithium battery 3. Read sentence (ayat) by touching the start of the ayat 4. Read the whole Chapter by touching the title 5. Repeat by touching again 6. Clear and loud voice with volume control 7. Smart design 8. Built-in MP3 function, use like a USB flash drive 9. Especially suitable for memorising Surahs 10.Instructions manual included to adjust volume and speed of recitation. 11. Built in Lithium Battery 12. 20 recitations available in 23 languages The Featured Reciters are: Abdul-Basit, Al-Afasy, Al-Ghamidi, Al-Menshawy, Al-Sudais, Al-Shateri, Al-Hussary, Al-Hudhaify, Al-Maeqaly, Al-Ajmy, Jibreal, Al-Akhdar, Maturd, Basafar, Ayyoub, Al-Johany, Salah Bukhatir, Tablaway, Saleem, Al-Rifai. - Extra Large Quran (24.5 cm x 17 cm) - Word by Word Digital Quran with complete colour coded tajweed rules and record your voice function!
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