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11-03-2018 12:31 am
Spry Mints Cinnamon, 45 ct
Alcohol-Free for a clean you can feel, without getting burned
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Oral Essentials Dry Mouth Mouthwash Formula Pack of 2 (16 Oz.) Certified Non-Toxic & Dentist Recommended Less Dry Mouth in Two Weeks or Less
Saliva Flow : Xerostomia, Halitosis, Sjogren's Disease and Dry Mouth are all caused by lack of saliva production in the mouth. Mouth breathers, denture wearers, and those on daily medication may also experience Dry Mouth symptoms. Our unique mouth rinse combines organic aloe vera, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and cayenne pepper oil to stimulate saliva flow with no harsh chemicals, no preservatives, no triclosan, no artificial dyes or colors, and no stinging or burning!
Dentist Formulated & Recommended: Oral Essentials Dry Mouth Mouthwash was created by 2 internationally recognized dentists as a moisturizer for oral tissues and mouth relief for those individuals suffering from Dry Mouth. Over time, Dry Mouth can lead to rampant tooth decay, costing you thousands of dollars in unnecessary dental work! Stop Dry Mouth in its tracks by swishing 1 capful of the mouth rinse vigorously 2-4 times daily (depending on needs of the individual) for 1-2 minutes a day.
Soothing Aloe Vera & Coconut Oil : Aloe Vera is the oldest natural medicinal plant on record. It has been used for it's soothing properties for thousands of years. Today it is most widely used on sunburns as a calming agent. Coconut Oil also exhibits the same moisturizing effects in the mouth. Both are ULTRA-moisturizing and are effective role in lubricating the oral tissues.
Xylitol & Essential Oils : Xylitol has been used for decades all over the world in preventing oral cavities. This healthy alternative to sugar substitutes works with the salivary gland to clean teeth, and oral tissues. We use Non-GMO xylitol made from Birch Trees. Our Essential Oils freshen breath by breaking up plaque. These ingredients combine to make our product both great and great tasting! Use in conjunction with lozenges, sprays, pills, mints or gels.
Alcohol Free : Denatured Alcohol dries out oral t
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Spry Xylitol Gum, Stronger Longer Peppermint, 12ct Blister Cards (12 Pack)
STRONGER LONGER FLAVOR - You asked for it and Spry listened! The new Stronger Longer Xylitol Gum offers a stronger blast of flavor that lasts longer than any other aspartame free gum. No more choosing between great flavor or health, with Spry's all-new natural chewing gum you get it all!
BEATS BAD BREATH & MOISTURIZES - The intense blast of natural peppermint flavor beats bad breath immediately, while the xylitol works to inhibit bacteria's ability to build-up and create stinky acid, plaque, and tooth decay. The xylitol gum also promotes saliva production for a moisturizing effect like other dry mouth products.
HOW DOES SPRY XYLITOL GUM WORK? Xylitol is a natural ingredient that inhibits bacteria's ability to stick to your teeth. When bacteria can't stick, they can't colonize. When they can't colonize, they can't make their acid by-product, which is the main cause of plaque and tooth decay.
ALL NATURAL, NON-GMO INGREDIENTS - It's important to Spry that their product doesn't leave a negative impact on anything from your body to the environment, that's why they've ensured to source only sustainable, natural, and GMO-free ingredients for their aspartame free gum.
WHAT HEALTH PROFESSIONALS SAY - Dentists are sold on Xylitol Gum. So are many periodontists, pediatricians, doctors and health organizations. They all know that scientific research shows the health benefits of xylitol in reducing sugar consumption and slowing bacterial growth. In fact, many consumers learn about Spry Xylitol Gum from their dentists.
STRONGER LONGER FLAVOR - You asked for it and Spry listened! The new Stronger Longer Xylitol Gum offers a stronger blast of flavor that lasts longer than any other aspartame free gum.^Sugarfree^In fact, while xylitol looks and tastes like sugar, it's actually a sugar alcohol found naturally in fruits, vegetables-even the human body
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