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18-12-2017 05:32 am
Strawberry Smiggles - Rick and Morty Breakfast Cereal - FYE Exclusive - 8 Ounces (226 Grams)
I LOVE ME STRAWBERRY SMIGGLES! - Mr. Tophat Jones' Strawberry Smiggles are now available for everyone to enjoy. This delicious breakfast cereal based of the character from Rick & Morty is available for a limited time, so get your hands on it now before someone tries to steal your Smiggles!
AS SEEN ON RICK & MORTY - Strawberry Smiggles were first introduced in the "Rixty Minutes" episode of Rick & Morty, the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim smash hit TV show. Rick and Morty view a commercial featuring Mr. Tophat Jones and hit beloved Strawberry Smiggles, which are then featured in later episodes.
CRUNCHY MARSHMALLOW CEREAL - These crunchy marshmallow Smiggles are naturally and artificially flavored. They come in a variety of shapes and colors. Each them quick to get them resting comfortably in your stomach!
8 OUNCE (226g) NET WEIGHT - Each box contains 8 ounces of delicious Smiggles.
FYE EXCLUSIVE - These Smiggles are made exclusively for FYE, For Your Entertainment. Get 'em now before some else tries to steal your Smiggles!
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