Amazon Super Ma  
21-05-2018 11:31 pm
Super Ma Replacement Suitcase Luggage Handle Grip Spare Fix Holders Box Pull Carry Strap(04)
THIS IS THE SP-B004 .Many different sizes or styles for your choose.Suit for most luggage.
Detailed measurement :as photo;Can carry weight 50kg, come with screws you need
Product features: wear resistant ,Suitable for the use of ordinary luggage box ,And need you have a strong ability in DIY
Please refer to the details in detail, different Size suitable for different luggage
Amazon LtrottedJ  
Digital Scale,LtrottedJ 50kg/10g Portable Electronic LCD Digita Weighing Hanging Scale With Hook
Display type:Digital ,Max weight:40Kg/88Lb/1410oz
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Amazon Vila  
Luggage Scale for Travelers - Temperature Sensor, Battery Indicator, LCD display
✔ MAKE TRAVEL HASSLE-FREE --- The heavy-duty luggage scale by Vila will last through many travels across the country or around the globe. Don't let a little thing like overweight luggage ruin your trip and prevent the baggage authorities to charge you those extra bucks for a few extra pounds. Simply use this hardwearing weighing scale before your flight or your next cruise trip!
✔ READ WEIGHT EVEN IN PITCH DARK SURROUNDINGS --- For a clearer day and night visibility, the Vila scale features a clear LCD green backlit screen. This makes reading the weight of your luggage clear and easy! The bright display also has a useful temperature display. The screen also has an automatic turn-off function.
✔ SUPPORTS OVER 100 POUNDS OF WEIGHT --- This travel luggage scale can hold up to 110lb / 50kg of weight, and the hook will fit on any type of handle! You can simply push a button to switch measurement units between lbs. and kg and °F to °C and vice versa; zero/tare resets scale back to zero.
✔ PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT LUGGAGE SCALE --- This very compact luggage scale is easy to store away in your hand luggage or suitcase. The lightweight scale will not make any significant contribution to your overall luggage weight. This weighing scale will follow wherever you go!
✔ COMFORTABLE GRIP THAT IS EASY ON THE HANDS --- The digital luggage scale uses Rubber Paint Technology; this give you a comfortable textured hand grip, so that lifting a 100lb bag doesn't hurt your hands. The rubber paint is also resistant to wearing down and will last a long time.
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