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04-11-2017 08:30 am
TePe INTERDENTAL BRUSH ANGLE - Orange 0.45mm 6 Pack - Recommended by Dentists for Best Oral Health, Healthy Mouth & Gums Between Dental Visits, Prevent Bad Breath and Periodontal Disease
RECOMMENDED BY DENTISTS, periodontists and hygienists MORE THAN ANY OTHER BRAND. They want you to floss daily, but if you use these angled interdental brushes instead of flossing, OR along with flossing, be prepared - at your next dental cleaning your denist's staff are sure to comment on how clean your teeth are!
SUPERIOR CLEANING - These little brushes are so effective at cleaning your teeth and gums, they can help to reverse the effects of receding gums, gingivitis and other periodontal disease. Safe for braces, implants.
EASIER TO GET THOSE HARD-TO-REACH PLACES - The angle makes it easy to reach your molars, or the insides of teeth. Fits even your tighest spaces. So easy to brush then use protective cap to keep sanitary between uses. Each pack comes with a single cap.
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Amazon Dental Duty  
Dental Hygiene Kit - Calculus & Plaque Remover Set - Stainless Steel Tarter Scraper, Tooth Pick, Dental Scaler And Mouth Mirror.Dentist Home Use Tools (Teal)
WHY BRUSHING YOUR TEETH IS NOT ENOUGH - A toothbrush is designed to clean only visible tooth surfaces in your mouth. Dental Duty tools effectively help you pinpoint spots you missing in your daily brushing and flossing. With additional premium mouth mirror, you can use indirect vision to locate every tight inch in your mouth.
BASIC DENTAL CARE INSTRUMENTS - The set comes with 1 Dentist Mirror, 1 Dental Scaler, 1 Tartar Scraper/ Plaque Remover, 1 Dental tooth Pick (more effective than usual toothpicks). Removing plaque and stain usually requires a visit to your dentist or dental hygienist. However, you can remove them yourself at home using natural remedies and basic dental instruments.
PLAQUE AND TARTAR REMOVER - Plaque is made up of invisible masses of harmful germs that live in the mouth and stick to the teeth along the gum line. Some types of plaque can cause tooth decay & cavities. Other types of plaque can cause gum disease. Tartar is calcified or hardened plaque that attaches to the enamel on your teeth and below the gum line. Using Dental Duty Hygiene Kit regularly can prevent ingrowth of plaque and tartar.
ADVANTAGES OVER CONVENTIONAL TOOTH CARE - It requires no toothpastes or mouthwash. An essential set of tools next to your teeth whitening products and stain erasers. Dedicated to quality and style, all tools are manufactured using the highest quality surgical rust-free stainless steel. Fully sterilizable
HELP PREVENTS MOUTH ODOR - When plaque remains between your teeth, the bacteria it harbors can create a foul smell. Tooth decay and gum disease can also cause halitosis (Bad Breath). Complementary Tips on Bad Breath: Rinse and use interdental brushes regularly- Use tongue scraper to clean your tongue. And Schedule at least two times annual visits to your dentist for professional cleaning and dental ex
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