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22-02-2017 07:32 am
The Original TUNG Brush - Tongue Cleaner with TUNG Gel Sample (Assorted Colors)
Designed by a dentist to reach far back on the tongue without gagging
Bristles designed specifically to clean the irregular surface of the tongue
Use with TUNG Gel for the best tongue cleaner ever
90% of users preferred TUNG over all other tongue cleaners in a recent study*
Trusted for over 15 Years and Made in America!
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Tongue Scraper ~ Stocking Stuffer ~ Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner ~ for Bad Breath and Gum Disease ~ Dentist Designed ~ 83 Page eBook Included
Dr. O's STAINLESS STEEL TONGUE SCRAPER enables you to fight your battle against bad breath. A MUST HAVE for your oral hygiene kit! This is an entirely surgical grade, stainless steel tool with carved handles designed to ensure a completely bacteria free surface. DENTIST DESIGNED! Dr. Paul O'Malley personally designed this scraper to ensure best quality and effectiveness for YOUR oral health and comfort. Great HOLIDAY GIFT, HOSTESS GIFT AND STOCKING STUFFER!
NO MOLDY, RUBBER HANDLES! Our metal tongue scraper is pure stainless steel and thus easy to use and grip and dishwasher safe!
NON GAGGING AND FLEXIBLE! This tongue scraper cleaner is a tool suitable for plaque removal, bad breath and to overall restore oral hygiene or taste sensation. UNLIKE SOME OTHER gum tongue cleaners, it is flexible and non-gagging. NO CHEAP PLASTIC OR ERODING AS WITH COPPER.
DENTIST DESIGNED AND RECOMMENDED! Cleaning your tongue as part of your oral hygiene regimen, is comfortable, quick and effective with this scraper for your tongue. Stainless steel is more comfortable and gentle on the tongue than plastic is. With our oral probiotics and tooth oil drops also in your arsenal, this completes your kit to attack bad breath, work to prevent tooth decay and receding gums.
OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PROMISE: We care about our customers and guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back. CONTACT US and we will take care of you!
Tongue Scraper ~ Stocking Stuffer ~ Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner ~ for Bad Bre
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TonguePro Tongue Scraper Cleaner (2-Pack) | Instantly fresher breath | Revolutionary new design, Flexible handles, Medical-grade plastic, Easy to use
INSTANTLY FRESHER BREATH - did you know that up to 90% of bad breath comes from bacteria on your tongue? The TonguePro tongue cleaner has been designed to be the world's most advanced tongue scraper, allowing you to sweep away bad breath and get that ultra fresh-mouth feeling in seconds.
REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN - TonguePro has been dentist designed and developed with 4 cleaning edges to completely remove smelly bad-breath bacteria and mucous, in less than 10 seconds of sweeping! The TonguePro's "FlexLegs" fit perfectly in your hand, and are flexible to easily adapt to any size mouth or tongue.
USE MORNING & EVENING AFTER BRUSHING - The TonguePro is super easy to use: Simply stick your tongue out, place the TonguePro as far back on the surface of your tongue as possible, and holding with two hands lightly drag forward. Repeat several times for around 5-10 seconds. After use, rinse the TonguePro with cold water and allow to dry.
SAFE & KIND TO YOUR TONGUE - the revolutionary 3-bar design not only allows for much better and quicker cleaning than single edge designs, but helps to spread pressure over your entire tongue's surface, stopping the TonguePro from causing cuts and preventing damage to your tongue's sensitive taste buds.
ULTRA-HYGIENIC & LONG-LASTING - TonguePro is made from bacteria-resistant dishwasher-safe plastic. The in-built feet allow you to stand your TonguePro up after use to allow for hygienic drying. We recommend changing your TonguePro every 6 months for maximum cleanliness and effectiveness, therefore each super-value 2-Pack is sufficient for 1 years tongue cleaning!
TonguePro Tongue Scraper Cleaner (2-Pack) | Instantly fresher breath | Revolutio
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Copper Tongue Scraper ~ Stocking Stuffer ~ Copper Tongue Cleaner ~ Holistic Dentist Developed ~ 83 Page eBook Included
DR O's SUPERIOR TONGUE SCRAPER as recommended in Ayurvedic Treatment, is made from a top quality copper. Custom designed by a top holistic dentist for easy use and comfort. Superior tongue cleaning with copper's antibacterial fighting power!
STUDIES HAVE SHOWN that roughly 80% of bad breath originates in the rear of the tongue. Periodontal disease is associated with thicker tongue coatings, as bad bacteria colonizes in the tongue surface. Copper has been used for centuries to fight bacteria, molds and fungus. Scientists have shown copper's ability to fight harmful microorganisms, and thus copper tongue cleaners are more effective in bacterial control.
AYURVEDIC MEDICINE, an age old traditional medicine, has long recommended tongue cleaning as an integral part of a daily, oral hygiene regimen. A healthy, pink tongue is a sign of good health! Our copper tongue cleaner is custom designed for comfort, effectiveness, ease of use and of course, is fashioned from quality copper.
WITH THE MISSION of improving oral health across the planet, Great Oral Health is here to help you achieve superior oral health for you, your family and your friends. With our battery of oral health products now available, including our powerful oral probiotics and OraRestore gum & tooth oil, we have now provided you with an arsenal to restore great oral health!
OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PROMISE! We genuinely want you happy and care very much about our customers. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back or item replaced! Contact us and we will take care of you!
Copper Tongue Scraper ~ Stocking Stuffer ~ Copper Tongue Cleaner ~ Holistic Dent
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Wondrous Clean Tongue Wand. Tongue Cleaner With Deep Cleaning Micro-Grooves. Removes Bad Breath Bacteria. Made in the USA from Non-Toxic, ED-Free Materials. 2018 Eco-Excellence Award Winner. (1-Pack)
BYE, BYE BAD BREATH. HELLO HEALTHY MOUTH. PROFESSIONAL DEEP CLEANING: Our Micro-Grooves deep clean "in-between". Most flat-edged tongue cleaners remove surface film, and leave bad breath bacteria and debris behind in the bumps and crevices of your tongue. Our 1" width head offers more control & a comfortable clean for mouths of all sizes.
QUICK, COMFORTABLE, EFFECTIVE WITH GAG REDUCTION: Ergonomic razor-style Veriflex handle uses a pure, softer polymer and special design to provide a pliable "feel" offering gag reflex reduction + deep clean. Hold handle closer to the head for a firmer, deeper clean. Sensitive mouths can hold the handle farther down for more flex and a gentler effect.
2018 ECO-EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNER. INDUSTRY-LEADING NON-TOXIC INGREDIENTS: 98% U.S. Medical grade polymer (Made from the same material as baby bottles due to purity & safety) & 2% European food grade color. All materials are sourced to be safe, non-toxic & free from fillers & endocrine disruptors (BPA/BPS, parabens, phthalates, PVC, styrenes, etc.), heavy metals & allergens often found in regular plastics and stainless steel.
100% RECYCLABLE / REUSABLE STORAGE CASE: 100% Recyclable: Storage case = recycle #1. Wondrous Wand = recycle #5. Reusable food contact grade storage case.
MADE IN THE USA / VEGAN / CRUELTY-FREE: Manufactured in the U.S. in a FDA registered facility. Hypoallergenic, vegan & cruelty-free. Dentist co-designed. Dentist & hygienist recommended. This product is designed and tested for years of use with proper care and cleaning. Packaging recommends replacement every 3-4 months for hygiene reasons. Dishwasher friendly. Woman-owned business. 60-Day Risk-Free Happiness Guarantee. MouthPower best tongue cleaner 2018.
Wondrous Clean Tongue Wand. Tongue Cleaner With Deep Cleaning Micro-Grooves. Rem
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Professional Dental Hygiene Kit& Silver-Plated Tongue scraper Cleaner, Stainless Steel Tarter Remover Scraper, Mouth Mirror, Sickle Scaler, Toothpick, Tongue Cleaner, Dental Tool Kit for Oral Care …
PROFESSIONAL 6 IN 1 ORAL CARE KIT: Includes 1 tongue cleaner,1 sickle scaler, 1 pick, 1 anti-fog mirror, 1 tartar remover, 1 tarter scraper; specially designed for both professional dentists and personal use even pets. The Dentist Kit Tools in this kit is ALL that you need to promote dental care, teeth whitening and get you that Sparkling Smile.
TONGUE CLEANER: The stomatological research found 90% bad breath comes from germs,specifically anaerobic bacteria on tongue. Our tongue scraper is made of great stainless steel & silver-plated with mirror polish finishing. Silver ions can adsorb water microorganisms and cause death. With 30 degree tilt design and 0.98'' in width,you can easily and thoroughly clean the tongue so that to prevent bad breath.
TARTER REMOVER&TOOTH PICK&SICKLE SCALER:Dentist tools are made of high strength stainless steel with antibacterial coating, polished to a mirror finish, this rust-free oral hygiene tool kit is strong and sharp enough to remove plaque and heavy tartar in or between your teeth without hurting your gums. Whitening teeth and fresh breath let you smile with confidence.
ANTI-FOG MIRROR: Constructed from premium rustproof stainless steel. The handy dental mirror lets you look at parts of your mouth only your dentist usually see. Anti-fog feature let you don't need to worry fog when exhale. It provide effective way to look behind your teeth and check for plaque build up ,makes you observe the teeth clearly.
GREAT GIFT IDEA: Comes in a durable case to keep your dental tools organized and clean during travel. And protect your tools from being scratched at all times .Excellent as dental hygienist gifts, this would be a lovely gift for your friends, family and loved ones including your pets. 100% money back lifetime guarantee,so enjoy your
Professional Dental Hygiene Kit& Silver-Plated Tongue scraper Cleaner, Stainless
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Anti Bacterial Tongue Scraper Cleaner Brush Sweeper for Oral Hygiene Care and Cure Bad Breath Treatment with Anti Rust Stainless Steel and Anti Slip Handle for Precise Cleaning
REDUCE BAD BREATH SIGNIFICANTLY -- This tongue scraper helps eliminate main cause of bad breath by removing bacteria, food debris, fungi, toxins, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. By regular use of tongue brush and toothbrush will prevent halitosis and bad breath.
CLEAN YOUR TONGUE IN A RIGHT WAY -- Be light and gentle for the first time. Do not press down too hard when scraping your tongue. With its ergonomic handle and non-slip grip, this tongue cleaning brush can reach way back on the tongue without gagging.
FRESH BREATH FOR YOUR BEST CONFIDENCE - You will feel a huge difference on your tongue and your breath if use it daily. Definitely helps with morning breath too which is the worst. Simply clean the brush head with warm water and rinse well after each use and it's as good as new again! Don't forget to replace the tongue brush after 4-6 weeks to avoid bacteria growth.
SLIM PORTABLE SIZE - Weighing only 0.7 oz and measuring 6.4 inches long, this easy-to-carry tongue cleaner can be stored your small bags or pouches and brought during travel.
GET YOUR FRESH BREATH NOW - Take good care of your oral hygiene by adding Gusto Tongue Scraper (TM) as part of your self-care tool anywhere, anytime. ORDER NOW for your fresh and healthy breath every day!
Anti Bacterial Tongue Scraper Cleaner Brush Sweeper for Oral Hygiene Care and Cu
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