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TheraBreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste, Mild Mint Flavor, 4 Ounce Tube (Pack of 2)
FIGHT CAVITIES & BAD BREATH: Our original clinical strength toothpaste provides potent oxygenation to attack bad breath at the source while fluoride helps control plaque, tartar, & cavities.
FRESH BREATH FORMULA: TheraBreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste is dentist recommended & formulated to fight all types of bad breath. No harsh detergents, triclosan, or artificial flavors.
PREMIUM ORAL CARE: Our solution-oriented line of toothpastes, mouthwashes, breath sprays, tonsil stone kits, pet care products, & more can help your whole family get the oral hygiene support you need.
PROFESSIONAL-GRADE PRODUCTS: TheraBreath's line of dentist-formulated toothpastes, mouthwashes, & other products are designed to help address halitosis, cavity prevention, gum disease, & more.
TRUSTED QUALITY: Started in 1994 by dentist Dr. Harold Katz, TheraBreath has continued to innovate, delivering an extensive line of the highest-quality oral care products for you & your family.
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ACT Dry Mouth Lozenges Soothing Mint 36 Count Soothing Mint Flavored Lozenges with Xylitol Help Moisturize Mouth Tissue to Sooth and Relieve Discomfort. | ⭐️ Exclusive
ACT DRY MOUTH LOZENGES: These soothing mint flavor lozenges are formulated with Xylitol. Bad breath can be caused by dry mouth, & ACT Dry Mouth Lozenges help relieve the uncomfortable feeling of dry mouth, moisturize mouth tissue, & freshen your breath.
MOISTURIZE MOUTH TISSUE: ACT Dry Mouth Lozenges help provide temporary relief from dry mouth wherever you are. Dry mouth, when your mouth produces less saliva, is a common side effect of prescription medications and can lead to gingivitis and bad breath.
ACT FRESHENS BREATH: No one enjoys bad or sour breath, and fresh breath is one of the benefits of good oral health care. ACT's soothing mint flavor leaves your mouth feeling cool, clean, and fresh, and ACT lozenges and mouthwashes help freshen your breath.
A WELL ROUNDED MEDICINE CABINET: When you or a family member is in pain, sick, hurt, or just generally feeling under the weather, you don't want to run to the pharmacy. A well stocked home medicine cabinet helps ensure relief is at hand when you need it.
COMPARE TO OTHER ORAL PRODUCTS: Compare to products from brands like Listerine, Colgate, Mountain Falls, Closys, Biotene, TheraBreath, Crest, Smart Mouth, Jason, Oral Essentials, Tom's, Philips Sonicare, Arm & Hammer, Oxyfresh, Essential Oxygen & PerioBrite.
ACT Dry Mouth Lozenges Soothing Mint 36 Count Soothing Mint Flavored Lozenges wi
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Aprilis Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Set, Natural Teeth Whitening with Mint Flavor, Fluoride & Peroxide Free
BRIGHTENS YOUR SMILE: Food-grade activated charcoal has a high adsorption capacity, which can help to remove tobacco, tea, wine stains and dental plaque from teeth and increase the resistance of the tooth surface to carious (acid) decay.
ELIMINATES BAD BREATH: Do you want to clear up that nasty morning breath? The charcoal toothpaste with mint flavor from Aprilis will never let you down. The Infused natural and quality spearmint removes bad breath and freshens your breath all day. Don't let bad breath interfere with your life.
KEEPS YOUR GUMS HEALTHY: Aprilis' teeth whitening toothpaste is made of premium ingredients and is excellent for gum health. The botanical essences infused help to improve the essential oral bacterial environment and metabolism, nourish the gums and alleviate gingival recession for a healthier mouth.
FIGHTS CAVITY CAUSING BACTERIA: By eliminating harmful bacteria in your mouth and preventing the proliferation of new bacteria, our toothpaste helps to protect your teeth from tooth decay, ensuring a healthy, whiter teeth.
OUR GUARANTEE: The powerful cleaning formula thoroughly cleans your teeth without damaging the enamel and is free of fluoride, bleach, artificial colors/flavors and GMO. If you are not satisfied with our product, please do not hesitate to contact us via Amazon email or message anytime for a 100% REFUND!
Aprilis Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Set, Natural Teeth Whitening with Mi
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Electric Dental Calculus Remover Tartar Scraper Tartar Remove for Teeth Cleaning with 3 Clean Tips, IPX6 Waterproof, 3 Modes Portable and Rechargeable for Fighting Tartar Tooth Stains Teeth Polishing
Dental Care: 2018 Newest Electric Dental Calculus Remover can effectively remove dental plaque, dental calculus and stains, removes hard tartar easily from the teeth preventing gum disease. Using the remover in your current dental care routine will decrease the level of bacteria in the mouth resulting in a fresher breath
High-Frequency Vibration Technology: 31000/min UHF vibration With ultrasonic vibration to clean up teeth stains and solve all the problems, such as dental calculus, tartar, smoke stain, bacterial plaque. The Electric Calculus & Plaque Remover can be operated for gentle calculus removal by a hand
Flexible And Safer For Use: 3 Grades 3 Clean Tips of adjustable frequency to remove stubborn calculus , tartar and teeth stain, New matte flat head, toothbrush head,Kids and Adults Compatible .Food-grade silicone/304 stainless steel head, IPX6 watertight structure
Rechargeable And Portable: Comes with a USB charging cable, Automatic outage after fully charged, auto-protective and energy saving. LED auxiliary light display operation is more convenient, easy to charge with any phone adapters.Portable, small in shape, easy to carry with for travel and business trips
Portable Design: Electric Dental Calculus Remover is convenient to have dental care at home, remove the attachment on teeth in time, prevent periodontal diseases, high quality, easily clean Dental Calculus, Tartar Smoke, Coffee stains, Tea Spot, please feel safe to use. Low cost solution in comparison to the dentist and ideal to keep it handy in the bathroom or to take with you when you travel
Electric Dental Calculus Remover Tartar Scraper Tartar Remove for Teeth Cleaning
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Dental Pick Tools, Terresa Newest 9 Pack Professional Stainless Steel Dental Scaler Hygiene Kit, Plaque Calculus Remover and Dentist-Approved Tooth Picks Set Use for Personal or Pet Oral Care
PLAQUE & TARTAR REMOVER: Terresa durable and solid dental pick tools are designed to target all of the stubborn oral stain and remove plaque - prevent the growing plaque. Cleaning, whitening your teeth and prevent bad breath.
PROFESSIONAL 9-IN-1 ORAL CARE KIT: The dental scraper set specially designed for both professional dentists and personal use, it includes hammer-shaped needle, sawtooth needle, sharp needle, sickle dental scaler, tweezers, dental probe, mouth detail mirror, hoe dental scaler and tongue cleaner. Every package comes with a protective case to keep your dental tools cleaning secure at all times.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This dental hygiene kit is designed in different shapes and is suitable for different sides of the mouth. You can easily observe and solve the oral problems in the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, help to remove tartar, food residue and plaque, freshen the breath and whiten the teeth.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The professional oral cleaning kit is not only used for the personal care, it also can be used to keep your pets' teeth clean and refresh. Make you closer to your dogs and cats.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: You can rely on our service of 30 Days money back guarantee and 12 month manufacturer's warranty. If there are any problems that are not satisfactory to you, please contact us immediately and our friendly customer service team will work hard to put a smile back on your face.
Dental Pick Tools, Terresa Newest 9 Pack Professional Stainless Steel Dental Sca
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[UPGRADED] Cordless Water Flosser 330ML Oral Irrigator, Homitt High Pulse Portable Rechargeable Teeth Cleaner, IPX7 Waterproof Water Flossing with 3 Modes and 2 Rotatable Tips for Family&Travel
👪【HIGH EFFICIENCY KEEP TEETH HEALTHY & CLEAN】Remove 99.9% of plaque and prevent oral problems, such as yellow teeth, bad breath, cavities, and gum bleeding. Homitt cordless water flosser give nice clean finish to your dental routine. Your dentist will recommend you to skip the dental floss and this travel waterflosser gives better results. Keep fresher breath, mouth, life and make your smile bright and confident.
👨【UPGRADED 330ML LARGE CAPACITY FOR CONSTANT USE】11.27oz/330ml extra large capacity, Homitt cordless water flosser with massive water reservoir make you enjoy gum massage for about 2 minutes without stopping and refilling water. Just a minute every day can keep healthier gums!
👩【CORDLESS AND LONG-LASTING BATTERY】Cordless, compact and lightweight with 100-240V global voltage, this cordless water flossers for teeth is perfect for traveling, or use at home, office, hotel and camping. Cordless is the way to easy use, store and charge. With a 1400mAh built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, the portable water dental flosser can be used for almost 14 days. Freedom to use it anywhere or anytime.
👪【3 ROTATABLE FLOSSING MODES】The dental oral irrigator with 3 pressure modes: normal, soft and pulse that perfect for anyone, 360° rotatable tips and high water pressure 1400-1800 pulsations to clean deep between teeth and below the gumline and those hard to reach area, more effective than normal dental tools. 2 jet flossing nozzles also included, choose the one that best suits you.
🎁【WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY ENSURES SAFETY】The professional teeth cleaner cordless is confirmed with IPX7 waterproof quality and you can use it when you are taking a shower. Also CE,ETL,FCC approved enhance the safety. The water reservoir is easy to fill and for cleaning
[UPGRADED] Cordless Water Flosser 330ML Oral Irrigator, Homitt High Pulse Portab
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NEW TonguePro Tongue Scraper Cleaner (2-Pack) | Fresher Breath Instantly! | Revolutionary New Design, Flexible Handles, Medical-Grade Plastic, Easy To Use
INSTANTLY FRESHER BREATH - did you know that up to 90% of bad breath comes from gunk on your tongue? The TonguePro tongue cleaner has been designed to be the world's most advanced tongue scraper, allowing you to sweep away bad breath and get that ultra fresh-mouth feeling in seconds.
REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN - TonguePro has been dentist designed and developed with 4 cleaning edges to completely remove smelly bad-breath tongue gunk and mucous, in less than 10 seconds of sweeping! The TonguePro's "FlexLegs" fit perfectly in your hand, and are flexible to easily adapt to any size mouth or tongue.
USE MORNING & EVENING AFTER BRUSHING - The TonguePro is super easy to use: Simply stick your tongue out, place the TonguePro as far back on the surface of your tongue as possible, and holding with two hands lightly drag forward. Repeat several times for around 5-10 seconds. After use, rinse the TonguePro with cold water and allow to dry.
KIND TO YOUR TONGUE - the revolutionary 3-bar design not only allows for much better and quicker cleaning than single edge designs, but helps to spread pressure over your entire tongue's surface, stopping the TonguePro from causing cuts and preventing damage to your tongue's sensitive taste buds.
ULTRA-HYGIENIC & LONG-LASTING - TonguePro is made from dishwasher-safe plastic. The in-built feet allow you to stand your TonguePro up after use to allow for hygienic drying. We recommend changing your TonguePro every 6 months for maximum cleanliness and effectiveness, therefore each super-value 2-Pack is sufficient for 1 years tongue cleaning!
NEW TonguePro Tongue Scraper Cleaner (2-Pack) | Fresher Breath Instantly! | Revo
TWIN LOTUS Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste | Activated Charcoal Powder & Fluoride Free | Eliminates Stains & Bad Breath | Coconut Charcoal Powder for a Sparkling, Whiter Smile | 100 g
✅ NATURALLY WHITENS YOUR TEETH & ELIMINATES BAD BREATH- Join thousands of our US customers who have transformed their smiles and restored their confidence with our Herbaliste Active Charcoal Toothpaste. Naturally whitens your teeth and banishesbad breath!
✅ SAVOR YOUR MORNING COFFEE - You don't need to change your life to achieve perfectly white teeth. If you love coffee, tea, or red wine then keep that love affair alive, but ensure you defend your teeth with a natural teeth whitening toothpaste that helps prevent stains damage to your tooth enamel. Guard that feature smile and relish the good things in life, worry-free.
✅ ACHIEVE OPTIMAL ORAL HEALTH - Our toothpaste will quickly solve the root cause of an unhealthy mouth- formation. Twin Lotus formulation includes Clove and Guava leaf that naturally counters the accumulation of the root cause of an unhealthy mouth
✅TRUST IN TRIPLE ACTION - Dentists recommend a charcoaltoothpaste to prevent plaque accumulation. Our Transatak Herbaliste formula combines modern science with natural ingredients like activated charcoal to help fight plaque-producing odor and prevent bad breath. While we can't say it's on top of the best teeth whitening products toothpaste.
✅PROTECT YOUR WHOLE MOUTH - Healthy gums depend on strong, clean teeth and a natural charcoal tooth paste that helps prevent plaque build-up. Don't wait until your next dental visit for reassurance that your oral health is in check. Brush up on your at-home oral hygiene regimen with a professional-grade teeth whitening toothpaste for every day oral bad breath prevention. Breeze through your next dentist appointment.
TWIN LOTUS Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste | Activated Charcoal Powder & Flu
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Wondrous Clean Tongue Wands. Tongue Cleaner With Deep Cleaning Micro-Grooves. Removes Bad Breath Bacteria. Made in the USA from Non-Toxic, ED-Free Materials. 2018 Eco-Excellence Award Winner. (2-Pack)
2-PACK: BYE, BYE BAD BREATH. HELLO HEALTHY MOUTH. PROFESSIONAL DEEP CLEANING: Our Micro-Grooves deep clean "in-between". Most flat-edged tongue cleaners remove surface film, and leave bacteria and debris behind in the bumps and crevices of your tongue. Our 1" width head offers more control & a comfortable clean for mouths of all sizes.
QUICK, COMFORTABLE, EFFECTIVE WITH GAG REDUCTION: Ergonomic razor-style Veriflex handle uses a pure, softer polymer and special design to provide a pliable "feel" offering gag reflex reduction + deep clean. Hold handle closer to the head for a firmer, deeper clean. Sensitive mouths can hold the handle farther down for more flex and a gentler effect.
2018 ECO-EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNER. INDUSTRY-LEADING NON-TOXIC INGREDIENTS: 98% U.S. Medical grade polymer (Made from the same material as baby bottles due to purity & safety) & 2% European food grade color. All materials are sourced to be safe, non-toxic & free from fillers & endocrine disruptors (BPA/BPS, parabens, phthalates, PVC, styrenes, etc.), heavy metals & allergens often found in regular plastics and stainless steel.
100% RECYCLABLE / REUSABLE STORAGE CASE: 100% Recyclable: Storage case = recycle #1. Wondrous Wand = recycle #5. Reusable food contact grade storage case.
MADE IN THE USA / VEGAN / CRUELTY-FREE: Manufactured in the U.S. in a FDA registered facility. Hypoallergenic, vegan & cruelty-free. Dentist co-designed. Dentist & hygienist recommended. This product is designed and tested for years of use with proper care and cleaning. Packaging recommends replacement every 3-4 months for hygiene reasons. Dishwasher friendly. 60-Day Risk-Free Happiness Guarantee. MouthPower best tongue cleaner 2018
Wondrous Clean Tongue Wands. Tongue Cleaner With Deep Cleaning Micro-Grooves. Re
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