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TongueRub Tongue Scraper Stainless Steel Surgical Grade Heavy Duty Bacteria Inhibiting Metal Tongue Cleaner Sterilizable Non-Synthetic Grip For Optimal Oral Hygiene, Fresh Breath & Healthy Mouth Care
✓ 100% Pure stainless steel surgical grade antimicrobial and bacteria inhibiting tongue scraper.
✓ Nature's ancient remedy for bad breath (malodor) that helps remove oral soft plaque and mucous.
✓ Helps remove bacteria, unwanted food matter and toxins from entire tongue length.
✓ Flexible, non-gagging design with optimal length that is comfortable and gentle on the tongue.
✓ Helps restore optimal oral hygiene by regular practice of tongue cleaning that keeps plaque, tooth decay, gum infections and periodontal problems at bay.
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TonguePro Tongue Scraper Cleaner (2-Pack) | Instantly fresher breath | Revolutionary new design, Flexible handles, Medical-grade plastic, Easy to use
INSTANTLY FRESHER BREATH - did you know that up to 90% of bad breath comes from bacteria on your tongue? The TonguePro tongue cleaner has been designed to be the world's most advanced tongue scraper, allowing you to sweep away bad breath and get that ultra fresh-mouth feeling in seconds.
REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN - TonguePro has been dentist designed and developed with 4 cleaning edges to completely remove smelly bad-breath bacteria and mucous, in less than 10 seconds of sweeping! The TonguePro's "FlexLegs" fit perfectly in your hand, and are flexible to easily adapt to any size mouth or tongue.
USE MORNING & EVENING AFTER BRUSHING - The TonguePro is super easy to use: Simply stick your tongue out, place the TonguePro as far back on the surface of your tongue as possible, and holding with two hands lightly drag forward. Repeat several times for around 5-10 seconds. After use, rinse the TonguePro with cold water and allow to dry.
SAFE & KIND TO YOUR TONGUE - the revolutionary 3-bar design not only allows for much better and quicker cleaning than single edge designs, but helps to spread pressure over your entire tongue's surface, stopping the TonguePro from causing cuts and preventing damage to your tongue's sensitive taste buds.
ULTRA-HYGIENIC & LONG-LASTING - TonguePro is made from bacteria-resistant dishwasher-safe plastic. The in-built feet allow you to stand your TonguePro up after use to allow for hygienic drying. We recommend changing your TonguePro every 6 months for maximum cleanliness and effectiveness, therefore each super-value 2-Pack is sufficient for 1 years tongue cleaning!
TonguePro Tongue Scraper Cleaner (2-Pack) | Instantly fresher breath | Revolutio
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Tongue Cleaner for Fresh Breath, 3 Pack Anti Bacterial Tongue Scraper Plastic & Stainless Steel, Tongue Scraping Brush for Oral Care, Inhibiting Bad Breath with Non-slip Grip Carry Case
☺Fresh Breath: Do you feel annoyed with bad breath? Simpleme Tongue Cleaner effectively remove plaque and bacteria that are main reason to cause bad breath. Preventing you from serious infections in mouth. Give your mouth a gentle care, and bring you a fresh breath.
☺Safe Material & Nice Design: Package with two kinds of tongue scraper: plastic and stainless steel. Use Non-toxic degradable silicone and stainless steel, 100% rustproof and moldproof. With ergonomic design, appropriate width fit everyone's mouth keep from risk of nicks.
☺Easy to Use: Using tongue brush at least twice per day(morning & night). Please rinse it before & after each use. Scraping off the Tongue Coating by using tongue cleaner with non-slip handle, fit for unisex. 3 packs allow you to put one at home, travel with one.
☺Easy to Clean: Both plastic and stainless steel tongue scraper have smooth surface, very easy to clean. Suggest soak them with 40 ° saline for 10-15 minutes, save in the portable carry case after dry.
☺Portable for Traveling: With a apropriate size portable carrying case, ideal for traveling or office. You can take the set anywhere you go. If there is any problem, please feel free to contact us. We could provide you satisfied Customer Service and Money-Back Guarantee.
Tongue Cleaner for Fresh Breath, 3 Pack Anti Bacterial Tongue Scraper Plastic &
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Soft Tongue Cleaner Fresh Breath - 3 Pack Bacteria Inhibiting Odorless Tongue Scraper with Ergonomic Design Non-slip Grip Carry Case Tongue Scraping Cleaner for Family Oral Care (3 pack)
PERFECT ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Size: Approx. 1.5 x 7 x 0.5 inch. The Tongue Cleaner with appropriate width fits everyone's mouth, no matter your mouth is big or small. Furthermore, this Tongue Scraper has reasonable double side design: brush side and scraper side. Use the 3-layer brush to bring debris to the tongue surface, then use scraper side to gently remove germs that cause bad breath.
SAFE SOLUTION TO ORAL HYGIENE PROBLEM- Cleaning your tongue as part of your oral hygiene regimen, is comfortable, quick and effective with this tongue scraper. The tongue scraper is made with safe odorless food grade silicone, gently clean off the bacteria dead cells from your tongue and to enhance your sense of taste, and won't do any harm to your taste bud.
Pack of 3 Tongue Scraper Cleaners- You will get 3 different color tongue cleaners within a portable carry case, what exactly the picture shows. Three Color: Blue + Green + Purple. This portable case can hold a tongue scraper, a toothbrush and a small toothpaste, you will find how useful it is during your travel!
COMFORTABLE NON-SLIP GRIP: The tongue cleaner was designed with your needs in mind. With dotted embossing for your thumb, wave design rearward for your rest finger, it will never fall out of your hands. Its ergonomic design will give you the comfort you need when you're using it to clean your tongue.
ECO-FRIENDLY BIODEGRADABLE MATERIAL: This tongue scraper cleaner is made of environmental Non-toxic degradable silicone, it is soft, safe, heathly and no smell. Meet the standard of CE and FDA. Comes with 30-Day Risk-Free Happiness Guarantee.
Soft Tongue Cleaner Fresh Breath - 3 Pack Bacteria Inhibiting Odorless Tongue Sc
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Tongue Cleaner by Ashtonbee (6-Piece) - High-Quality Plastic, Gentle Bacteria Inhibiting Scraper, Easy to Use Antimicrobial Sweeper, Colours May Vary, Maintain a Healthy Mouth Today!
MAINTAIN BETTER DENTAL HYGIENE - Ashtonbee's tongue cleaner helps you effectively maintain a cleaner tongue daily which contributes to overall better dental hygiene. It helps remove the gunk from your tongue or any bacteria that might have inhibited in it. It leaves your breath feeling fresh and you're ready to face your daily activities.
BUILT TO LAST LONGER - The tongue cleaner is made of high-quality plastic that is durable, FDA-approved, and biocompatible or non-toxic. With this, you can be sure that the tongue cleaner won't get damaged right away.
GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY - The tongue cleaners come in a set of 6 pieces so that you can easily replace one when it's time. You can even give one to each of your family members so it's truly a great value for money. With your supervision, you can also use it for your kids. Just remember to clean their tongue very gently.
SIMPLE YET FUNCTIONAL - The design is very simple yet also functional. The precise edge of the product can clean your tongue well. Each tongue cleaner has a wider base and rubberized pads which makes it easier to use and hold.
COVERED BY OUR INDUSTRY LEADING 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY -- We here at Ashtonbee value you and your baby's comfort and convenience, so we want to assure you that you're in good hands. Your business with us comes with our no-risk, no-questions asked Money-Back Guarantee, and Top-Rated Customer Service.
Tongue Cleaner by Ashtonbee (6-Piece) - High-Quality Plastic, Gentle Bacteria In
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Infinit Clean Foaming Eyelid and Lash Cleanser - Lash Primer for Individual Eyelash Extension Adhesive - Removes Oil and Protein From The Natural Lash - Improves Retention of Semi Permanent Lashes
✅ CLEAN LASHES LAST LONGER - Keep your eyelash extensions longer with this foaming eye wash that gently rinses away makeup and oil without weakening the bond of the eyelash extension adhesive or risking the retention of your beautiful eyelash extensions.
✅ GENTLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, & OIL FREE FORMULA - Infinit clean does not contain any alcohol-based ingredients which can cause irritation to the sensitive eye area and mucous membranes. We are proud to provide an effective lash cleanser that is free of parabens, ethylene oxide, polyquaternium, Trimethylglycine, and color.
✅HOME USE FOR LASH EXTENSION WEARERS - Use this lash shampoo as a part of your daily routine to maintain the health and retention of your eyelash extensions. Apply a small amount of shampoo on the included brush and gently work the brush through the eyelash extensions.
✅SALON USE FOR LASH PROFESSIONALS - Use this eyelash cleanser to prep your client's natural eyelashes prior to applying extensions to achieve a better adhesive bond, resulting in longer retention. It is also great for cleaning the eyelash extensions during a fill or touch up.
✅ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We value every customer's happiness and satisfaction with our eyelash extension cleanser. If you don't end up satisfied with Infinit Clean, let us know within 30 days and we will return your money right away-no questions asked.
Infinit Clean Foaming Eyelid and Lash Cleanser - Lash Primer for Individual Eyel
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Anti Aging Jade Roller For Face Skincare Set – Face and Eye Roller, Microfiber Cloth and FREE Beauty Guide – The Jade Facial Roller – The Ideal Face Roller for Neck Slimming - 100% Jade Stone Roller
✅ QUALITY THAT LASTS: Forent's facial jade roller is made using the highest quality all natural jade to provide you with a safe, reliable and effective way to regain the youthful glow your skin has lost while helping you slim down and reduce signs of aging! This Jade Roller is packed with naturally occurring nutrients that provide your skin with powerful healing and anti-aging benefits so that you look and feel younger than ever before!
✅ AMAZING ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES: Tired of taking risks with over the counter anti-aging creams? This face massager uses the full anti-aging benefits of all natural jade to help you improve complexion, detox your body, revitalize your skin, reduce pigmentation, and helps fight acne, along with fighting the effects of aging. It also helps relax your muscles and relieve stress in just a few strokes - perfect after a long day's work!
✅REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN: Use Jade Roller and Gua Sha Scraper massaging your body parts (face, eye, neck, back, arms and legs etc) to relieve fatigue and stress from your work, study, drive or excise. Reduces the dark circles, puffiness and promote blood circulation around the eye area with the roller, and increases lymphatic drainage resulting in less inflammation and puffiness.
✅ NO MORE WRINKLES OR PUFFINESS: This facial muscle roller helps your skin regain the elasticity and firmness it has lost to time. It helps improve complexion while helping reduce the visibility pigmentation, crow's feet and dark spots along with puffiness around the eyes. By increasing the production of collagen in the skin it helps increase elasticity to give you soft, supple and smooth skin like you've always wanted.
✅ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: At Forent, we make customer satisfaction our top priority which is why we use only 100% Natu
Anti Aging Jade Roller For Face Skincare Set – Face and Eye Roller, Microfiber C
Dental Tools Stainless Steel Dental Hygiene Kit Set With 7 Dental Instruments:Dental Tartar Scraper Plaque Tartar Remover,Dental Pick Dental Probe,Dental Mouth Mirror,Dental Sickle Scaler,Tweezers
THE DENTAL CARE KIT YOU NEED: When stubborn plaque,tartar and stains from your teeth can't be removed by toothbrush, dental tape or dental floss, this Dental Care Kit is the kit you need to help you out effectively. You can use the Dental Tools provided in the Dental Care Kit to remove the tough stains, plague, tartar, bacteria and debris from your teeth and gum. The whitening teeth and fresher breath you are gonna have will get back your sparkling smile!
GIFT TO SHARE: This would be a lovely gift for your friends, family and loved ones. Health is above Wealth! Imagine how much they will love it as it will help them keep their teeth and gums healthy, saying goodbye to bad breath, gum disease or tooth decay. The Dental Tools are also awesome to keep the gums and teeth cleaning of our lovely pets easy, get one dental care set for them and use it weekly on your dog or cat's teeth cleaning as part of their oral hygiene care.
CONVENIENT AND FASHION CASE: It comes with a finely-made durable zippered case to keep your dental tools organized well,clean and secure all the time. The fashion design and texture, it is your perfect pal !
ENJOY THE HEALTHY EXPERIENCE: What a wonderful experience when you can enjoy the same good feeling as after a dental appointment with this inexpensive but high quality dentist prepared tools kit! This dentist approved tools kit you really deserve to have, PLUS, you will enjoy our unique 18 months(One and half years ) warranty, so, take it home now and enjoy it!
7 PROFESSONAL DENTAL INSTRUMENTS: This is ALL that you need to make you THE PROFESSIONAL at home, as this Dental Hygiene Kit includes 7 finely crafted surgical grade stainless steel dental tools: Dental Mirror (Mouth Mirror), Dental Probe(Dental Pick/ Dental Explorer/Metal toothpick), Dental Twe
Dental Tools Stainless Steel Dental Hygiene Kit Set With 7 Dental Instruments:De
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Professional Dental Scraper,TANTAI Dental Hygiene Tool | 100% Medical Stainless Steel,Tools Scraper Picks Tooth Stains Remover,Dentist Home Use Tools
【PROFESSIONAL DENTAL CARE TOOLS】: Professional dental tools can help remove stubborn teeth and tartar from teeth.You can use the dental tools provided in your dental care tool to remove stains, tartar, bacteria and debris from teeth and gums.Regular care of teeth can reduce the generation of bad breath.
【PERSONAL DENTAL CARE INSTRUMENT】: The dental tool is made of high-purity medical stainless steel, excellent workmanship ensure the rust resistance and safety of dental tools, you can rest assured that the use of dental tools.Dental tools storage box petite light, no matter where you travel, can carry the oral care tools, make you always keep a fresh tone.
【SAME APPLIES TO PETS】: The professional dental hygiene tools is used not only for personal care but also for keeping your pet clean and oral fresh. Often to dogs, cats and other pet cleaning gingival bacteria, contribute to the health of the pets, Make you more closer to your pet.
【DENTAL PROBE EXTENSION DESIGN】: Easily remove those food residues located in the teeth.
【WHAT YOU GET】: Dental tools is a personal oral care health products which recommend by TANTAI company.Service included:1 Pack x Dental Tool + 360 days 100% satisfaction guarantee and our friendly service + 24 hours prompt email customer service response
Professional Dental Scraper,TANTAI Dental Hygiene Tool | 100% Medical Stainless
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Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper Cleaner - Fresh Breath Tongue Scrapers Medical Grade Metal Tongue Scraping Cleaner with Carrying Case 3 Convenient Cleaning Tables for Oral Care Bad Breath Cure (2 Pack)
BETTER ORAL HEALTH - "Tongue bacteria account for 80-90% of all cases of bad breath" per The Dental School of the University of Buffalo, NY. Use INCOK stainless steel tongue scrapers to remove any bacterial colonies from the surface of tongue to prevent a bad breath, enhancing the sense of taste and improving digestion.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN - With our ergonomic design tongue scrapers you are ensured to have a ease safe cleaning experience! Its suitable size is not too big for your mouth and easy to operate. The curved wider scraper head will fit your tongue and make it more convenient to use. The thickened tongue cleaning edge can clean the bacteria residue without hurting your tongue and taste buds.
HYGIENE STAINLESS STEEL - INCOK poratble stainless steel tongue scrapers are made of high quality medical grade stainless steel. They will not rust or collect mold, moreover they are much easier to clean. Just soak them in hot water or lemon water after use, you will get a brand new tongue cleaner!
DURABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY - Different from the other cheap plastic ones, our tongue scrapers selected the stainless steel material, which is durable and environmentally friendly. These tongue cleaners will last longer than you can imagine.
CARRYING CASE & CLEANING TABLES - INCOK tongue scraper cleaner kit comes with one free travel carrying case and 3 convenient cleaning tablets. So you can pick one for daily use and another one for your day out. All INCOK products come with lifetime warranty, place your order with zero risk!
Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper Cleaner - Fresh Breath Tongue Scrapers Medical Gr
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Tongue Scrapers Cleaner - Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Made Design Use Rid of Bacteria and Bad Breath Treatment Halitosis
HEALTH & SALFTY , SUSTAINABLE USE. The stainless steel tongue scraper overall uses 304 stainless steel material, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental health. It can under the high temperature of 100 degrees can be normal disinfection, do not breed bacteria, and scratch resistance, not easy broken, sustainable use, life cycle long.
DEEP CLEANING , PROTECT THE TASTE BUDS. It directly removes plaque on the tongue, and solves the bad breath from the root. The effect is far beyond the toothbrush. There are five main functions: refreshing the mouth, preventing the tone from being cloudy, removing food residue, resolving the problem of tongue coating and whitening, and increasing appetite.
MORE INTIMATE,MORE PRACTICAL DESIGN. It has good weight, comfortable handle, and enough surface to provide good cleaning. The tongue scraping and curved surface design is more suitable for the tongue surface, and it can clean the tongue deeply and protect the taste buds. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit the grip of the five fingers of the human body, and at the same time, it adds more skid resistance to the design.
MORE CONVENIENT TO CARRY AND STORE. Each product packaging we also equipped with a 1:1 velvet bag after use, you only need to put the bag with cloth products, whether it is stored or carry out are especially convenient, fast.
GOOD AND CAREFREE AFTER-SALES SERVICE. we support the 30 day free return. IF there are any problems or inconveniences in the use of the product, you can directly contact us, we will have a direct contact with you to solve, thank you.
Tongue Scrapers Cleaner - Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Made Design Use Rid of
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