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09-02-2018 03:31 pm
Travel Bag Bungee Cord - Strap Carry On to Suitcase Handle (Jet Black 1-Pack)
EASY SECURITY: Use this small adjustable bungee attachment system to securely strap your heavy carry on bag to the handles on your wheeled suitcase. Great anti theft cargo holder for busy airports, crowded cities, and hectic tourist attractions.
LIGHTWEIGHT SAFETY: Hugs your personal baggage to your checked luggage. More secure and durable than basic cords or straps. Fits onto a purse, laptop bag, handbag, gym bag, backpack, duffel, briefcase, or tote.
PREVENT LOSS & THEFT: Lock multiple accessories, electronics, and documents in your carry-on bags while traveling. Keep your computer, cash, credit cards, phone, passport, jewelry, and other valuables from being lost or stolen while wheeling through airports, bus terminals, train stations, loading onto taxis, or walking down crowded streets looking for hotels.
HIGH VALUE SET: Receive a bonus cord with hooks for extra side support (hook around your bag), plus a bonus carrying case for storage while not in-use (fold up and slide inside).
PREMIUM QUALITY GEAR: Made from high-quality 1680D polyester with elasticated bungee straps, hard-locking buckle, and a strong pull-tight cord at the top. Designed for both Women & Men (Unisex). Choose from 1 Pack (Black or Beige) or 2 Pack (Black + Beige).
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Gohitop Bag Bungee, Add a bag Luggage Strap Belt Suitcase Bag Strap Bungee Set of 2 Easy Bag Bungee Prime
EASY BAG BUNGEE ✈ Works perfectly and hold smaller bags, big dufflebags, suitcase or box, travel pillow, jacket, snack bags, laptop bags securely on top of rolling luggage. This easy bag bungee keeps your extra bags in place without holding on to the carry-on and help to make your trips easier.
BAG BUNGEE PRIME 👑 With the help of this easy bag bungee, you get your free hands in moving through airports, various train stations and between ports and hotels. This little traveling gift item is providing you a hassel free traveling experience.
EASY TO USE AND CONVENIENT 💝 Our Bag Bungee is adjustable and comes with elastic durable strap to make sure it stretches easily around larger bags. You can tighten it to keep your hand luggage to be strapped securely to the handles of your wheeled suitcase. The printed instructions packed from our easy bag bungee is helpful for you to use it. Each bag bungee is packed with a waterproof storage bag which is portable and does not take up space.
LUGGAGE STRAPS WITH GREAT QUALITY ✅ Features solid stitching and high-quality nylon. The suitcase bungee strap is adjustable. It can be tied rope full of flexibility, gentle and stretch. Heavy duty luggage strap, secure quick release buckle closure ensures security.
EASY BAG BUNGEE SET OF 2 🍀 A 2 pack style allows family or friends go traveling with more luggage. Or you can simply give one of them as a gift. We welcome any suggestions and appreciate any feedback. If you are not happy with this luggage straps/bag bungee, please return it and we refund you every penny in immediately.
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