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11-01-2018 06:30 am
Triple Magnetic Full Size False Eyelashes Extension Set (4 pieces) - Handmade 3D Fake Magnetic Lashes for Natural Look - Reusable and Easy to Apply Ultra Thin Triple Magnet System - Soft & Comfortable
FULL SIZE EYELASHES - don't bother with other lashes that only cover half of the eye, these false eyelashes go all the way across the entire eyelid. Pump up your lashes volume with these premium quality 3D fiber fake eye lashes.
GLUE AND MESS FREE - magnetic eyelashes don't require any glue to apply, and they can be applied in seconds with ease and absolutely no mess.
EASY TO APPLY, USE AND RE-USE - you can use false magnetic eyelashes again and again, every day or for night out. Red dot marking of bottom lass makes these fake lashes easier to apply than ever.
COMFORTABLE AND NATURAL FEEL - handmade from the highest quality materials these false eyelashes are ultra lightweight and super comfortable to wear
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - get an instant and full refund if for any reason you did not fell in love with these lashes.
Newest Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes - Ultra-thin 0.2mm Fake Lashes- 3D Handmade Reusable Eyelashes Extension - Soft Natural Look Fiber Eyelashes, No Glue, Ultra Lightweight & Long (1 Pair/4 Pcs)
★No Glue & 100% Handmade - These 3D false eyelashes are attached with ultra-thin magnets. Instead of fumbling around with sticky glue, the glue-free design lashes will not cause any irritation to your eyes or damage to your natural eye lashes.
★Time Saving & Money Savor - In just seconds, your eyes will look brighter and larger. When taken care of well, these lashes can be used again and again, saving you money.
★Innovative & Flexible Design with Dual Magnets - Unlike other magnetic lashes, our innovative design allows for greater flexibility and comfort. the magnetic eyelashes are so lightweight that you won't feel them while you are wearing them. also, you can trim the ends to fit your preferred length to DIY your own magic one.
★ Natural & Glamorous Look - New extra long false eyelashes with double magnets can cover entire eyelids and give you a glamorous look instantly. your beautiful eyes will need this high quality eyelashes. fall in love with your flawless and most glamorous eyes. it will be the best choice of all women eyes.
★Perfect Safety - Kyle Bernard false eyelash is made by Premium synthetic fiber-high temperature silk. the lashes undergo extensive internal testing, so you don't have to worry about the "What If." our eyelash Is safe for daily use, apply it just like a magic, magnetic attach together on your own eyelash.
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MK False Magnetic Eyelashes 3D Reusable [No Glue] Premium Quality Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes Set for Natural Look - Best Fake Eye Lashes Extensions One Two Cosmetics -Ultra Thin 1 Pair (4 Pieces)
PREMIUM QUALITY - Our MK 3D false magnetic eyelashes are handmade with ultra-thin magnets. Instead of dealing with sticky glue, our glue-free lashes will not cause any irritation to your eyes or damage to your natural eye lashes. Our best magnetic eyelashes are made with mink fur, 100% handmade and cruelty free. Get ready to fall in love with our magical eyelashes that will give you a flawless look.
LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORTABLE & NATURAL LOOK - Our magnetic eyelashes are so lightweight that you won't feel them while you are wearing them. So ditch those horrid fake eyelash extensions that are a hassle to take off and apply and go with our brand new magnetic eyelashes. They will seamlessly blend with your own lashes, for the most natural beautiful look.
REUSABLE - use the #1 best fake magnetic eyelashes on the market right now that have been designed by top beauty specialist so you can bring the professional salon experience right to your home. We've had hundreds of women already rave about how much more affordable and superior our lashes are than regular eyelash extensions. With proper care, you can use and re-use our MK magnetic false eyelashes for up to 20 times.
MONEY SAVOR & VERSATILE- most fake eyelash extension applications can cost upwards of $75 sometimes. Then when you pull them off, sometimes you'll lose a lash or two. With these wonderful magnetic eyelashes, not only do you save yourself money and pain, these lashes can be applied in seconds for any occasion.
PREMIUM GUARANTEE - at MK Lashes, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Order your fake eyelashes risk-free with our 6 MONTH premium guarantee that allows you to get a refund if you're not satisfied with our product. We take pride in offering our customers the #1 eyelash products on the market and we strive to main
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Magnetic False Eyelashes give you luxurious Length and Volume from daytime to evening wear.No Glue & Mess Free,Natural,Beautiful Look and Ultra Thin 3D Reusable Lashes take only second to apply.
•INSTANTLY TAKE YOUR LOOKS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! - The Beautylash magnetic false eyelashes are designed to cover two thirds of your eyelashes towards the outer corners which will immediately result in an irresistible look that will draw all eyes on you.
•YOU'LL FORGET YOU'RE EVEN WEARING THEM! - These fake eyelashes are made to blend with your own lashes and create a natural look even from up close. With practically zero weight on them, you will not even feel them on your eyes, plus, when it comes to putting them on, there's nothing easier or more comfortable.
•KEEP USING THEM FOR A LONG TIME! - Forget about buying new eyelashes over and over again for every special occasion. With the Beautylash eyelashes, you can achieve a prolonged and comfortable use especially if you properly care for them and store them away after each use.
•ZERO IRRITATIONS FOR YOUR EYES! - These false magnetic eyelashes were designed not to cause any irritation or damage to your natural eye lashes or eyes. We've achieved that by using a special glue-free design that is hypoallergenic and durable at the same time.
•CRUELTY FREE, FULL OF VIBRANCE! - These magnetic eyelashes are 100% handmade from natural materials and they are meant to always achieve a flawless, vibrant look, particularly if you trim the ends to fit your preferred length. Get ready to make a lasting impression!
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