Amazon True Decor  
21-05-2018 05:30 pm
True TUC-27G-HC~FGD01 Undercounted GLASS Door Refrigerator with Hydrocarbon Refrigerant, 29.75" Height, 30.125" width, 27.625" Length
Designed using the highest quality materials and components to provide the user with colder product temperatures, lower utility costs, exceptional food safety and the best value
High capacity, factory balanced refrigeration system that maintains cabinet temperatures of 33°f to 38°f (.5°C to 3.3°C) for the best in food preservation
Factory engineered, self-contained, capillary tube system using environmentally friendly R290 hydro carbon refrigerant that has zero ozone depletion potential, & three global warming potential
All stainless steel top and ends; matching aluminum finished back
Interior - attractive, NSF approved, clear coated aluminum liner; Stainless steel floor with coved corners
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