Amazon Ultimate Ears  
12-11-2017 08:31 am
Ultimate Ears Megaboom Origami Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof & Shockproof) - Limited Edition
Freakishly amazing 360-degree sound with deep bass. Use with Smartphones, tablets and other devices that support Bluetooth A2DP or have a 3.5 mm audio output
Waterproof (IPX7) grab n' go shape that is shockingly light-1.93 pounds
Connect with echo dot for hands-free voice control of megaboom; Ask alexa to play music from Amazon music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and tune in radio
PartyUp from Ultimate Ears allows you to wirelessly connect more than 50 UE speakers
100 ft Bluetooth wireless range, 20-hour rechargeable battery* and ultra-fast Micro USB charging (* actual wireless range and battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions)
Pinup Girl Clothing  
Here is our first winner for #pugchangedmylife 2018 @styles_by_rebeccaalmes thank you so much for sharing your stories with us! And don’t forget to enter for the month of February- share your story on Instagram and Facebook with #pugchangedmylife #pinupgirlclothing #coutureforeverybody for your chance at $250 store credit and an entry to win our grand prize in July of $1000 store credit and a trip to LA for your very own PUG photo shoot! ♥️ Team PUG
“Before I got married in 2000 I always, even as a young child picked out my own clothes. When I got married in 2000, I discovered rather shockingly that I was not allowed to pick out my own clothes. The money was controlled by my husband. I had no access to our joint money. I was given the clothes he wanted me to wear and was systematically broken until my self esteem was gone. The clothes he picked out for me were ugly and several sizes too small. He felt that by body shaming me I would become smaller and lose weight. I went on many crash diets and tried but they never worked. By the time we divorced in 2005 I was a broken mess. I didn’t care how I looked. I still dressed appropriately for work but when I was off I looked like a hot mess. I met my child in 2006 and later adopted her in 2011. During this whole time I was rebuilding myself. One day she made a comment about being “too fat & needing to lose weight” which appalled me. She was 8. I realized very quickly I needed to stop complaining about my weight. I didn’t want her to have the body issues I had been plagued with since I was a child. So I stopped doing that. Once I saw myself for what I truly looked like I stopped dressing like a hot mess & that’s when I discovered PUG through a friend (who is straight sized). I thought the clothes would never fit me even though I’ve always loved the 50s & 60s inspired looks. I quickly realized how wrong I was when she said the dress went to 4x and bought my very first piece, my Tiki Netti dress and from then on my wardro
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