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27-10-2017 08:30 am
Um, did you guys know that you can wear your dress on your shoulders as well as off? Yasss for versatility (and for covering bra straps if you don't wanna go strapless!)

As perfect as a Summer breeze, this Sunny Days dress is sure to add a bit of flounce to your Friday
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Portable Mini Ultrasonic Laundry Machines Travel Pocket Washer With Folding Water Bucket for Small Clothes Vegetable Underwear Jewelry,Easy to Use for Home Backpacking Car Travel Hiking Camping
[Principle]This mini ultrasonic washer adopted with high-frequency vibration theory that creat cavatition,acceleration stress and direct current flow in the liquid to affect the water and the stains directly and indirectly,eventually to emulsify and strip the stains away and achieve the goal.
[Be widely used]Clearning for small-sized clothes,underwear,fruit,vegetable,glasses,jewelry etc.Package Include:1 X mini washer with charging cord;1 X portable folding water bucket;Not Include Laundry tablets.Just only need to mix water and detergent with good ratio in vessel,then put the Mini ultrsonic washer into vessel
[Fitting peopleThe portable mini laundry device washer fit for pepople who go on business trip frequently,students,housewife,etc.Best match for people travel a lot,or people don't wanna wash with cold water by hands.
[Safety]The mini ultrasonic washer is very safe for use.Runs on low voltage condition,have no potential safety hazard;besides it have controlchip inside,will disconnect power after one hour work in a row and it will restart when you reconnect it with power.
[ECO-Friendly]Traditional washing machine wash 1KG of clothes with 20 litres water, while portable washing machine washes the same clothes, just need a basin of less than 3 litres waters.Water saving, power saving and money saving.
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Pop Fashion Mens Casual Knit Plaid Scarf Wrap with Soft Cashmere Scarves Feel (Navy/Tan/Plaid)
SCARF, MEN - Every man needs a good scarf, one that will go with anything they wear, no matter the occasion and this is that amazing scarf! This plaid mens scarf is soft, and warm but light weight so it won't be bulky and make you overheated, while surrounding you in comfort and style. The soft knit scarf comes in a variety of plaid colors and is perfect for any outing whether going out to a concert with a special someone or to a soccer match with the boys, this scarf will have you covered.
MENS CLOTHING - This scarf will be the best addition to any mens clothing wardrobe with the colors, and plaid design it will be sure to match anything you have. Some mens scarves can be so over the top and over done with way out there designs and bright colors, but that is not every mans preference. This quality scarf will be unlike any scarf you have ever purchased, once you feel the softness of this scarf and see the woven plaid design with bold colors you will want to buy one in every color!
CLOTHING, MENS DRESS - Mens clothing has so few choices when it comes to accessorizing and looking good, and nothing is classier than a mens dress scarf with a nice suit to give it that finishing touch. Even if you're just going out with the guys to a bar, this scarf would be a nice addition to your outfit to show the ladies you have style and know how to dress. No matter how you decide to wear this scarf its a quality addition to your wardrobe, will make you look good and won't break the bank!
CASUAL MEN, KNIT SCARF - This mens plaid scarf is a great quality knit scarf for any man who likes to accessorize his wardrobe, or just likes to stay warm on chilly days. This is the perfect scarf for a cool autumn day out camping and soaking in nature, or to a football game with your bros and is soft and warm, but not too bulky so you won't feel over heated. This scarf is made of a soft, quality knit with
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