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31-10-2017 02:32 am
Unlocking Greatness You Are Loved Halloween Gift Bag Basket
LOOK ON THE POPCORN CONTAINER: You will see our copyright / trademark protected signature quote that states: You are Awesome, Incredible, Amazing, Inspiring, Spectacular, Fantastic, Priceless, and most of all... LOVED!
Who wouldn't love a large 14x17 inch Halloween bag full of popcorn and candy treats? Perfect for kids (boys/girls), teens and college students.
Each Halloween bag will come with a large 7 inch plastic popcorn container filled with treats!
Your loved one will enjoy the best popcorn/ chocolate/ candy treats: One bag of ACT II Microwave Butter Popcorn, 1 full size bag of Skittles, 1 full size Hershey's Cookies n' Creme Candy Bar, 1 full size pack of Air Heads Xtremes Sweetly Sour Candy (LOVED BY EVERYONE), Starburst Fruit Chews, Dum Dum lollipop suckers, and Gobstoppers Candies.
Unlocking Greatness supports a great cause. Thank you in advance for your order. Enjoy!
Amazon Hair Craft Co.  
Best Semi-Matte Finish Shine & Strongest Firm Hold Pomade 4oz For Men (& Women) - Classic Styling Product, Barber Approved - Water Based/Soluble - Defining Texture & Scented - Straight/Thick/Wavy Hair
AMAZING ALL-DAY STRONG HOLD- Never again do you need to restyle your hair multiple times throughout the day. Why? We wanted people to stop worrying about trying to tame frizziness by adding multiple clumpy layers of hair product. Just apply CREEDTM Pomade once, craft your hair and boom, you're done. Look in the mirror and admire greatness.
WATER SOLUBLE & EASY TO WASH OUT/NO WHITE RESIDUE- After you are done crushing your day, all it takes to get the pomade out is running your hair through water in the sink or shower and adding some shampoo. We made CREEDTM pomade super easy to wash out because we hated the feeling of pomade residue stuck in your hair and the challenge of getting hair product out.
SEMI-MATTE FINISH & PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES- Whether you have long, short, curly, wavy, thick, thin or straight hair, CREEDTM pomade works perfect for any hair. We formulated CREEDTM to provide the ideal shine/matte combo giving you the textured and defined finish you have always wanted.
4OZ OF GREATNESS- We were tired of those tiny 2oz pomades that run out after just a few days. Our CREEDTM pomade is the BEST quality formula, allowing you to use less while maintaining your desired hairstyle all day. Style your hair without frustration, save money, and stay FRESH.
BARBER APPROVED, DAPPER UP- Get the premium barber grade experience everyday. CREEDTM Pomade allows you to craft and style hair as YOU desire! The classic side part, the pompadour, or the OG slick back hairstyle. CREEDTM does it all!
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