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07-08-2018 07:31 pm
USB Data Hot Sync Straight Cable for the Dell Axim x5 with Charge Function – Two functions in one unique Gomadic TipExchange enabled cable
Supports USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 transfer standards.
Specification: Cable length: (50 inches), Outer Shell Material: (Flexible PU), Internal Leads: 24AWG, TipExchange Connector Design (Dell Axim x5 Specific)
Flexible cable measures 50 inches in total length. Included connector tip, wiring and power configuration is unique to Dell Axim x5 specifications.
Saves clutter, space and money by combining two critical tasks (e.g. power and data transfer) into a single convenient accessory.
A quality product backed by the comprehensive Gomadic Lifetime Warranty.
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