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12-06-2018 05:31 pm
Violife Style Zapi Luxe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, Hi Ya Black, 6.3 Ounce
Violife germicidal UV bulbs lasts up to 8000 hours
Uses the same UV technology found in hospitals and high end water purification
Safely and effectively obliterates up to 9999 percent of disease-causing germs
Wobble design means it can't topple over
1 year limited manufacturer warranty
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Electric Portable Clothes Dryer - Laundry Drying Rack with High Powered 1200W Heater and Germ Killing UV Light Sanitation - Compact with 22Lb Capacity - Tidalpool
#1 TOP PERFORMING HIGH QUALITY DRYER - This exceptionally dependable and EXTRA POWERFUL 1200W dryer has 20-25% MORE DRYING POWER THAN COMPETING BRANDS to effectively and evenly dry your clothes without wasting your time.
SUPERIOR HANG DRYING SOLUTION & LAUNDROMAT ALTERNATIVE - Built to last with it's UNIQUE overheat protection safety feature added to prevent burning or melting. It's significantly more quiet and efficient compared to normal dryers, which wear, tear, and wrinkle your clothes over time while taking away valuable space in your home.
TRULY OBLITERATES BACTERIA - It's cutting-edge germicidal UV-C lamp activates automatically at the end of your cycle because harmful bacteria like E. coli or Norovirus can survive inside your washer or dryer, contaminating your clothes and getting you sick. Safe on clothes and great alternative to public laundromats crawling with disgusting germs and fecal matter.
CONVENIENT, PORTABLE, AND PRACTICAL - Air drying helps preserve the appearance and lifespan of your clothes. Dries bras and handwash delicates without the need for outdoor hang drying, exposing them to bugs and rain. 25.6" when set up to fit comfortably inside cramped spaces and stores away easily, giving you a convenient way to save space!
TRUSTED DEPENDABILITY & RELIABILITY - Proudly backed by a comprehensive 18 month full warranty so you can buy with confidence. You also get a BONUS TRAVEL BAG to take your dryer with you anywhere you go! From T-shirts to kid's clothes, from lingerie to ordinary loads, our dryer will help your clothes last longer and look better!
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Lamptop UV Sterilizer Light,Remote Control Ultraviolet Ozone Germicidal Light 110V 36W Air Sterilizer Cleaner -Kills 99.9% of Mold Bacteria Germs Viruses,UV Germicidal Light for Travel Household
【Safety first!】 This Ultraviolet Ozone Bactericidal Lamp with a remote control, remote control range up to 20M, powerful remote control function can let you partition wall remote control. 3 gear timing functions for you to choose, 15 seconds delay to start, no need to worry about radiation.
【With Ozone】Because UV irradiation alone can not be sterilized in all directions if it is obstructed, while Ozone can assist 360°comprehensive disinfection, so that sterilization is more thorough.However, Ozone contains peculiar smell, which requires ventilation and ventilation before house disinfection is completed.
【Quality First】 LAMPTOP professional UV Tech High Quality Inside High UV Irradiation Purifiers Utilize Germicidal Effectively Emitting High concentration of ozone, It removes odors, dust particles and germs which can cause allergies, asthma and other harmful maladies.
【Versatility】 This UV-C ultraviolet provide a health grow up environment for kids, keep elders away from diseases, help patients recover more qucikly, and reduce disease infection. It also can be used for pets, animals.
【Warning】This Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and eye burns, please pay attention to the protection. Avoid long term direct exposure on human body. It requires people/animals and plants waiting outside during disinfection, after disinfection, it needs more than 60 minutes to let ozone decomposition complete.
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Sanqiao Professional Grade Generator Air Purifier Ionizer & Deodorizer with UV Sterilizer and 3 Ceramic Ozone Plates
High-grade ozone generator. To ensure that you can remove the smell, the elimination of bacteria and viruses. Applicable to the family, office, boats, cars, hotels and other places. Eliminate Smoke stink, cooking smells, pet urine odors, musty closets, damp & moldy basements and other smell. Helps to eliminate and delay the growth of molds, molds and fungi, and some viruses in the air will be killed.
Professional, fine control system. Unique ozone control buttons allow you to adjust the amount of ozone as needed, more flexible. Up to 12 hours of timer button, not 2 hours of the primary version. With the hold button, you can use it for a long time.
Humanized design. Specially designed winding box, portable convenience. With air filter sponge, you can purify the air. Improved handle, handle larger, wider, more convenient to use. The bottom of the rubber anti-skid feet installed. Built-in silent high-quality fan, fan through the CE, UL, RoHS certification.
Powerful and stable ozone generator. The use of a large number of ozone disk, compared to the rival's ozone disk, more stable, longer aging, the most critical is not in 1 hour after the generation of nitrides and other harmful gases. So it can run for a long time.The style with advanced UV germicidal lamp, quickly kill the virus and bacteria, auxiliary ozone purification disinfection, high efficiency higher, the effect is more obvious.
Safe, high quality ozone generator. The product through the UL certification, 110V US three-pin plug. All-aluminum body, strong and lightweight, not the kind of heavy metal competitors.
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Advanced Pure air Air Shield Air Purifier | Auto-Detect Dust, Smoke, & Odors and Auto- Adjust Air Quality, Prevents Allergies From Pet’s Mold & Danger, Destroys Bacteria & Viruses, for 800 Sq. Ft.
✓KEEPS YOU AWAY FROM EVERY HARMFUL ELEMENT: The Air Purifier from Advanced PureAir filters all kinds of unhygienic elements from surroundings to keep it healthy. The purifier filters pollen, smoke, air pollutants ingredients, odors, bacteria and germs in the air, pet dander and mold etc. It keeps nearly 800 sq. ft area absolute purified.
✓TOTAL RELIEF FROM ALLERGIES: If you love pets then you bear a risk of allergies causing due to pets. Pets often suffer from sneezing, scaly patches, a runny nose, ear infections and increased anxiety when they are suffering from mold. Air purifier keeps you away from allergies causing due to pets' mold and dander.
✓AUTOMATIC SELF REGULATING FUNCTIONS: The Air Purifier's sophisticated design enables it to be self adjusted based on the air quality. It keeps watch on air quality through continuous monitoring of air quality; and removes dust to provide a pure air. The built-in odor sensors remove odor Particulates too.
✓UNIQUE FILTERING PROCESS: The major functions behind filtration is three stage process that include detection, filtration and purification; and the technology sensors include: Air Quality Sensors, Diagnostic Sensors, Electrostatic Dust Collector, High-Performance HEPA Filter, Germicidal UV Light & Sanitizers and Negative Ion Generation
Unique 9-stage detection, filtration and purification system includes: 1. Air Quality Sensors; 2. Diagnostic Sensors; 3. Pre-Filter; 4. Electrostatic Dust Collector; 5. Activated Carbon Filter; 6. High-Performance HEPA Filter; 7. Germicidal UV Light; 8. Dual Photo Catalyst Nano-TiO2 Germicidal Sanitizers; and 9. Negative Ion Generation
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Cnlight UV Sterilizer Lamp, UV Sanitizer Lamp, Air Purifier 110V 38W UV Ozone Free Disinfection Germicidal Lamp with 10s Delay Timing Remote Control for Germ Killing Household Use, Anti Flu
1-New Upgrades UV Sterilizer Lamp, with intelligent induction, the UV lamp will auto shut off when people and large animal come near, after it sensing here is no living creature, the lamp will start working again. New technology, more safe for household use. A must have when in flu season, can help you kill the virus, stay health.
2-Remote control can be used within 30 meters, but the battery is not included for smooth clearance, you can also control it by the lamp base. The UV sterilizer lamp will start working 10s later after operated, you have enough time to leave the room.
3-Equipped with U7 quartz tube, 99% bacteria will be killed by intensity ultraviolet radiation, can apply to living room, bedroom, washroom, baby's room, kitchen, pet house and elderly room, etc, an effective UV sterilizer lamp can achieve the home disinfection and the item surface.
4 Living in a healthy and clean environment is everyone's right, our germicidal lamp can provide such an environment for you, it will sanitize air and kill bacteria, Allergan, viruses and fleas, the ozone can take the formaldehyde into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen, very useful for your home.
5 Remember: When using the UV lamp, please avoid people, animals and plants inside the room, do not look steadily at the lamp, ultraviolet radiation will cause the skin burn and hurt your eyes, after sterilization, remember to wait for 5 minutes to let air circulation when you go into the room.
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Xultrashine UV Sterilizer Light, Germicidal Lamp, UV sanitizer, UV disinfection lamp, UV light sterilization lamp, germ killing light for Car Household Fridge Wardrobe Toilet Pet Area
【Effective and Safe】 UV+Ozone double kill germs and viruses within 3 minutes, the rate of up to 99.99%. Low density ozone, please feel free to use. If you have allergies to perfumes and can't use room deodorizer this may help you by eliminating odors without any perfume in the air.
【Easy to Operate】 Long press the power button for 3 seconds, then the indicator light turns blue to sterilization state. After 10 seconds , the ultraviolet lamp will automatically turn on and start working. The working time is 15 minutes each time, then it will automatically power off.
【Multiuse】 Could be used in refrigerator, car, bedroom, kitchen, shoes cabinet, washing room, baby's room, pet house and other small spaces.
【Eliminate Odor】The germicidal light uses ultraviolet ray and Ozone to kill germs without the use of chemicals. Human and pets have to be keep away when it's working. Get rid of nasty odors caused by cooking smell, pets, or other unpleasant odor. The uv sanitizer especially good for small and confined space 35-150 cuft.
【Upgraded Version】Our Upgraded Version With CE、FCC、ROHS certification. We offer 1 year replacement or refund warranty. Comparing the similar products in the market with the USB Rechargeable function,it was all a publicity stunt.Although it may working 2 times after full charge,but it's Small internal battery does not allow long-term use,once long-term re-use, battery life will be reduced, it can not guarantee 15 minutes of antivirus requirements.Xultrashine perfectly solve it.
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Rechargeable UV Sterilizer Light,Air Purifier DC5V Ozone UV Sanitizer,UV Germicidal Lamp for Car,Kitchen,Toilet,Cabinet,Pets House to Kill Bacteria,Mites,Viruses,Portable UV disinfection Lamp.- MEET Y
★Sterilization, disinfection, kill mites:Cleans and sanitizes air by killing bacteria, viruses, mites, mold, effectively improve living environment.
★Application:UV disinfection and sterilization is widely used,living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, shoe cabinet, car, pet nest, etc..It can purifies the air and eliminate musty,in addition, a certain amount of negative oxygen ions can also be produced.The room was particularly fresh by UV disinfection.In public places, UV disinfection can avoid some of the bacteria through the air or spread through the surface of the object.
★Note:Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and eye burns, please pay attention to the protection.When using UV disinfection should pay attention to not directly to the human skin, especially the human eye, when the light lit, please do not look directly at the UV germicidal lamp.
★Usage:Rechargeable.It can be used twice after each charge,once available for 15 minutes.It is recommended to use the portable charger for charging, the effect will be better.Use in closed environments,the effect of eliminating odor is more obvious.It need to use it many times before you can see significant results.
★Specifications:Wattage:5W Voltage:DC5V Mode:UVC+O3 Certification:CE、FCC、RoHS.
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Atongm Air Purifier, Refrigerator Purifier, Intelligent Air Purifier, Multi-function Sterilizing Deodorizer Purifier for Cooler Chamber, Ambry, Wardrobe
Intelligent Sterilization Technology: The air purifiers with low-concentration ozone and negative ions technology to destroy the odor of the molecular structure directly,to remove smell ,disinfect and sterilize and purify the air and kills germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens to keep food and vegetables fresh for longer.And compared to ultraviolet germicidal rate of only 40%,this purifier could reach to 95.47%.
Technology Brings Safety: Reactive oxygen is known to be the most safe and completely environmentally friendly sterilization technology, which can kill the bacteria in the corner of refrigerator and cracks where are difficult to clean up.Safety materials:air purifier from the international standard safety and environmental protection antibacterial materials. Passed FCC, CE and RoHS certification that meet the international safety standards.
Energy Saving and Effective:Compared to the traditional air purification bags or purifying spray: it purifies your air without any costly maintenance or any cleaning required, reused without replacement.And each purifier work efficacious within 10 cubic meters.
Easy Operation and Durable: Just with one touch power key to facilitate your operation, 4400mAh Li-ion battery, lower power consumption, 35 days' standby time after fully charged. Automatically sterilizes and adjusts the ozone concentration with low energy consumption.
Multi-purpose Use: The air cleaner with beautiful and fashion appearance helps you to solve any invisible bacterial and harmful gas in your refrigerators, shoe closets, cabinets, wardrobes, car, travelling cases, and so on. Kill the formaldehyde and bacteria on baby toys to protect families.
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Cnlight Air Sterilizer Lamp UV Sterilizer Light Germicidal Light Kill MoLd Bacteria Germs 38W for Home Air Disinfection 110V Air Purifier Anti Flu
Exquisite Design with strong UV light transmission, deep and large disinfection, strong power disinfection and sterilization. UVC light technology works to eliminate all harmful bacteria. Kind remind: When the UV lamp is working, please avoid any living creatures in room, including people, animal and plants, don't look steadily at the lamp.
Material: ABS material + anti UV powder, double protection, kills germs, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that cause disease. Bring you and your family a healthy, comfortable environment,more at ease.
Intelligent 3 level control time (15/30/60minutes) of the air sterilizer lamp, automatic shutdown. You can set up the disinfection time, then go out to play or go shopping without worrying. Remember due to the long term shipping, the tubes will be loose, please replace the tubes and when hear "Ka" means the tubes are connect already.
Infrared remote control: Wireless remote control, avoid any damaged during disinfection. applicable to a wide range, strong sterilize room, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, toilet such space. Strong ultraviolet disinfection, more at ease.
Why choose us: We have focus on ultraviolet sterilization for 25 years now, we provide special products and trustworthy quality which just you needed.(The the battery is not included for smooth clearance)A must have when in flu season, can help you kill the virus, stay health.
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