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13-08-2018 08:30 am
Washing Machine Mini Portable Laundry Fruit Cleaner Travel Smart Washing Machine Ultrasonic Bubble,Black
WITHOUT CHEMICAL DETERGENT- During the disinfection process, putting no chemical substance at all,applicable for babies,moms can be relived. The same applies to people with allergic skin, there will be no symptoms of skin contact with discomfort.
STERILIZATION DISINFECT - With advanced ultrasound technology and small hole design,The unit activates the chlorine in the tap water you usedcan dissolve stain quickly for deep cleansing,and its sterilization capacity was 99.98 percent.
LIGHTWEIGHT &PORTABLE - Travel washing machines can be placed in pockets or tote bags. Egg size design is easy to carry, ideal for students, travelers and business people.
SAVE WATER AND ELECTRICITY-The mini-washer is designed in a single style, suitable for personal laundry, suitable for 1 kg (water) laundry. Portable washing machines not only save water, but also save a lot of power than washing machines.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL-Portable ultrasonic washing machine not only can wash several clothes, ladies underwear,garments, towels, underwears, socks,knife,T-shirts, toys or other small loads and delicateswash clothes,but clean jewelry,glasses, fruit, vegetables and tea set etc.
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Turelar Portable Travel Washer Machine, Washwow Disinfectant Washing Machine for Kitchen, Fruit, Cloth, Pacifier, Toy(White)
WASHING MACHINE MAGIC: The center of mini washing machine is coated with precious metals that can produce positive and negative motors and induce chemical reactions in hydro-electric solutions. The hydro-electric solution will produce millions of oxygen molecules and hypochloric acid, remove stains(for organic matter), easily sterilize and not cause damage
ALL-OVER DISINFECT STERILIZATION: We tested portable washer cleaner again and again, and finally its sterilization capacity was 99.98 percent. Compared with traditional washing machines, our anto-washer is more thorough sterilization and environmental protection. This Travel Washer Machine pass UL etc certification.
REUSABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Traditional washing machine wash 1KG of clothes with 20 litres water, while portable washing machine washes the same clothes, just need a basin of less than 3 litres waters. Our washing washer not add any chemical detergents to unlimitlessly wash your clothing.
WIDE APPLICATION: Just imagine, portable travel washer machine cleaner safely use in your life and solve your problem. Do you feel the magic of it? That's right, WASHWOW washer machine fit for veggie, travel business, family kitchen, College student, baby pacifier and teething toy etc.
SAFELY WARRANTLY: Please don't underestimate the bacteria. Only the comprehensive sterilization can get a healthy and safe life. Our goal is providing the highest safe quality to all of you. Washwow travel washer machine have two years warrantly.
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