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13-12-2017 09:32 am
Wildhorn Tortuga 24 Can Beach Cooler Tote Bag. Easy Access Insulated Side Cooler Compartment, Large Drawstring Storage Space, External Mesh Pocket.
INSULATED COOLER COMPARTMENT - Wildhorn's coolers have a two in one stylish design that includes a zippered 28.6L insulated cooler attached to an oversized totebag. The cooler compartment is on the side instead of underneath for better access. The Tortuga totebags have welded liners to prevent leaking and 10 mm of foam to keep your drinks cool and fresh for up to 18 hours. It fits up to 10 lbs of ice and 24 12 oz cans allowing you to enjoy your lunch on the go!
LARGE DRAWSTRING STORAGE SPACE -  No need for two separate bags! The Tortuga has storage space for all beach essentials, not just your groceries -- simplifying your vacation. This huge section is perfect for your towels, snorkel masks, and other bigger beach day packables. Drawstring compartment is 26L.
EXTERNAL MESH POCKET - Along the outside of the cooler compartment is a quick access mesh pocket for your sunscreen, sunglasses, and other smaller travel items. Both storage compartments are designed with rubber coated mesh for durability.
BONUS POCKET - An obscure, flat pocket for your phone and keys. So your personal belongings are out of sight as you swim and explore the outdoors with your friends and family. Pocket is 8.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep.
PADDED SHOULDER STRAP FOR COMFORT - Every beach tote has a padded shoulder strap to soften the load. Comfort pad slides for placement convenience. Along the 1.5 inch strap, you can also find a D-ring on the side for additional, easy carrying.
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Wildhorn Highpoint 30L Packable Daypack / Backpack For Hiking And Travel. Lightweight Materials, External Water Bottle Sleeves For Hydration, Extremely Portable Storage Size.
LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS - At 12 ounces, this ultralight daypack is easy to carry and store. Highpoint backpacks utilize extremely durable nylon construction. Our frameless design allows this pack to provide the most essential combo of space and weight for day hiking or day trips. Ideal for men and women.
TRAVEL PACK - Wildhorn's unisex Highpoint packs compress into just 9x6x1.5" when folded into integrated travel pouch, that also doubles as a handy security pocket for valuables when pack is in use. These multipurpose daypacks are small and ultra light, making it easy to take on any backpacking or camping journey.
EXTERNAL WATER BOTTLE SLEEVES - Highpoint bags come with two outside water bottle sleeves to help you stay hydrated on your hike or other outdoor adventure. You can access your drink easily while keeping the inside of your bag dry, which we all know is a big deal.
LARGE CAPACITY - Don't let the mini traveling pouch fool you, with over 30L of space, there's room for all your essential climbing and hiking accessories. You really can load it up with whatever you need for the day to get to the summit and back!
EXTERIOR COMPARTMENTS - From four-way stretch pockets to various loop and tie attachment points, the Highpoint is a space saver. A casual separator for your trekking poles/ ice ax creates easy, quick access and adds to this classic daypack. Unlike many compressible daypacks, the Highpoint also comes with a zippered hood compartment at the top of the pack.
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Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins- Compact Travel, Swim, and Snorkeling Flippers for Men and Women. Revolutionary Comfort on Land and Sea.
COMFORT - Topside fins fit like a shoe. No more blisters as you happily spend as much time as you want swimming, snorkeling, body boarding, or paddle boarding. The closed toe and heel prevent cramping and hypertension in your foot. Each fin has an adjustable Velcro strap around the ankle to provide further support. The neoprene boot allows for flexibility in sizing as the material has some stretch.
VERSATILITY- We combine the function of both shoe and fin. Walk around land comfortably. No more awkward waddling in and out of the water. Easier to wear than most other fins. You will have more foot protection as each fin has a strong rubber sole. Additional uses for Topside fins include body boarding, paddle boarding, and river boarding.
THRUST - While longer fins will provide more thrust for applications like diving, these short blade fins will provide noticeable boost to your swimming. This design has a stronger down kick than up due to the primary fin surface on top of the boot. For extended swims and deeper dives, we recommend you choose fins with longer blades. For casual snorkeling and shorter distance swimming a short blade fin will help with improving strength while providing needed thrust to get the job done.
QUALITY CONSTRUCTION- The boot is made of high quality neoprene fused to a durable rubber sole and polyurethane fin. These parts are heat fused without using glue. Both our USA designers and overseas quality team work closely together to make sure each fin passes high production standards. We offer a 2 YEAR manufacturer warranty on all Topside fins.
TRAVEL READY- A pair of Topside fins will fit easily into a carry-on or backpack. No need to suffer through low quality rental gear. Our swim fins also float. Drag from the rest of your body is reduced by the buoyancy of the fins lifting your legs in the water. They'll also neve
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